Missing Scene from Surfeit


Bodie didn't resist as he was pulled down onto the bed and gathered close. A hard, demanding mouth closed over his, strong tongue parting his lips and plundering within. When he was released, his heart was thundering with lack of oxygen and arousal.

"How do you want it?" he breathed at the man hovering over him, as he helplessly responded to the hands that gripped him familiarly, caressing and rediscovering. "The usual?"

The man pulled back and shrugged. "Should know by now, shouldn't you?"

Bodie studied the form leaning so close. Jack was good looking and the pick of the bunch he'd cruised months ago: dark hair, a little long for today's styles, but attractively framing a strong face, with brown eyes like a spaniel. He wasn't lacking anywhere else either. He was hung like a horse and had a good 5 inches and 3 stone on Bodie that was all muscle. But best of all he was a real civil servant concerned about his reputation.

He was brought back by Jack's demand. "Suck me tonight."

Obligingly, Bodie twisted around toward the man's groin, a question in his voice as he viewed the curving prick. "You're already hard."

"Feels good, your mouth," Jack whispered. "You mind?"

Bodie didn't particularly enjoy giving head to anyone but Doyle, but he didn't object enough to deny his sexual partner at this point in the evening. Lowering his head in answer he caught the man's cock at the root and slipped his mouth over the flaring tip. Jack's moan sent a shiver up his spine, and anticipatory sweat for the pleasure that was to be his beaded his body. He rode Jack's jerking pelvis as the man heaved about in excitement.

Finally, Bodie judged him close to climax and lifted back. "C'mon, you're almost ready." He indicated his half-hard prick. "Me next."

Jack's eyes were glazed black with sexual heat. Bodie had judged well. The man was so close to coming he was beyond everything but his need. "Yeah, but not that. Shift over, I want your arse and I'm gonna have it."

Bodie hid his smile and flipped onto his stomach. Jack was an unrelenting top-man, and that was what Bodie wanted. He felt a need and Jack took care of it. Both enjoyed the moment in a sexual sense and then it was forgotten in the manner of most gay sex. Bodie never worried he'd be interested in developing a relationship with this man.. He had all of that he could handle with Ray Doyle. His feisty partner met all his needs save one. For some reason Doyle didn't seem to want to take him - just be taken. And Bodie didn't know how to ask. So ever so often, he called Jack who wouldn't hesitate, who was eager to have what Doyle ignored.

Bodie would rather have had Doyle fuck him - wanted it with some intensity, in fact, and was puzzled as to why Doyle didn't want him as he wanted Doyle. Finally, he had decided it was a sexual quirk and that Doyle was entitled to such; but at the same time, he was entitled to his own quirks. Therefore, he went looking when he felt the need. It didn't become overpowering very often. Doyle was a randy little sod who kept him pretty shagged out. His occasional bird was merely to preserve his cover in CI5 - but it was no hardship. Bodie enjoyed women.

His attention was returned to the present when hands that had been sliding a pillow under his hips moved to inner thighs and then stroked up his buttocks. The grasp tightened and he felt thumbs sink into his center, exposing him. Hot breath seared his skin and a hotter tongue slicked against the sensitized bud of flesh. A moan slipped past his clenched teeth, and the tongue left him.

"Go on."

"Patience, luv."

Bodie groaned again as the tongue returned to push past the entrance of his body, and then squirmed as the hands on his ass tightened even as Jack's rough caress flickered in and out of him.

"Will you get on with it," he gasped. He fought to lift up against the tantalizing sensation, but Jack held him down. All the while the wicked tongue teased and probed until Bodie thought he could no longer stand it. A jolt of raw lust shook him when Jack's hands increased their flat-palmed pressure on each buttock, pushing the cheeks of his ass wide apart. Desire arced through his body as his sphincter opened, and he spread his legs wider to facilitate entry. Jack didn't disappoint him; he shifted, and a cockhead nuzzled the tiny aperture.

Bodie's groan split the silence.

