I Just Knew


When I first met you, I hated you. I loved you. I didn't know what I wanted. Confused? Oh yeah, was I confused. You were...an enigma. A puzzle. Still are, to some extent.

You walked into that office that day, proud, arrogant. And looking like you'd strolled off the catwalk. You had a finely tailored suit on, in light grey. Completed by an off cream shirt, a grey striped tie and shiny-shiny shoes.

Did you no favours, you know. I felt sick with...wasn't sure what I felt sick with. Here was I, dressed in my scruffiest pair of denims, the ones with the knees patches and stains from my motorbike all over them, and my oldest green tee-shirt. My hair needed a cut too, was all over the place.

Obviously, your hair was neatly combed, looking like silk. How I longed, that first day, to rub it so it stood up on ends. How I kept myself from reaching up I'll never know.

"Bodie" you said, as you held out your hand. Pale skin with naturally clean hands, short nails. I felt myself trying to clean my clammy hand on my jeans before I took your hand. Knew you'd smirked before I even saw it. Knew right off what you were thinking. Hated you then. From that moment, I hated you. Really, honestly, I did!

"Doyle" I muttered, as I briefly clasped your still outstretched hand, my heart pounding. I dared not look at you, 'cause I knew, I just KNEW what I'd find. Contempt, scorn, dislike, call it what you will.

That first meeting was...strange. I had no idea what you thought of me then. I always think the phrase 'poker-face' was invented for you.

As time went on, and we started working together, I mean, really working together, as a team, an unstoppable, unbeatable, almost-psychic team, then I decided I actually did like you! I know it came as a shock to me. Up to that point, I still hadn't been sure.

Then came that day. That awful, wonderful, tragic yet incredible day. We'd just finished tidying up the remnants of that hostage case. No one had been hurt, well, no one apart from the scumbag that had grabbed hold of the little girl outside the school, and taken her into that grotty run down slum, before issuing his demands. What he hadn't realised was that the house in question had a cellar. A cellar you had discovered whilst reconnoitering the back garden, creeping silently around.

You were magnificent that day. I could barely take my eyes off you. How one minute you were prising that door open, the next, well he hadn't stood a chance! He was dead before he could even start to turn at the noise.

And with Lucy, that pretty little 6 year old, you were so gentle, despite all that had gone on, and she was so brave. You must have thought I'd gone barmy, standing there with that soppy look on my face. Telling me I ought to have kids of me own. You daft sod. Wasn't going all gooey 'cause of her, you know. Sometimes, I shake my head in despair.

Anyway, you found out later didn't you? And how! I just wanted to go home, shower and think about you. Didn't want you to butt in on my leisure time. So when I said I didn't want to go back to yours, that I didn't need a drink, and wanted an early night, I glanced up just in time to see the hurt that crossed your face. And changed my mind in an instant.

You sparkled! I have never seen anything like it. Your eyes changed from stormy blue to almost turquoise...it was like...like you'd started glowing from the inside out. I was amazed. Couldn't stop giving you furtive glances all the way back.

You lead the way to your flat, holding the door open for me to pass through. I made myself at home, throwing my jacket at your coat stand, and missing as always. You followed me in, and waited at the door while I settled myself onto your comfy sofa.

And waited. And waited. And suddenly I realised you were still there, propped up against the doorjamb. I raised my eyes to yours and caught something I wasn't supposed to see. Something you'd never meant to let slip.

My breath caught in my throat, I couldn't turn my head to look away. Your eyes were sending off the most sensational electricity, and I was captured. Right there, at that very moment.

I understood all that had gone before, and I knew, I just knew that this was the moment we'd been heading for from the moment we met.

I couldn't stand...it was physically impossible for me to stand. As soon as your eyes held my eyes as if hypnotised, my cock had sprung to life and began to make a bid for freedom from my jeans. My heart was beating like it had never done before. And then it happened.

You hadn't done anything...our thoughts patterns had passed from one another, and you hadn't done anything except look. I couldn't help it; I'd been waiting years.

I came in my jeans. It was the most sensual, and sexy thing I'd ever experienced. Coming without touch. You watched it all. You watched as I gasped my completion; as my head fell back in satiation, as my jeans soaked through.

Like a stalking tiger, you moved. Slowly, steadily, until you stood above me, your eyes almost black with dilated pupils. You held your hand out, and only I could see the slight tremor that ran through you.

I grasped it as a drowning man would, and you yanked me to my feet, swept me up into your arms and carried me off into the bedroom. When you'd placed me on the bed, you slowly took your clothes off.

I could feel myself hardening again, at the sight before me. You were pale and almost hairless, apart from your lower abdomen. Rich, black, silky curls in luxurious growth nurtured your thick hard cock, which curved upright, glistening at the uncut tip.

My mouth watered, how I longed to place my mouth around that. You knew that though, and you swiftly joined me on the bed, wrapping your arms around me, running your hands down my back to my bum. I shuddered as your finger ran down that secret cleft, to my opening.

I didn't hold back, now I knew you wanted it as much as I. My fingers explored your face, your chest. You groaned as I teased your nipples, pinching them then rolling them in my mouth. I pushed you onto your back, but I had the biggest shock of my life.

You grabbed hold of me, pulled me up onto you and kissed me. My god, I thought I would die. It was the sweetest, hardest, hottest kiss I'd ever had in my life. Your lips were just meant to fit mine. And as we kissed, I knew I would never be able to be without this...without you.

We rocked together, our cocks, our bodies, in perfect harmony. We even came together, our seed mixing between our abdomens. I would have been ashamed to say I cried a little, all this emotion between us, and without a word, but for the fact you were doing the same.

"I love you, Bodie."

"I love you, Ray."

And I just knew that this was it, this was the one perfect, complete love we'd both been searching for.

-- THE END --

24 September 2004

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