The pub was smoky and busy with punters; nicotine stained bulbs threw their dim orange light across the room whilst strains of Debbie Harry wafted across the merry noise of chatter, breaking into drinkers conversations every now and then. At a small round table placed in an unobtrusive corner sat two men deep in conversation. Every so often one or the other would look away and quickly scan around the pub, not looking out for anything or anyone in particular -- it was an action born from habit and impossible to forget even when off-duty. The curly mop haired man wore a strained expression, but his shoulders were relaxed in the company of his dark haired companion. Although situated away from the main bustling bar area they did not go unnoticed. Several women as they passed by eyed the two handsome men admiring their beauty and some perhaps hoped that their glances might be returned. The two men were however closeted in their own company, a comfortable unit of two and were not open to invite anyone to join them.

Doyle had been feeling mentally strained over recent weeks. The job he did was tough, but he knew the score, knew what he had joined up for, he should know, Christ, he had been in CI5 for the best part of three years now. Three years of being partnered with Bodie, but that was one of the very best things about the job. His irritation was with his boss Cowley. Cowley rarely let them know the full picture of many of the cases on which they worked. Doyle was fed-up of being kept in the dark, trying to second or even third guess their wily boss, trying to make sense of the tiny pieces of puzzle thrown out to him, to them. He and Bodie always worked together, when did they ever do anything alone? Was that also part of the problem? The last few weeks had been full-on -- so much had happened, he didn't know what to think or feel and just now he felt tired, tired to the heart of himself and annoyed.

Much of his anger stemmed from Cowley putting him into a situation that had almost cost him his life, and for what? Protecting an Arab emissary who after all he went through turned out to be a bloody decoy. On that occasion he had been left without his familiar back-up for support. It had felt like part of himself was missing without Bodie for protection. He wondered at what point his partner had started to become so important a presence and one he did not want to do without. Somehow at the time he had faith that Bodie would once again come through for him. He also realised how much Bodie wanted to keep him safe and alive, so much so that he disobeyed a direct order from the top. No-one had ever meant so much to him as now. He smirked to himself remembering with fondness and relief the moment when Bodie showed up to rescue him and called himself 'the 7th Cavalry' and had ruffled his locks and grinned that happy smug smile of his at him. Perhaps it was then, only a few months back that he'd realised how much trust he had put in Bodie. Trust taken years to nurture can be fickle it seemed; only weeks after this event he threw that trust away, mistrusting Bodie's actions and acquaintances. He thought he knew what he was seeing and logic and training told him what he had to do -- prove Bodie innocent by proving him guilty, or not as the case might be. Unfortunately, Bodie took his investigations personally, very personally.

Bodie's anger was made far worse because his beautiful old flame, Marikka, had been so pointlessly and cruelly murdered in yet another game of politics, right there in front of their eyes and with Bodie feeling betrayed on all sides. Worse than that, Bodie survived several near misses with death himself, what with Green and MI6 needing a body for their game of politics. Any other agent would have been dead by now, but Bodie was good, too good to be a sitting target for Green's henchmen, but all of Bodie's harboured resentment and anger had been angled towards him. That had really hurt. Just when there seemed to be a special bond, a spark of something new, a sharing, an extra openness with each other, Bodie shut him out completely, turned his back on him and strode away. Bodie had been livid; he wasn't sure whether Marikka's death and those recent events had been fully dealt with psychologically even now. Bodie had stayed away for two whole days; Cowley had told him to let the man cool off. Those forty-eight hours had been some of the longest he could remember. So many times as he'd passed by the phone he'd itched to call or when driving by Bodie's flat he'd wanted to stop to see how he was, he had longed to share the hurt with him, apologise and explain his actions once more, but he had stayed away as ordered.

His mental wounds were made worse knowing just how close Bodie had come to being killed. Doyle went cold just thinking about it and how meaningless his death would have been. Fear shivered down his spine at the thought of losing that familiar warmth by his side. He remembered when they'd finally met back at HQ, Bodie was cool, subdued, but little by little, day by day, he'd accepted Doyle back. Bodie's cold anger slowly dissipated. It had felt good to have him back, a solid presence, not just an agent that he could depend upon, there was a lot to their friendship. He knew Bodie didn't want to stay mad at him, they knew each too well to play games. His relief was immense when Bodie had cracked his first post-Marikka joke, laughed and then wrestled him in the lift. Feeling that familiar touch, his warm humour felt good, reassuring, actually made him feel really happy again. Things between them had seemed to slip back to where they were before, well almost and almost was good enough for him. The team appeared to be back on top form or so he thought. But then again, perhaps those cracks weren't quite so well healed, Cowley had said to them only a few days back, "I thought you were two of my best?"

