Another Night at the Disco


Doyle aimed a hard hand at Bodie's stomach, but knowing full well that Bodie would parry it with ease, he also got a sharp jab into Bodie's side with the other hand.

" sod!" Bodie grabbed for him but Doyle danced away down the corridor, laughing.

Having been stuck in CI5 HQ all day working on files, they'd had little outlet for their energy. Far from the paperwork getting them down, though, their high spirits had finally erupted. Feeling like kids just out of school, with that marvellous sensation of freedom for the rest of the day, they raced down the corridor.

Doyle's lighter frame got him to the stairwell first. He zoomed round the corner, intending to slide down the banister and miss all the stairs...and cannoned straight into George Cowley. Files of papers flew into the air, scattering their contents wildly. Doyle muffled a curse as he extricated himself from his boss, hearing stifled laughter behind him.

Bodie, very tempted to tiptoe back along the corridor and leave them to it, finally gathered courage to step round and help pick up Cowley's files. He caught Doyle's eye as they both scrabbled on the floor and very nearly burst out laughing.

Cowley, however, was not amused.

"If this is the only way you can think of to work off your extra energy, I could probably find you something more useful to do," he said scathingly.

"Oh no, sir. We've only just come off duty."

At Doyle's genuinely crestfallen look and the sincere apology he offered, Cowley relented.

"Well, get off home then, before I send you down into Macklin's tender care."

They said goodnight and went rapidly down the stairs and out into the compound. Feeling wry at their bad luck in encountering Cowley at that particular moment, they were thankful for their quick escape.

During the drive back to his flat, Doyle looked at his partner. "He's right, though. We do need something to burn off this energy and I know the very thing..."

Bodie grinned at him. "Yeah, so do I," he said with relish.

"No, not that, you randy sod," Doyle laughed. "This is different. It'll tire us out, too."

Bodie groaned. "No more jogging, Ray, please. It's too boring. And no more yoga-"

"No, no, this is much better...and we've done it before."

"Did I enjoy it?"

"Yeah, I think you could say that."


Twisting in his seat to watch Bodie's expression as he drove, Doyle said, "How d'you fancy another night at Orion's?

A slow smile began at the corners of Bodie's mouth, which he promptly straightened. "Are you sure we should? I mean, we don't want to get known there, do we?" he asked primly.

"No one takes any notice of us there, except as potential dancing partners. You saw that last time. We're not exactly making a habit of it, you know; this'll only be the second visit. And-" his voice lowered seductively, "I've got something to wear that you haven't seen before. I was too conservative last time. Wait till you see it!"

The enticement worked and Bodie eyed him calculatingly, a secret smile in his eyes. "Okay, you've talked me into it. And, you're not the only one with new gear to wear. Wait till you see me," he said significantly and refused to say any more.

Back at the flat, Doyle got a ready-made pizza out of the freezer, set it to warm under the grill, started Bodie washing the salad vegetables, and went to shower. The pizza was ready to eat when he came out of the bathroom and he sat at the table in his bathrobe. Afterwards, they left the crockery to soak in the sink and went to get ready to go out.

Doyle was nowhere to be seen when Bodie went back into the bedroom after his shower. Toweling his hair dry and combing the recalcitrant waves sternly out of it, Bodie took his clothes from the wardrobe and sorted through a drawer for the new accessory he intended to wear.

Once dressed, he found Doyle waiting on the sofa in the lounge, garbed in a voluminous gray raincoat. Ignoring the weirdness of that for a moment, Bodie stood still in the doorway for effect and watched his lover's eyes move slowly down his body.

He was dressed solely in black. Black silk shirt, tucked into slim-cut, black cotton trousers. He looked very good, Doyle thought and knew Bodie knew it too. But there was an extra, stunning touch to his clothes - a large, silver buckle fastening his belt. Ornate and intricate in its design, it was the only touch of relief to the whole darkly-sensual outfit and it drew one's eyes.

"I like that," Doyle said slowly. "You're gonna get yourself noticed going out like that."

"Oh well, I thought in for a penny, in for a pound." He walked into the room. "What are you wearing that thing for," indicating the long coat, "and don't I get a sneak preview of you, too?"

"Want a flash, then, do you?"