"Now mate," Jack muttered, leaning forward, his hard cock right on target. Bodie fought to push back and Jack obliged him by increasing the pressure. Slowly Jack's cock made a way for itself in the tight channel until it was buried to the hilt. Before Bodie could adapt to this new bulk, Jack began to move. Pain flooded him and he cried out in protest. Then Jack's prick brushed over his prostrate and his anguish was superceded by overwhelming pleasure. The big cock worked in him, re-igniting his arousal. Bodie rubbed his growing erection against the sheets, until no longer able to stand it, and he burrowed a hand under his belly to pump himself.

Jack's breathing increased, his thrusts coming harder, faster, and as the tempo accelerated Bodie met each forward motion with raised hips, coming close, closer.... Then with a sobbing sigh the big man on top came. Bodie felt the prick pulse deep inside as it released its seed in him, and froze, forgetting his own need. His cock throbbed in empathy; Bodie was so close it would only take a touch, but before he could ask, the bedroom door crashed open. The noise penetrated his hazed senses, and he looked up into the eyes of a green-eyed demon from hell.

Panicked, his erection subsided; he tried to throw Jack off and couldn't. The big man was a dead weight and still buried in his body.

"C'mon, mate, shift it," he barked, his only thought to get out from under this behemoth, and pacify the scorn and anger burning in Doyle's eyes.

"Don't move on my account," Doyle snarled, fists clenched dangerously.

Bodie never antagonized an infuriated Ray Doyle if he could help it. There were better ways of dying. "Ray, I can explain," he said, frantically trying to displace Jack. Somewhere, though, in the back of his mind, a little giggle was trying to escape at the farcical turn things had taken. Firmly, he clamped down on the impulse at Doyle's reply.

"I'd like to hear that; probably be dead interesting," Doyle snapped. "On the other hand, I'm quick, and I've known about fucking for quite awhile."

"Dammit, Jack, move," Bodie yelled as he bucked his hips.

Finally, the angry voice penetrated Jack's haze of well-being and he moved, still not totally comprehending the storm brewing around him.

"Good fuck," Jack pronounced and reached for a quick-moving Bodie who barely escaped.

Bodie grabbed his clothes, and at the same time, headed off Doyle before his enraged partner attempted to throttle Jack.

"C'mon, mate, let's get out of here," Bodie urged.

Doyle jerked away from Bodie's touch. "Don't rush me. I'd like to know who the fuck he is and ...."

"No one, that's who." Bodie pulled up his trousers and hastily drew his polo neck over his head. Donning his jacket he thrust his hands deep inside. "Please, Ray, let's leave."

For just a moment the hysterical bubble he'd been suppressing rose in his throat and threatened to spill over. It died as he gazed into Ray's confused, unhappy face.

Little lines tightened around Doyle's mouth. "No need for you to leave. Sorry for busting up your party."

"Hey," Jack called after them as they left the bedroom, "see you soon, okay?"

As Bodie turned to tell him there would be no next time, Jack added, "How's about a threesome with the boyfriend?"

Doyle slammed the front door, and Bodie forgot Jack to run after his partner. He caught him before he could pull away from the kerb, settling himself for a wild ride. Doyle was seething.

The ride to Doyle's flat was conducted in taut silence. And again Bodie felt the rising tide of incipient hilarity encroach on his sensibilities. Vainly he tried to stem the flow, knowing Doyle wouldn't take kindly to his special brand of insanity.

And despite the element of the ridiculous, Bodie saw very little real humour in the situation but he was too worried and uncomfortable to sit quietly and suffer in silence. Not only was be being subjected to scalding, sideways glances, but his partner had interrupted him seconds before ejaculation, and now the ache in his groin was intense.

He risked shifting his weight in an effort to ease the material at his crotch. Glumly he supposed with Ray in a mood, there was no chance of a little help from that direction. If ever.

He shot a tentative look in Doyle's direction. The thought was frightening and he wondered seriously how much trouble he was in. He and Ray hadn't made any verbal commitment, but Ray was acting like an outraged lover...or a cuckolded husband.

It was the wrong image. Bodie felt the onrush of a nervous giggle rising in his chest and tried to stifle it. No good. It slipped out. His nerves were were strung tight and the habit of his grown lifetime was to find release in laughter.

He could almost feel Ray's glare blaze a path over his skin.

"Find something funny about this, d'you?