Frustration, loss and perhaps even fear made the old man cranky. We are the best! By God, we were trying our damnest to find out who was murdering our agents, first Williams, then Matheson and King, knowing full well that each and every CI5 agent down from Cowley including themselves were targets. But then again, it wasn't the first time, and no doubt, as long as they stayed in this outfit it wouldn't be the last that some mad crank wanted them dead. There was however something about this last case that had rattled him, made him feel very uneasy. The killings were very close to home, Phillips was left partner-less after the explosion, he didn't want to find out how that would feel. He had pointed out to Bodie that he had almost made his last ever cheap rate call. Too much plastic in the phone and only luck that the perpetrator had been a little careless alerting Bodie's attention to the crime before he too could have gone up bang.

It was impossible not to think of Bodie by his side. Cowley had said that being partnered was like a marriage -- but it was far more than any marriage of which he was aware. He thought back briefly to his many broken relationships -- none that he could remember ever left him feeling so protective. Some may have had an initial intensity, but the appeal for him wore off after a matter of weeks or months, most of his girlfriends couldn't understand either him or his working hours and he couldn't once he'd lost interest bring himself to put any further effort into the prolonging the affairs. He and Bodie had been together for almost three whole years, two years, eleven months and four days to be exact. This was one relationship which they both worked hard at keeping, their jobs and indeed their lives depended on their continuing and evolving understanding of each other. No other relationship in his whole life had ever been so important. No other person was as significant as Bodie.

The gentle pressure and warmth of Bodie's corduroyed leg against his brought him out of his reverie.

"A penny for them Sunshine. You were gone with the Pixies for a while there." Bodie cast a questioning eye at Doyle, piercing him with a look few could hold without feeling discomfort under those bright blue eyes. Doyle looked up from his pint easy in Bodie's concern and noted that he'd shredded a soggy beer mat into confetti.

"Yeah, was thinking."

Bodie paused waiting for Doyle to expand further. He knew his partner and the misery and self-blame that he could twist himself into. Best just to let him work it through then he would feel better -- he always did. Maybe buy him a few more drinks, hopefully get him just a little drunk and merry and then everything might look a little rosier. Perhaps even pull a couple of birds later in the hope that sex would chase away the blues. It was their normal panacea which usually worked well and Bodie was in a good mood looking forward to a little R&R with Doyle, wanting to make up for storming off without him -- the guilt still gnawed at him. He knew that Doyle was only doing his job investigating him and Marikka, and he also knew how much he'd hurt him -- not that Doyle had said anything -- he just knew -- it was like that between them -- intuitive and real.

"So what's eating you?" he asked.

"You know it could have been us instead of Matheson and King."

"Well, it wasn't." Bodie was firm in assertion, not liking the maudlin path Doyle was going down.

"There's been too many near misses and deaths recently, and God knows how Phillips feels seeing his partner murdered."

Bodie went quiet at a loss for words, he didn't argue for it was true -- these recent events distressed him too. One of Cowley's pet speeches went 'when your partner becomes more important than the job, you're no good to me any longer.' Bodie understood the truth of that statement. Regardless, he'd gone to save Doyle's skin with the fake Arab disobeying Cowley. He respected Cowley, there were few people in this world that he could say that about, but when he had realised the abject danger Doyle was in, orders and duty were forgotten, his mind fixed solely on saving Doyle. It was pure instinct and adrenalin that drove him, and maybe a touch of bravado once he'd found him. His relief at finding Doyle still fighting was immense, but then Doyle had always been a fighter. Thankfully however, that was one time the old man had been willing to turn a blind eye. In this business not only were agents used as pawns, but organisations too, and that really displeased Cowley. Bodie smirked as he remembered the moment he had spotted Doyle making good his escape along with the Arabs. Seeing his lithe figure climbing down off the wall in his old patched jeans, jeans which Bodie couldn't help but notice were a very snug fit bordering on indecent even. Doyle called them his 'lucky jeans' -- they certainly brought him luck that day.

"Yeah, well, we're here to fight another day." Bodie shot a concerned look at Doyle. "You're not thinking of giving up the battle are you?"

"No, no, I still believe in what we're doing." Doyle replied dismissively. He looked up at Bodie, expression serious, his thoughts turning sentimental. "Losing you would kill me."

A moment of silence stretched for what seemed like minutes -- Bodie was at a loss for words, both agents locked eyes searching deep for answers but only finding more questions. Bodie never one for being open with his feelings began to feel uncomfortable, he knew what he wanted to say but couldn't bring himself to say it out into the open. The moment stretched on. Once he'd said what he was feeling there would be no turning back and he doubted whether Doyle had the same inclinations as himself even knowing how close they were as partners. He felt slightly off-kilter by Doyle's honest admission though it seemed like now could be the perfect time to test how his companion really felt about him. If he gambled on it the risks were too great. Doyle was hard to judge and the silence was becoming awkward, he needed to break it so as many times before Bodie moved the conversation on.