"Yeah, that too, if you like." Bodie grinned, watching him unfasten the raincoat belt and buttons.

Doyle casually drew the coat off his shoulders and turned to face Bodie fully.

"Wow," his partner breathed reverently, a spark of mischief in his eyes. "Get a load of that, will you?"

Doyle was also wearing a silk shirt in a light mushroom-beige color. There were no buttons; the neck was slit nearly to waist level. As usual, the cuffs were turned back, displaying a pleasing length of lightly-tanned forearm. However, what riveted Bodie's gaze most was the snug-fitting, dark-brown leather jeans. Softly wrinkled, they looked sensually comfortable. Their suppleness making them hug every contour of thigh and buttock, smoothing and stretching easily with every movement.

Doyle watched his appraisal, seeing the dark eyes moving appreciatively up to his crotch.

The texture invited touch and Bodie stepped forward to run a hand up one leather-clad leg, reaching the groin to cup the soft warmth in his palm. He tilted Doyle's chin and kissed him, enjoying the responsive lips and the eager pulsing under his hand.

Leaning back, Bodie stared at his partner. "Hey, are you wearing any...?"

"Aha, that's for you to wonder at and me to know," and he returned the stare through slitted eyes.

Laughing gently, Bodie released him. "You sexy devil, you. Gonna drive them all wild in that get-up, you are. Sure you want to take the risk?"

Doyle batted his eyelashes. "With you around to protect me, I've got no worries." He eyed the effect of pale, smooth skin against black silk and said smugly, "It's not only going to be me they'll look at, sunshine. They're not gonna be able to take their eyes off you."

Bodie gave a satisfied smirk. "So, let's go knock their eyes out, lover! My car?"

"Oh, yes," Doyle breathed. "Black and silver - very sensual." He wrapped the raincoat securely round himself once more.

"Hides a multitude of sins, that," Bodie observed, and was pushed out onto the landing while Doyle locked the door.

Doyle felt fairly bubbling over with excitement as they descended the stone steps to Orion's. He remembered his nervousness the first time he'd brought Bodie here. This time, he was going to enjoy the evening from beginning to end.

He bounced off the bottom step and into the foyer, unbuttoning his raincoat as Bodie paid for their tickets. He laid the coat on the counter and felt Bodie's sidelong glance slide over him.

"Take your jacket off, too, and leave it here. You won't need it," he urged. They handed the garments over the counter and headed towards the bar.

"Stripped and ready for action," Doyle said happily, rubbing his hands together. He was all set to get straight onto the dance floor. A very smoochy number was being played, and Bodie hung back, not yet ready for that sort of dancing. Doyle glanced at him. He'd get him mellowed soon enough, he thought confidently.

Furnished with glasses of lager, they propped up the wall just inside the archway leading onto the floor and absorbed the atmosphere. The subtle sexual awareness between them was accentuated and magnified by the dark shadows around the room and the quiet, melodic sounds issuing from the speakers. Doyle became acutely conscious of the muscular body next to him, sensitive to the inches that separated them.

Doyle glanced around the room again. The floor was only half full. It was too early for this kind of slow number. Coming to the same conclusion, the DJ gently faded the ballad out, skillfully fading in a more up-tempo pop song at the same time.

The basic, jungle-beat thump of the music seeped into Doyle's bones and he twitched and drew slowly away from the wall. Pulling Bodie towards the dance floor, his gyrations gradually picked up the tempo of the music.

In answer to the smiling, inviting look thrown back at him, Bodie followed, his concentration more on his partner's movements than on his own.

Doyle let the music take over completely and turned towards Bodie on the dance floor, twisting and bouncing gently at knee and hip in time to the melody. The beat picked up speed and he threw his head back, punching the air with one hand.

Bodie was entranced. He couldn't match Doyle's enthusiastic interpretation of the rhythm but it was getting to him. He relaxed further, the self-consciousness evaporating in the face of so much exuberance from his partner.

The next record was a little quieter and calmer and Bodie caught his lover's eyes, holding them with a long, teasing, laughing look. He drew a slow, sweet smile in reply.

Ray broke the contact, slowly spun around to the music, and met the dark eyes again with a serious, meaningful stare. Moving in close to Bodie then backing away, his eyes roved down the dark and silver-highlighted body then back up to the waiting gaze. The message was erotically clear.

