Bodie's Morning


Part 3 of the Revelations series; Parts 1 and 2 are Revelations and Morning

Bodie woke with his usual swiftness, instantly alert even if he didn't want to move just yet, and stretched lazily, grunting in surprise as back muscles complained against the movement. What...?

Oh God.

He remembered... turning his head carefully, he gazed numbly at the tousled chestnut curls of his partner, sound asleep beside him. No wonder his back was sore, he thought ruefully, Ray was a damn sight stronger than any woman, and their lovemaking had been strenuous to say the least. One might even say cataclysmic... he shivered at his easy acceptance of the fairly earth-shattering development in their relationship, wondering idly if it was a normal response or if he was just temporarily insane. He was more or less sure that neither of them was gay, because he'd never considered -- well, not seriously -- doing anything like this before he'd met Doyle, and he was damn sure he hadn't either. And after all, it had taken nearly four years to finally get to the point where they both realised there was something pretty special going on between them.

This was down to Williams, he thought. If the little creep hadn't made it perfectly obvious that he wanted me, Ray might never have said anything. Ye Gods, the look on his face when he came into the gym yesterday... jealousy had nothing in it, he was absolutely furious. And all because he thought I might fancy Williams back!

Not a chance in hell, even if I was that way inclined, he thought with a smile. Too smarmy by half, that one, wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him. Not a patch on Ray... He rolled carefully onto his side, propping himself up on an elbow to regard his sleeping partner solemnly. There were marks on the smooth back, marks that Bodie vividly remembered making during their tumultuous encounter last night. Memory stirred, and he glanced down at himself, grinning as he saw similar bruises on his chest and stomach. Once he'd committed himself, Ray had put his heart into the proceedings, and Bodie had absolutely no complaints about the results. Nor would Ray, he thought smugly; one very positive thing about making love to your own gender was that you were far more confident about knowing what they would really enjoy -- and how to deliver it. And let's face it, he'd always been confident of his ability to deliver where pleasure was concerned.

Ray was sprawled on his stomach, arms buried under the pillow, and Bodie reached out impulsively to run a possessive hand from his shoulder down to the level of the sheets bunched at his waist. His background was Irish; men were permitted and even expected to show emotion, to touch each other openly in friendship and love, and one of his biggest problems during his time in the army had been curbing his natural instincts. He'd been fighting a losing battle to keep his hands off Ray for years, but luckily his partner had accepted it in like spirit, being a liberally-minded individual. The fact that their relationship had turned overnight from platonically intimate to sexual wasn't really going to affect that part of his behaviour, so no-one should be any the wiser... but it wasn't going to be easy to keep it as casual. Even now, with Ray lying asleep beside him, he had an overwhelming urge to get closer, to press himself against the length of that lean, hard-muscled body. Start sidling over at briefings and nudging his hips into him, and no-one would possibly believe they weren't lovers.


He shuddered in superstitious unease at the finality of putting the word onto what had happened between them. It was beyond being simply an experiment, a giving in to sudden curiosity; they'd known each other too long for that, there were already emotional ties. The decision had been mutual, conscious and sober, they both knew exactly what they were doing -- and before they'd fallen asleep, exhausted and sated, they both admitted it wasn't going to be the last time.

"What've we done," he murmured a little sadly, stroking the fine skin at the base of Ray's spine, smiling fondly at the gooseflesh that lifted across his back. "What the hell have we done..."

"If you're going to start regretting things," came a muffled, sleepy voice, "this isn't going to be a very good day."

Ray stretched under his hand, lifting his face out of the pillow to blink at him owlishly, and Bodie smiled, his heart giving a ridiculous little skip.

"Good morning, Goldilocks. Not regretting, just wondering."

"Hm," grunted Ray. "Short memory, then." He rolled onto his side to face Bodie, curving his free arm around his neck and drawing him closer. "Let's see if I can remind you..."

