He's dead.
Dead as a doornail.
Cold in his grave 'cept we haven't buried him yet.
Touch him, Murph.
Cold as marble, he is.
Yeah I know stupid cliche but it's true touch him.
Almost like putty, frozen.
Nothing there, Murph.

I know!
It's a dream, isn't it?
A nightmare. I'm gonna wake up and Bodie'll be here.
I'll wake up soon, I know, and Bodie'll be standing here.
Wake up soon and Bodie'll...
It's not real, is it Murph?
Not happening he's not dead that's not Bodie lying there.
Gonna wake up just watch me, both of us've got to wake up.

Wake me up, Murphy, please.
If I don't wake up...
...can't wake Bodie and he'll sleep forever.
I don't want him to sleep.
Looks peaceful there, doesn't he?
Murphy? Wake me up.
I'm not tired anymore neither is Bodie we're ready to wake up.
Come on, Bodie.
Open your eyes, mate, come on we've got to get out of here.
Come on Bodie. Come on Bodie Bodie Bodie come on.

Where're we going?
I can't leave, I've got to wait for Bodie to wake up.
Can't leave I've got to wait
Murph! I've got to...

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