Bodie shook his head weakly, feeling another internal rumble coming on.

Doyle's mouth twisted in derision. "You're a sick bastard."

"Ray, please. I'm sorry," he wheezed, "but it has its humorous aspects. You bustin' in and , oh god, me caught in the act. And then, me not even getting off, and still in trouble. I mean, Jack had all the fun."

Doyle turned his attention back to the road. "Did he?"

The continuing grimness in Doyle's voice brought him back to earth with a sobering thump. "Ray, I'm sorry." When that brought no response, he continued in desperation. "At least tell me what's wrong? Why the bloody hell are you're so damned mad."

Doyle parked the car. "I'll tell you inside. No sense letting the neighbours in on the fun."

"Ray," Bodie protested, but followed him in.

Doyle shut and locked the door after him. "You want to know what this is all about? Well, I want to know why? That's all. Why did I find you in bed with another man?"

Bodie looked at the pinched, strangely desolate, yet furious face and knew his actions had jeopardized their relationship more than he'd have believed. He knew he'd have to find the right answer. The last months with Ray had been the best in his life and he didn't want to lose any of their future.

Taking a deep breath, he ignored the man's question for the moment. "Do you want fidelity, commitment, foreswearing all others? Is this what all this is about?"

"I thought we had it already."

Bodie gaped. "You did?" He'd been prepared for almost any answer but that one.

"Damn you." Doyle jumped to his feet and strode to the window. "I thought you wanted it, too."

Viewing the miserably hunched shoulders, he shut his mouth and went to Doyle. "I did. I do." He hadn't realized it before but a lifetime with his scrawny partner would hardly be enough. And if he couldn't bear to think of Ray in another man's bed, it was perfectly fine if Ray wanted exclusivity, too.

Doyle wheeled then, eyes shooting fire. "Then why...why did you let that bastard fuck you?"

"Jack, you mean?" Bodie supplied softly, thoughts whirling.

Thin-lipped and waiting, Doyle nodded.

They deserved the truth he thought he couldn't utter before. "Because he will and you won't. Because sometimes I want it that way."

Doyle looked stunned. "You...you wanted him to fuck you?"

"Yes." Flushing hotly under the riveting stare of his partner. "Christ, Ray, you like it; what's so odd about me wanting it?"

"N-nothing," Doyle stammered, obviously gaining a new perspective of Bodie's needs. "Except I never though you'd want me to take control."

Bodie let his perplexity show. "Whyever not?'

In turn, Doyle looked more confused. "I dunno. Too macho, I guess."

"You mean my reputation as a CI5 stud precedes me?"

"Sorta, yeh." Doyle took a step toward him and Bodie's worry eased slightly "Why didn't you tell me what you wanted?"

Bodie shrugged uncomfortably. "Didn't like to ask; thought maybe the idea turned you off. Figured if you wanted me that way, you'd say so. Seemed to make sense at the time. Dunno if it does now or not." He stared into green eyes that were still wide with astonishment.

"You dumb crud," Doyle whispered. "I've wanted you ever since we started this. Just didn't think you'd go for it."

Bodie grinned. "Well, I don't always want it; just about half the time."

Doyle's smile answered his own ear-splitting smirk. "Thas no trouble." Then he frowned briefly. "There's one more thing."

"What?" He swallowed his anxiety. Doyle's expression was serious but not threatening.

"Hereafter we talk to each other. I don't like feeling bloody jealous - and ready to kill you."

That seemed easy enough and Bodie agreed. "Okay."

"Then I'm going to start right now." His voice matched the solemnity on his face. "Don't ever seen that bloke, or any others, again. And I'd just as soon you gave up birds." He frowned. "If you can't, I'll try to deal with it, but I won't like it."

Bodie sat on his urge to do anything Doyle wanted. "You give them up, too, sunshine."

"Already have."

Bodie was beyond amazement. "Okay, mate, whatever you want."

"Not just what I want, Bodie. You have to want it, too."

"You wanna talk about it forever, or you gonna let me show you want I want?"

He had an urgent armful of Ray Doyle before he finished speaking.

"Think I know," Ray murmured in his ear. "Think I'm gonna enjoy it a lot."

-- THE END --

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