Part 2 of the Revelations series; the prequel is Revelations and the sequel is Bodie's Morning

Ray woke to feel a large, warm hand running down his back, and he smiled sleepily, feeling like a cat that had not only got the cream, but the canary as well. All that time wasted, when this could have been happening every night...

Gooseflesh lifted across his back as gentle fingers feathered on the skin at the base of his spine, and he shivered despite himself, then stretched lazily as the hand stilled.

"What've we done," he heard Bodie murmur, deep and warm as velvet. "What the hell have we done..."

"If you're going to start regretting things," Ray muttered into the pillow, "this isn't going to be a very good day."

He lifted his head up to blink at his partner owlishly. Damn him, he even looked good first thing in the morning; Bodie suave and coiffed was nice, but Bodie sleepy and tousled was just delicious...

"Good morning, Goldilocks. Not regretting, just wondering."

"Hm," grunted Ray, a frisson of delight running through him as the teasing, often-used nickname suddenly took on a whole new, intimate meaning.

"Short memory, then." He rolled onto his side to face Bodie, curving his free arm around his neck and drawing him closer. "Let's see if I can remind you..."

Bodie leaned into the kiss hungrily, and for a long time nothing else existed in the world. Neither had ever had any complaints from girlfriends about their proficiency, and the natural competitive streak they shared made each determined to be the first to reduce the other to jelly. Bodie's hand flattened on his sacrum and pulled him closer, moulding their lower bodies together intimately as he adjusted his legs to accommodate both of them; Ray obligingly settled closer, shivering again when the big hand spread possessively over his buttock and Bodie grew hard against him. He didn't know where all this energy was coming from, but he was damned if he was letting it go to waste... and then his partner grunted quietly, and the tantalising hardness softened again.

Ray murmured in protest and drew away reluctantly, freeing his mouth long enough to growl a terse order.

"Don't fight it, idiot, we don't have to wait for each other to be ready, remember. Let it happen..."

And he sank back into the heat and smell of his lover, letting Bodie draw him down and enfold him in a bone-crushing hug. The kiss changed, becoming hotter, more urgent: Ray's hips rolled insistently, one thigh pushing arrogantly between Bodie's as his tongue thrust impossibly deep into his mouth, and Bodie groaned, deep in his belly -- then gave a strangled wail as Ray tore free of the kiss and sank his teeth into the ivory neck. Strong thighs clamped around his hips, holding brutally tight as irresistible orgasm lifted the powerful body off the bed in rhythmic spasms, and it was only Ray's grip on the sheets under the broad shoulders that stopped him being heaved onto the floor. Christ, he kept forgetting how strong Bodie was...

Bodie subsided abruptly, panting like a hurt dog, and groaned again as Ray nuzzled through the dark curls at his temple to open his mouth on the surprisingly delicate ear.

"Oh Jesus, Ray, don't," was the ragged whisper, "One more like that and I swear I'll die..."

"No, you won't," purred Ray breathlessly, tongue writhing, feeling still-tumescent flesh stirring again to the stimulation. "You won't die, neither of us could be that lucky --"

He gasped in surprise as Bodie surged under him and flipped him onto his back, crushing him to the bed with his superior weight and grabbing his wrists firmly to pin his arms above his head. For a second, he resisted, instinct taking over as he felt himself threatened... but then he relaxed submissively and smiled up into the glorious midnight eyes, watching them change and burn. Bodie was taller, heavier, and more muscular than he, and his long, hard thigh was pressing against his swollen groin imperiously. Ray had always been very good at delaying his own orgasm in order to better satisfy his partners, but now that ability was proving his undoing. Bodie was fully aroused again, even after the shattering climax Ray had provoked; the speed of his recovery was startling... and now he was the vulnerable one, aching for release.

"Bodie," he whispered, squirming restlessly, needing something he couldn't put a name to. "Bodie... please..."

Bodie sank every ounce of his weight through his hips, thighs spreading until he straddled him, both of them erect and sandwiched firmly between stomachs wet with his earlier spill, and Ray gurgled at the sensation.

"Your turn," came a growl, and he gasped as Bodie thrust forward and his own acutely sensitive flesh reacted to the friction. He groaned as the movements quickened, tossing his head from side to side as the thrusts came faster and harder, and finally froze in delicious agony as one final, near-savage surge ground their loins together painfully. Now it was his turn to throw his head back and arch off the bed in ferocious orgasm, straining against Bodie's hold until his strength gave out, and with a hoarse shout, he collapsed back in a shuddering heap. Only then did the unforgiving grip relax, and Bodie shifted gently against him into a comfortably intimate position, nuzzling fondly at his neck where the pulse thumped crazily.