"Yeah, well I don't particularly want to lose you either mate, be a bugger to find a replacement as contrary and annoying as you!" Bodie downed the remnants of his drink hoping that rye humour would cover the depths of his real emotions. "Anyhow, if I was gone you could ask Cowley for that non bacon butty, non Swiss roll eating partner you've always wanted. Besides, not going anywhere, anytime soon. You got that? Fancy another drink?" And without waiting for a reply he picked up his empty glass and returned to the bar. Doyle followed him with his eyes never breaking contact as Bodie strode across the pub, again losing himself to his thoughts.

These last few difficult weeks and months had been a time of turmoil, more so because Doyle had come to realise just how important Bodie was to him, to his life. When push came to shove, he relied and expected the man to be there for him, when they were off duty he was most comfortable and relaxed when they had each other for company. He cared for Bodie, really cared for that stupid priapismic monster. Although clichéd it was true, two opposites had attracted to form one very stable unit. They had become two halves of a whole. The Bisto kids Cowley had called them.

Bodie had always been a tactile man right from the outset, at first he only tolerated those touches and it took a while before he became accustomed to Bodie's roguish boyish charm, but as their partnership developed he looked forward to their informal familiarity. Now however, he knew he wanted more. At what point did he realise he fancied his partner? He didn't know, but slowly over time friendship and familiarity had grown into something far more and somewhere down the line he'd begun to fantasise about being with him. He wanted to share more than just Bodie's friendship. A look or a brief touch could send his pulse racing -- he didn't know how to tell his partner or if he even should. He closed his eyes imagining tenderly holding this man, he imagined kissing him, tasting warm lips -- he didn't dare let the fantasy go any further right now, although at other times the fantasy was highly erotic and loving too. He had an idea that Bodie wasn't only the open heterosexual player that he, well, both of them tried hard to portray. He'd caught Bodie giving him a yearning look once too often, not that the man had ever said anything to him or even really behaved inappropriately at any time. But let's face it, Doyle thought, he'd been a mercenary and been in the Paras, wasn't the forces rife with homosexuality? Didn't mean Bodie was gay, but he might well have experimented with his sexual tastes. The police force certainly wasn't the place to have experiments of that nature and he'd suppressed any of those urges a long time ago. Maybe it was time to put his cards on the table and face his demons. If he was to do that he needed a bit more Dutch courage and if Bodie took it all wrong then he could at least blame the drink. Tonight would be the night, Doyle decided.

Bodie pushed his way back through the crowds to their table. "Get this down you it'll improve your outlook."

Doyle grinned, his mind made up, decision made, his demeanour brightened considerably. "Don't mind if I do." He beamed and they raised their glasses and Doyle toasted, "To life and all it may bring!"

"Here, here." replied Bodie, glad to see Doyle so much happier. It looked as though the evening would be all right after all.

They spent the remainder of the evening joking and laughing at ease in each other's company. Bodie felt that there was something different between them that night - tension or a buzz, excitement and perhaps expectation. Tuned in enough to each other to be aware of the new mood Bodie put it down to the need to blow off a bit of steam after the recent adversities they and CI5 had endured. Still it didn't escape his attention that Doyle kept looking at him with a dangerous sparkle glinting in his eye. Whatever he was up to, Bodie was just pleased to see him relaxed and jovial. He'd work out what he was up to later. But that look Doyle was giving him was wreaking havoc with libido. If it'd been anyone else he'd reckon they were flirting with him and he'd have dragged them off to have his wicked way by now - he certainly looked incredibly tempting tonight. But hey, this was Doyle surely not, he dismissed that thought immediately.

A few more drinks later, their mood had turned a little rowdy and by closing time both men were propped up by the bar chatting to familiar regulars and a couple of hopeful ladies. Doyle was in his usual pose of resting hip thrust out against the bar, with his loose curls, tight jeans and unbuttoned shirt he was a picture of pure wantonness. Bodie drank in the sultry sight of his partner and every now and again Doyle would smile brightly right back at him -the man was a walking tease.

"What do you reckon? Should we invite these two lovely ladies back with us?" Bodie leered a little winking back at the blond and the redhead, hoping for a release to his tension. "One of them certainly has the hots for you. She's almost panting." Bodie joked.

"Nah, do you know what, how about just you and me tonight? Leave the extra company out. We've not had a whole lot of time to catch up recently." Doyle hoped the request didn't seem too odd.

