Coffee With Cowley


"I give my two best agents a simple task which a child of three could have accomplished and just look at the result. What in the name of heaven did you do?"

"Oh. come on, sir, how could we know it would turn out like this?"

"You should have thought, seen it coming, Doyle. And you too, Bodie."

"Sorry, sir."

"Too late now, laddie. Bad enough to find Brian and Doctor Ross were unsuited, but when he came in here to put me in the picture as he called it, he had Towzer on his arm. They are now tangoing down the corridors and singing 'Don't make my brown eyes blue'."

"Great song, sir."

"Very sexy dance."

"That's enough, Bodie, and you too Doyle. For your next assignment you are to locate and rescue a kidnapped newt. This reptile is being held to ransom for its owner's future 'good behaviour'. Whatever we may think of the rights and wrongs of this case, what it boils down to is to make our society safe enough for newt fanciers to go about their everyday tasks in confidence. The complication is that this newt has fallen madly in love with its captors. Aye, gentlemen, 'ne'er a rose without a thorn'."

-- THE END --

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