"Bodie," Ray murmured, drawing free of the now-loose grip to enfold him in a close embrace. "Oh, God, Bodie."

"Yeah," was the muttered reply, and Ray growled contentedly as the nuzzling mouth found his, not caring who was in control of the deep, wet kiss that seemed to go on forever. When they finally drew apart, he stared into the midnight eyes above him for an age before he said huskily,

"Oi. Bodie. Have you ever come like that before? Inside a woman, I mean?"

Bodie shook his head slowly, fingers trailing lightly over his face.

"Never. Not like that. It's... different." His weight shifted between Ray's thighs, a smug smile curving mobile lips when his breath caught. "Not having to worry about hurting someone... it's easier."

"Isn't it," Ray murmured agreement. "Never found a bird yet who can pin me to the bed," and they grinned at each other in complete understanding.

"Best out of three," purred Bodie, reaching down to somehow take them both in hand; Ray growled lazily, tangling one hand in his hair to draw him into another hot, slippery kiss, and their breathing grew rough as the near-painful grip coaxed them both erect yet again. Oh God, Ray thought as his hands clamped around his partner's tight buttocks, now I'm going to die...

Suddenly, with jarring rudeness, the phone rang, and they jerked apart in startlement.

"Cowley." His voice was harsh with certainty, and Bodie swore luridly as he gently untangled himself and rolled over to pick up the receiver.

"Bodie," he barked into the handset, sultry voice rough with passion. "Who is it?"

"Well, it's about time," came his Controllers' gravelly drawl. "At least you're where you're supposed to be, three-seven."

Bodie angled the handset so Ray could hear as well, wisely deciding to take refuge in offence.

"Sir, d'you know what time it is?"

"Time you were up," came the unsympathetic reply, and Ray bit his lip to stop from laughing at the idiot grin that stretched Bodie's mobile mouth. Up, ye gods. Oh, he's up all right...

"Bodie. I want you at HQ as fast as you can get here. And have you got any idea where Doyle would be?"

"Ah... I think I know where I can get hold of him, sir."

Ray rolled his eyes helplessly and buried his face in the pillow, shaking with suppressed laughter.

"Wonderful." The sarcasm in Cowley's voice was rampant and dripping. "You know, Bodie, my life would be so much easier if you boys could bring yourselves to sleep in your own damn beds!"

"Yessir," agreed Bodie noncommittally. He refused to meet Ray's eyes, staring fixedly at the pillow with his jaw quivering. "I'll get onto him right away."

Ray lifted his face out of the pillow and looked at him in disbelief, biting his own lip hard as the expressive face twisted with the effort of not giggling as he realised exactly what he'd said.

"Very good. Soon as you can, Bodie."

The line went dead, and Bodie hung the phone up carefully before he dared to look back at him. As soon as their eyes met, they both dissolved into gales of laughter, rolling into each other's arms easily.

"Get onto him soon as you can. Oh my God," spluttered Ray, eyes filled with tears of hilarity, "if he only knew!"

"I can just hear him," Bodie choked out, turning on a thick -- and surprisingly accurate -- Scottish accent. "Doyle! Bodie! Stop that messing about this instant, ye've worrrk to do!"

Gradually, the giggling fit passed, and they lay quietly for a moment in comfortable silence, still nestled together, noses almost touching.

"I suppose we have to get moving, then," Ray made himself say, and watched Bodie grimace reluctantly. "The Old Man did say immediately-if-not-sooner, didn't he."

He dug his knuckles into his partner's hard belly, making him grunt.

"Didn't he," Ray insisted, and Bodie sighed in defeat.

"He did." Bodie planted a quick, firm kiss on his mouth, and then untangled himself with a certain determination, rolling out of the bed easily and stretching like a big cat.

"Christ, my back's killing me," he grumbled, and Ray made soothing noises, captivated by the play of powerful muscles under smooth skin.

"Serves you right for being so enthusiastic," he drawled finally, and Bodie waggled his eyebrows at him.

"Didn't hear any complaints last night," and he grinned wickedly over his shoulder as he walked out of the bedroom.

"Oh ye gods, the ego. Go on, get in the shower, I'll make the coffee. And don't use all the hot water!"

Still, he stayed where he was, eyes warm and possessive on the firm backside as Bodie ambled out of the room. But once he heard the water running, he sighed and and closed them tightly, wishing fervently they didn't have to go to work in such a hurry. Damn Cowley anyway, he thought darkly. A bit of time to get used to this whole new arrangement would have been nice... with a sigh, he scrambled out of the bed, wincing as a muscle caught. He hadn't exactly been restrained last night himself, and he didn't have Bodie's raw strength; it was fairly normal for him to come off worse in their wrestling matches.