Bodie's eyes closed irresistibly as their lips touched, and he leaned into the kiss hungrily. Neither had ever had any complaints from girlfriends about their proficiency, and the natural competitive streak they shared made each determined to be the first to reduce the other to jelly. Bodie's hand, still resting lightly on Ray's back, flattened against his sacrum and pulled him closer to mould their lower bodies together intimately. He adjusted his legs automatically to accommodate both of them, intrigued by the sensations, spreading his hand possessively on one tight buttock as Ray obligingly settled closer. His ears started to buzz insistently, a familiar ache starting up at the base of his stomach as muscles tightened automatically to slow down his inexorable engorgement, and he grunted quietly with the effort.

Ray murmured in protest and drew away reluctantly, freeing his mouth long enough to growl a terse order.

"Don't fight it, idiot, we don't have to wait for each other to be ready, remember. Let it happen..."

And Bodie realised with a thrill of relief that he was right. It didn't matter if he peaked too soon, he didn't need to sustain an erection; it was his mouth and hands that would satisfy Ray -- and vice versa. He sank back into the kiss, drawing Ray down with him as he rolled onto his back, freeing his other arm to enfold his partner in a bone-crushing hug. The kiss changed, becoming hotter, more urgent: Ray's hips rolled insistently into him, one thigh pushing arrogantly between his as his tongue thrust impossibly deep into his mouth, and Bodie groaned as he fought back his all-too-sudden climax. Not yet, he thought wildly, not yet, let it last a bit longer -- God, no wonder women want us to slow down! -- then gave a strangled wail as Ray tore free of the kiss and sank strong teeth into his neck. His thighs clamped around lean hips, holding brutally tight as the irresistible orgasm lifted him off the bed in rhythmic spasms, and for the first time in his life the weight of his lover held him down, prolonging the intense pleasure. This is why men always want to be on top, he realised dazedly, it's the resistance...!

Just when he thought his lungs would explode the spasms in his muscles stopped, and he subsided abruptly, panting like a hurt dog, groaning as Ray's hot, wet mouth covered his ear possessively.

"Oh Jesus, Ray, don't," he whispered raggedly, "One more like that and I swear I'll die..."

"No, you won't," purred his partner breathlessly, tongue writhing, and Bodie groaned as his still-tumescent flesh stirred again to the stimulation. "You won't die, neither of us could be that lucky --"

Bodie surged under him, ignoring the gasp of surprise, and flipped him onto his back to crush him to the bed with his superior weight, grabbing his wrists firmly to pin his arms above his head. For a second, he had to use muscle to hold him still -- but then as Ray relaxed submissively and smiled up into his eyes, he eased off. He was taller, heavier, and more muscular than his partner, and his hard thigh pushed against Ray's swollen groin imperiously. He knew -- because Ray had told him, in one of the drunken soul-baring sessions they'd had over the years -- that Ray had always been very good at delaying his own orgasm in order to better satisfy his partners, but now that ability was proving his undoing. Bodie was fully aroused again, even after the shattering climax Ray had provoked; the speed of his own recovery was something he'd bragged about in that same session... and now Ray was the vulnerable one, aching for release.

"Bodie," he whispered, squirming restlessly, needing something he couldn't put a name to. "Bodie... please..."

Bodie sank every ounce of his weight through his hips, thighs spreading until he straddled his partner; his fully erect penis nestled alongside Ray's, sandwiched firmly between stomachs wet with the spill of his earlier climax, and he almost purred at the sensation.

"Your turn," he growled, thrusting forward, and Ray gasped as acutely sensitive flesh reacted to the friction. He groaned as Bodie's movements quickened, tossing his head from side to side as the thrusts came faster and harder, and finally froze in delicious agony as one final, near-savage surge ground their loins together painfully. Now it was Ray's turn to throw his head back and arch off the bed in ferocious orgasm, straining against his hold until his strength gave out, and with a hoarse shout, he collapsed back in a shuddering heap. Only then did Bodie's grip relax, and he shifted gently against the other's lean body into an incredibly intimate position that was mutually comfortable, nuzzling fondly at his neck.