Then the feral glare was extinguished as Doyle closed his eyes, lifted his face and shook his head slightly. Mind and body merged and he became lost in the music. Bodie's lips twitched at the display of unfettered enjoyment of sound and beat. Suddenly, Doyle's eyes snapped open again and with a grin, Doyle told him to stay put. Bodie watched the sweat-tightened curls bounce their way through the crowd towards the DJ.

Self-conscious alone while couples danced all around him, Bodie wove his way to the comforting wall side of the dance floor. He could just glimpse the curly head as it bent close to the darkly-bearded disc jockey. When Doyle drew back, Bodie saw the DJ put finger and thumb together in the time-enduring 'okay' signal. As his partner bopped happily back across the room, he wondered what Doyle could have requested.

Reaching Bodie's side again, the strains of ?oto's Africa began. Doyle elbowed him significantly to let Bodie know he considered it highly applicable to his lover. Bodie grinned and shook his head repressively. Doyle just laughed at him and started singing along with the words.

Unaccustomed to really listening to vocals, Bodie concentrated, attention caught by the pictures they conjured up. Not that he'd ever seen the snowy peak of Kilimanjaro, or the plains of the Serengeti...a beautiful side of Africa and far away from Angola.

Unknowingly, his own eyes had closed and he started at the touch of hands on his shoulders. He smiled at Doyle and felt the hands slip down his arms to encircle him, pulling him close as the music finished.

"Did you enjoy that?" Doyle murmured in his ear.

"Yes, I did. I'm enjoying it all - particularly the view - and I've got an idea for the DJ later on."

Doyle laughed and drew him towards the bar for some more refreshments - a move Bodie appreciated very much. He might not use up quite so much energy in dancing as Ray, but he seemed to work up a good thirst none-the-less. They found a couple of empty seats and sat down for a brief rest.

There was silence for a minute or two, then Bodie turned to Doyle. "Ray, why do you like this so much?"

"What, Orion's?"

"No, not this place in particular - disco dancing."

Doyle gave a gusty sigh. "Don't know, really. I suppose I just like to forget everything and let go a bit. Besides, I can't sit still and listen to music for long...unless it's classical,' he amended.

Bodie could attest to this. Even now, Ray's foot was tapping in time to the latest Michael Jackson single.

"I also like the free and easy atmosphere in discos, especially in here. I think it's because this is one place where they - we - can be ourselves - no pretense. Straights just don't venture down here, unless it's by mistake, and old bully-beef on the door upstairs turfs out the trouble-makers.

Bodie nodded. "Mmm. I like this place. I like the honesty. You know, sometimes the atmosphere just screams sex at you," he added slyly.

"Yeah..." Doyle turned slightly, slid one arm along the back of the seat behind Bodie and leaned forward, practically breathing into Bodie's ear. "Pretty potent, isn't it? 'Course, it helps if you're with someone special..."

Keenly aware of the crowded bar, Bodie nodded again and bent his head, heart thumping. He didn't dare look at Ray. From his closeness and drawling, hypnotic voice, he knew his lover was hoping for a kiss. Annoyed at his inability to respond as openly as Ray wanted, he shook his head slightly.

"So much for honesty," came the whisper at last and Doyle drew back.

Anguished, Bodie did look at him then. "Sorry, Ray... Maybe later, on the dance floor."

Doyle cursed himself silently for the stricken look he'd put into Bodie's eyes. He twisted in his seat, drawing one knee up onto it and gripped Bodie's arm. He stroked across the dark silk of Bodie's shirt, voice low and serious. "It's all right, love. I wasn't being serious, just teasing, that's all. I can't tell you how grateful I am that you didn't mind coming in here with me that first time...that you're here now. I only enjoy this with you, Bodie. For the first time I can relax and be totally myself. You're very good for me, you know."

The soft voice trailed off and Bodie watched the slender, caressing hand while he absorbed the meaning of Doyle's words. Then he met the emotion-brightened eyes, and his expression softened to a rare tenderness.

Doyle realized that the love that Bodie radiated was more important to him than any overt display of affection. For what ever reason that Bodie found it difficult to kiss him in public, it had nothing to do with his ability to love him. Doyle found that he loved Bodie too much to push him into what he was obviously uncomfortable with.