Hell of a wrestling match, he thought with a grin as he reached for the pile of abandoned clothing on the floor next to the bed. Not the kind you want to sell tickets to --

"Oh, bloody hell," he blurted aloud, realising with dismay that his shirt was unwearable; the fabric was torn and buttons were missing, but he couldn't for the life of him remember how. He vaguely remembered yanking Bodie's off him, in a fever of impatience to get at that body, but he had no memory of the same thing happening to him. Maybe he'd done it himself... oh well, he'd just have to borrow something, there was no time to stop off at his place on the way in. He shook out his jeans and draped them over the back of a chair before wandering out into the kitchen, snagging a towel from the closet and wrapping it around his hips. A huge yawn made him blink in surprise, and he snorted with laughter; all he needed was to be falling asleep all day with Bodie looking smug alongside him. Maybe coffee would help...

He had it poured and was setting up the toaster, only half-listening to Bodie muttering under his breath as he came out of the bathroom, when arms as cold as a week-old corpse slid around him and he was pulled back against a thoroughly goosepimpled torso. The shock of it made him gasp and jerk, and a wicked chuckle vibrated against his skin as cold lips kissed the back of his neck firmly.

"Jesus Christ! -- you're freezing, Bodie, gerroff!"

"You said not to use all the hot water," he was reminded archly as one well-muscled arm reached around him for one of the steaming mugs on the bench. "Coffee -- ahh, magic."

"Well, you can magic up the toast while I get warm again," Ray pulled free impatiently, but let his hand slide down the arm in gentle caress as he walked off. "And by the way, my shirt's ruined -- have you got one I can borrow?"


"Ripped. Buttons gone an' all."

"I don't remember doing that."

"Neither do I. Maybe it was me," and he grinned, feeling like a naughty kid. "So can I borrow one?"

"Bound to have something that'll fit you. I'll check."

Ray danced under the shower briefly, trying to keep his hair out of the stream -- damn stuff took forever to dry -- and towelled himself briskly as he wandered back into the bedroom, catching Bodie rummaging in the wardrobe. He stood back and just watched, cocking his head to one side and humming appreciatively as his eyes smouldered over the tight arse and long legs shown off to advantage by sand-coloured moleskins.

"Found one," Bodie yelled, obviously realising that the water wasn't running any more, and Ray darted forward, sliding a hand around to gently squeeze his well-stuffed crotch, and laughed wickedly as he started in surprise.

"Made you jump," he purred smugly, and blew in his ear.

"Oi! Stoppit!" Bodie chortled, tossing the shirt onto the bed as he slithered out from under his hand. "Okay, truce, or we're never going to get out of here. This one should fit." He slapped his naked backside lightly as he walked out of the room. "And hurry up, the toast's almost ready."

"Two shakes," he promised, clambering into his clothes with dispatch. The shirt was a bit big on him, but would be fine under a jacket. No-one would know it was actually Bodie's. Even if he did want to yell it at the world... Bloody hell, I'm as soft as a girl, he told himself wryly, half-bouncing back into the kitchen and grabbing a piece of buttered toast off the board.

"Where's my gun," he mumbled with his mouth full, and Bodie, whose jaws were similarly occupied, pointed to the nearby sofa. Ray collected it and shrugged into the shoulder holster, settling it into place automatically -- then stopped what he was doing as the sheer incongruity of preparing to just go back to work with his partner as usual, after them sharing a night of abandoned passion, struck him. It was almost unreal, as if it hadn't happened at all... he looked up, his eyes prickling, something in his chest hurting at the grave expression on Bodie's face. It wasn't just him, then, he felt it too.

He walked back into the kitchen, standing close enough to his partner that they were touching from belly to knees, and let himself lean heavily against his solid, reassuring bulk. Nothing could hurt him as long as Bodie was around, he thought contentedly; and he'd die before he let anything, or anyone, hurt Bodie. It had been like that for a long time, but now...

"It's going to be a long day," he said softly, resting a hand on Bodie's hip. "Think I need a bit more than toast to get through it."

"Like?" One hand came up to stroke damp curls away from his damaged cheekbone, fingers like fairy breath on the scar, and he smiled, reaching up to curve a hand around Bodie's dark head.

"Like this," and drew him down into a slow, lingering kiss, feeling strong arms closing possessively around him to draw him close. Nearly four years, it had taken to get here, but by God it was worth the wait. There might very well be other women, but he knew there would never be another man.


-- THE END --

June 2005

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