"Bodie," Ray murmured, drawing free of his now-loose grip to enfold him in a close embrace. "Oh, God, Bodie."

"Yeah," was all he could say, kissing the pulse thumping in his partner's throat. Ray growled contentedly as he eventually found his mouth, and it was an even bet as to who was in control of the deep, wet kiss that seemed to go on forever. When they finally broke apart, they stared into each other's eyes for an age before Ray said huskily,

"Oi. Bodie. Have you ever come like that before? Inside a woman, I mean?"

Bodie shook his head slowly, fingers trailing lightly over his face.

"Never. Not like that. It's... different." He shifted his weight between Ray's thighs, smiling smugly as he caught his breath. "Not having to worry about hurting someone... it's easier."

"Isn't it," was the murmured agreement. "Never found a bird yet who can pin me to the bed," and they grinned at each other in complete understanding.

"Best out of three," purred Bodie, reaching down between them to somehow take them both in hand; Ray growled lazily, tangling one hand in his hair to draw him into another hot, slippery kiss, and their breathing grew rough as his near-painful grip coaxed them both erect yet again. Oh God, Bodie thought as Ray's legs clamped around his thighs, now I'm really going to die...

Suddenly, with jarring rudeness, the phone rang, and they jerked apart in startlement.

"Cowley." Ray's husky voice was harsh with certainty, and Bodie swore luridly as he gently untangled himself and rolled over to pick up the receiver.

"Bodie," he barked into the handset, his own voice rough with passion. "Who is it?"

"Well, it's about time," came his Controller's gravelly drawl. "At least you're where you're supposed to be, three-seven."

Bodie angled the handset so Ray could hear as well, wisely deciding to take refuge in offence.

"Sir, d'you know what time it is?"

"Time you were up," came the unsympathetic reply, and Bodie couldn't stop the idiot grin that stretched his mouth. Oh, I'm up all right...

"Bodie. I want you at HQ as fast as you can get here. And have you got any idea where Doyle would be?"

"Ah... I think I know where I can get hold of him, sir."

Ray rolled his eyes helplessly and buried his face in the pillow, his shoulders shaking with silent laughter.

"Wonderful." The sarcasm in Cowley's voice was rampant and dripping. "You know, Bodie, my life would be so much easier if you boys could bring yourselves to sleep in your own damn beds!"

"Yessir," agreed Bodie noncommittally, "I'll get onto him right away."

Ray lifted his face out of the pillow and looked at him in disbelief, and Bodie fought back hysterical giggles as he realised exactly what he'd said.

"Very good. Soon as you can, Bodie."

The line went dead, and Bodie hung the phone up carefully before he dared to look back at Ray. As soon as their eyes met, they both dissolved into gales of laughter, rolling into each other's arms easily.

"Get onto him as soon as you can. Oh my God," spluttered Ray, eyes filled with tears, "if he only knew."

"I can just hear him," Bodie choked out, turning on a thick Scottish accent. "Doyle! Bodie! Stop messing about this instant, ye've worrrk to do!"

Gradually, the fit of hilarity passed, and they lay for a moment in comfortable silence, still nestled together, noses almost touching.

"I suppose we have to get moving, then," Ray said reluctantly, and Bodie grimaced. "The Old Man did say immediately if not sooner, didn't he."

Bodie grunted as a fist dug into his flank.

"Bodie," Ray growled impatiently.

"He did," he sighed, planting a quick, firm kiss on the smiling mouth so close, and then untangled himself with a certain determination, rolling out of the bed easily and stretching like a big cat.

"Christ, my back's killing me," he grumbled, and Ray made soothing noises -- then spoilt it by saying,

"Serves you right for being so enthusiastic."

Bodie waggled his eyebrows at him, grinning wickedly over his shoulder as he walked out of the bedroom.

"Didn't hear any complaints last night."

"Oh ye gods, the ego... go on, get in the shower, I'll make the coffee. And don't use all the hot water!"