He touched Bodie's cheek with the back of one finger. "Hey...we're here to enjoy ourselves, not get all melancholy!" The music caught his attention again and he looked towards the disco floor. "Roberta Flack. I don't expect you ever saw MAKING LOVE, did you?" Bodie shook his head. "I did. Not what I expected...sad, too. C'mon, I want to dance."

Moving through the gently swaying couples on the floor, ensuring they were hidden from everyone at the bar, Doyle drew Bodie into his arms, barely moving to the music while trying to convey all the love and tenderness he felt for this strong yet vulnerable man.

Roberta Flack's beautifully clear and gentle voice wove it's own spell and Bodie drew back a little, waiting for the curly head to lift from his shoulder. Then he pressed his mouth softly to Doyle's in a tender, loving caress. The song faded and Doyle tightened his arms in a grateful squeeze.

Reluctant to lose the magic, Bodie stood still for a moment, returning the hug. Larger and nature combined to urgency, though. Reluctant to break the mood, he said, "Shall have to go for a leak," but still didn't move.

Doyle grinned and released him. "Well, go on then. They won't like you doing it here! And, don't talk to any strangers," he admonished laughingly as Bodie headed for the exit.

Bodie's reply was drowned by the blare of another record and Doyle went back to their still empty seats.

Finished, Bodie made his way back out to the disco and scanned for his partner. He spotted him leaning against a wall...a slim, blond form at his side. Oh, not him again, Bodie thought, ginning. He stayed where he was, assessing the provocatively dressed figure. This time, the fair young man was dressed in a kind of swim-suit, strapped over one shoulder and looking as if it had been knitted in gold thread. Crazy. He guessed what he was asking, and saw Ray head shake, a gentle smile of rejection on his lips.

Bodie walked casually over to them, and put a proprietorial arm round Doyle's shoulder. Raising an interrogative eyebrow at the interloper, he met the flustered gaze head on.

Recognizing the newcomer and taken aback by his panther-like appearance, the blond apparition muttered, "Some other time," and moved off.

Doyle turned to his lover, grinning. "Wouldn't take no for an answer. Too pretty for his own good, that one. Come on."

Bodie followed him through the crowd, back to the floor, all the while thinking it was a case of the pot calling the kettle... Except, Ray wasn't pretty. His appeal seemed shared in equal proportion over his whole body. His looks were more peculiarly exotic and at times he exuded a carnal sensuality.

Like now. Ray's gently moving buttocks swung from side to side as if to confirm his thoughts. Reaching a suitable opening in the crowd, Doyle turned and gave his whole heart to a hedonic merging of body and music. No, Doyle definitely wasn't pretty.

Later, deciding it was time for his little joke, Bodie raised one finger then the flat of his hand at Doyle, indicating that he should stay there. It took careful maneuvering to make his way through the thickened crowd to the DJ. He was soon back with a smug smirk on his lips.

Doyle waited for the current record to fade out, listening intently to the intro of the next tune. When he recognized it, he laughed softly. Bodie was pandering to his disco tastes and giving ham a saucy message at the same time. It was another of 'Imagination's' hits - BODY TALK. He began to dance, joining in with the hand clapping on the record. He liked some of the lyrics very much and sang with them.

"We were two souls torn apart...with bitter edging...true expression, non-aggression...we have become one."

He looked at his partner and at the sparkle in the dark eyes, decided his wasn't going to be the only 'body talk'. He undulated towards Bodie and started undoing his lover's shirt buttons, stopping at the one just above the glittering buckle. Surprisingly, Bodie didn't stop him. He ran a teasing hand down the opened neckline and drew away again, all the while never breaking rhythm. The pale skin revealed picked up the flashing lights as Bodie moved in time to the beat.

It was a long record and by the end of it both were ready for more liquid refreshment. They headed towards the bar, ordering more lagers. Doyle leant an elbow on the bar and turned to look at Bodie. He grinned slyly when he saw that Bodie had arranged the black shirt more decorously and refastened the two lower buttons.

"Chicken," he said provocatively.

"You wait," Bodie threatened. "I can't get back at you here, but just wait 'till we get home!"