Bodie couldn't stop grinning as he stood under the shower with his eyes shut, just letting the water drum down on his face. He couldn't help it; he felt like a bloody teenager who'd just got his end away for the first time. Waking up with Ray beside him had seemed the most natural thing in the world, and knowing that his partner would still be there when he got out of the bathroom made him wriggle with pleasure. It was just a damn pity they had to go to work, was all. A whole day, preferably in bed, to get comfortable with this new development would have been nice... he sighed, blowing water noisily, then turned the hot tap off with a determined twist and finished up with a cold rinse. How many years out of the damn jungle, and he still didn't feel clean unless his skin was chilled to goosepimple temperature... He was actually shivering as he dried off, wrapping one towel around his waist and rubbing his hair roughly with another as he headed into the kitchen, sniffing appreciatively. Ray was working at the bench, similarly wrapped, and Bodie didn't even hesitate; he slid his arms around the slim waist and drew him close, dropping a kiss on the back of his neck and chuckling as he yelped in shock.

"Jesus Christ! -- you're freezing, Bodie, gerroff!"

"You said not to use all the hot water," he reminded archly, reaching for one of the steaming mugs on the bench. "Coffee -- ahh, magic."

"Well, you can magic up the toast while I get warm again," Ray pulled free impatiently, but his hand slid down Bodie's arm in gentle caress as he walked off. "And by the way, my shirt's ruined -- have you got one I can borrow?"


"Ripped. Buttons gone an' all."

"I don't remember doing that."

"Neither do I. Maybe it was me," and he grinned, looking like a cheeky pixie. "So can I borrow one?"

"Bound to have something that'll fit you," supposed Bodie, trying to remember if he had, actually, physically, torn Ray's shirt off last night. He seemed to have a vague memory of it being the other way around...

"I'll check," he told the retreating back, loading the toaster before walking back into the bedroom, mug in hand. He dressed quickly in between gulps of coffee, shoving hangers aside until finally spying a shirt that had never fitted him but he hadn't got around to ditching.

"Found one," he yelled, realising that the water wasn't running any more, then jumped as a strong, slim hand slid around one hip to settle suggestively on his crotch.

"Made you jump," purred Ray smugly, and Bodie snorted with laughter as he blew in his ear.

"Oi! Stoppit! Okay, truce, or we're never going to get out of here. This one should fit." He tossed the shirt onto the bed and slithered out from under the compelling hand, slapping Ray's naked backside as he walked out of the room. "And hurry up, the toast's almost ready."

"Two shakes," was the promise, and true enough, he'd barely got the toast spread when Ray sloped back into the kitchen, fully dressed.

"Where's my gun," he mumbled around a mouthful of toast, and Bodie pointed to the nearby sofa with his own mouth full, watching as Ray shrugged into his shoulder holster and settled it into place. He'd already donned his own; and for a moment, the sheer incongruity of them both casually munching toast and preparing to go out that door and into a workday where they might get killed, after spending the night sharing abandoned sex, left him speechless. It was almost unreal, as if it hadn't happened at all...

Ray apparently felt it too; he looked up, his eyes very green and bright, then slowly came back around to stand facing him, so close that their thighs pressed together. Among other things, realised Bodie wryly...

"It's going to be a long day," his partner said softly, resting a hand on Bodie's hip. "I need a bit more than toast to get through it."

"Like?" He lifted a hand to stroke damp curls away from Ray's damaged cheekbone, his fingers like fairy breath on the scar, and half-shivered as Ray's free hand curved around the back of his neck.

"Like this," and Bodie's eyes closed helplessly as he was drawn into a slow, lingering kiss that was almost unbearably tender, his arms closing possessively around the slender, whipcord body that pressed so strong and warm against him. As far as he was concerned, the world could end now and he wouldn't give a damn; Ray was his, at last, after years of denial on both sides. There would be other women, but there would never be another man, not for him. Never.

-- THE END --

July 2005

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