"Oh, promises," chortled Doyle. "You asked for it, anyway. BODY TALK, indeed!" He eyed Bodie's rapid downing of his pint. "Can't understand how you work up such a thirst. You don't put much into it, not half as much as me!"

"It's all the heavy breathing I do, watching your gorgeous body!"

"Cheeky! Well, c'mon, this gorgeous body wants to dance some more."

The next two records were very energetic and so was Doyle's performance. His enthusiasm earned him a little free space around them as he punched with his arms and kicked a rhythmic foot every so often. Bodie enjoyed the sight, absorbing the view of leather-covered legs and lustily eyeing the soft swell of flesh every time Doyle arched his back.

At the end of the current record, Doyle stood still, panting a little. He moved a few steps to his right where the gust of cool air from the ventilating fan could blow over him. He shook his hair back, enjoying the cooling stream, then pulled Bodie towards the wall. He leaned back on it to recover and closed his eyes.

Bodie stared at Doyle's heaving chest, at the dark line of sweat where the silk clung to his sternum and the curls that hung damply on his forehead. A trickle of sweat ran down onto his lover's lip and while he watched, Doyle's tongue emerged to lick it away. It was an arousing sight and Bodie stood before him, straddling his hands on the wall either side of the curly head.

Sensing something blocking the lights, Doyle opened his eyes and found a dark and brooding stare fixed on him. Bodie leaned forward to kiss him and he parted his lips as Bodie's mouth touched his. A demanding tongue thrust into his mouth and he moaned his pleasure. The kiss was prolonged, Bodie finally uncaring whether they were seen or not. When his lover pulled back, Doyle discovered that, tired as he was, he wanted more than could be given in that semi-public place.

Bodie took in the heavy-lidded stare, leaned forward and whispered teasingly, "Had enough now?"

"Enough? I've only just started!" He clamped a strong hand around the back of Bodie's neck, pulling him close again.

Bodie held him off. "Not here, Ray," he said firmly. "Besides, you're not just starting...I am! You'll be lucky if you can walk tomorrow when I've finished with you, mate."

Doyle's heart jumped at the dangerous tone. "Going to take me home and have your evil way with me, are you?" He punctuated the question with a touch of his groin against Bodie's.

"You what? You're gonna be begging me for it, just you wait and see." Bodie followed up the teasing touch by backing his partner against the wall again, and holding him there with a thrust of his hips. Feeling the responsive flesh pushing back, he knew Doyle's heat was no longer from just exertion.

"Listen, pal," Doyle breathed menacingly. "I've had enough promises. When are you going to come up with the goods? 'Cos I want some action!" Bodie rubbed his aching groin against Doyle's. "I'm rising to the occasion right now...wouldn't you say?" he whispered. It amused him to see Doyle's eyes darken with growing passion.

Suddenly dizzy, unable to think straight and longing for the touch of those strong, square hands over his body, Doyle closed his eyes and swallowed. "Bodie...."

Bodie interrupted the breathless whisper. "Your place or mine?"

"I don't care, Bodie. Any place that's got a bed."

Immediately, the tantalizing presence drew away and he felt his hand taken in a firm grip that pulled him away from the wall. He let Bodie lead him through the disco floor, past the bar and out into the foyer. More than a few envious eyes followed their progress.

Eyeing the flushed features and dilated pupils of his lover, Bodie handed their tickets over the counter and asked for their coats. Slipping his jacket on quickly, he then folded the ghastly raincoat over his arm and held it out of Doyle's reach.

"Hey," Doyle protested.

Bodie pulled him towards the door, grinning lecherously. "You'll be all right without it. It's not cold." Catching out the coat attendant avidly following the conversation, he winked in his direction and lifted his voice. "And besides, I want to enjoy the view of those leather-covered goodies while I can, because believe me, you're not going to be wearing 'em much longer!"

Catching on to Bodie's playing to an audience, Doyle camped, "Take me home, then big white hunter. This is one tiger that'll adorn your bed any time." He preceded him out of the foyer and up the steps. He drew his lover along side of him and slipped his hand into Bodie's, entwining their fingers comfortable in the darkened doorway before leaving the safety of Orion's. The moment was brief, but enduring. He released Bodie's hand in preparation of leaving the building and led the way out towards the car.

'The best was yet to be...'

-- THE END --

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