Bodie paused momentarily considering the request, glad of an opportunity to spend a little quality time with his partner. "Yeah, perhaps you're right. A lad's night in round your place for a whiskey chaser -- there's a good film on the box later." Bodie turned to the women, "Sorry girls, private party tonight. No extra invites."

Doyle's flat was a short stroll from their local and both men left in high spirits, both warm and relaxed in the glow of alcohol. They carried on with their banter with Doyle laughing every now and again at one of Bodie's outrageous anecdotes. Bodie was glad to see Doyle really enjoying himself and he liked that dirty little chuckle, the way he would smile and his chipped tooth would peek out. He knew Doyle wouldn't laugh like that with everyone being overly self-conscious of what he saw as flaws. Flaws...Doyle's chipped tooth and broken cheek bone gave him character and in the right situation could also help set the tone of menace, but Bodie couldn't imagine him without those elements, they made him who he was, added to his striking appeal.

"Where did you hear that last joke that was brilliant." Doyle laughed so much tears glistened in the corners of his eyes. Bodie looked over, appreciating the radiance that Doyle was emanating, there was definitely something unusual about his partner tonight and he still couldn't work it out, but he liked the change. Doyle was so relaxed and open as though the barriers that had been built up over the last few weeks had been dissolved away.

"Well my son," As Bodie began to explain they wobbled into one another as they walked. They stopped, looked at each other, wobbled a little more and then Bodie swung an arm around Doyle's shoulders to steady them both. They carried on holding each other up meandering gently down the road.

A Georgian terrace house loomed in front of them lately converted into flats, hardly distinguishable from the others which flanked it. Doyle fumbled in his leather jacket for the door keys; waiting impatiently Bodie crowded in on him as if this would help the search for the keys.

"Got 'em," exclaimed Doyle jangling them at face height. He fiddled with the entrance door which clicked open revealing in the dim light a vestibule with a flight of stairs. "Race you to the top," he shouted immediately running forward and in the same motion shoving Bodie back. Recovering his balance Bodie dashed upwards only a fraction behind. Forever competitive they raced each other to the top grappling at each other, both trying to win. Doyle almost reached his flat's door first but was yanked back as Bodie grabbed and pulled at him. They wrestled trying to break each other's grip all the while giggling good naturedly like young boys.

"Shhhh, you'll wake the neighbours, last thing I want is them complaining to Cowley. I concede you win." Doyle held his palms up giving up the chase and rested his back against the door, Bodie followed suite, both men panting slightly from the exertion. They gulped in the cold hall air standing side by side. Doyle felt very aware of the solid presence next to him, all his nerve endings tingled with his proximity to Bodie and his heart thudded in his chest. He turned to look at Bodie who had closed his eyes -- he had improbably long lashes for a man yet they made him very attractive but not in the least effeminate. He was so close that Doyle could smell his aftershave mingled with beer mixed with the natural light musk emanating from his skin. It was irresistible, he breathed the perfume in deeply; without pausing to think of any consequences he covered Bodie's body with his own and pressed his lips against his partners. For several moments Bodie failed to register just what was happening -- it was too unexpected. Trained as a soldier his reactions were normally lightning fast but in this instance he was taken utterly by surprise. Finally his responses kicked in and he found himself automatically kissing Doyle back, still not understanding what was happening but more than willing to participate. This was a moment he'd fantasised about many times.

Doyle plundered his mouth passionately, Bodie could feel Doyle's weight pushing up against him, writhing, gently rubbing himself against him, feeling Doyle's rising excitement hard against his own groin. He pushed back, his own heat rising, eliciting a groan of pleasure from his partner. God knows Bodie had imagined this moment too many times before, but now his foggy mind was registering it happening, it was too much. With an effort he broke the zealous kiss and shoved Doyle away a little, he looked into glittering green eyes trying to understand their intent. Doyle's eyes were heavy lidded with desire -- that was plain to see, his breathing ragged.

"Doyle, what the fuck are you playing at?" Bodie demanded hoarsely.

"I thought that was evident. Do I have to spell it out? Kissing you." Doyle smiled with a impish grin -- he was feeling confident having received an initial positive reaction; he'd mostly expected Bodie to punch him into next week...of course that might still happen.

"Mate, you don't know what you're playing with here. Don't fire me up or you might regret what you're doing." Bodie could only whisper the warning, their faces were only inches from each other, the intensity between them fierce. "What're you playing at Doyle?"

"No games Bodie, I want you." Doyle closed his eyes hoping that his deepest feelings were transparent on his face. "I know you want me too," he gambled.

Bodie lent his head backwards looking up towards the ceiling and swallowed hard. Christ he'd wanted to hear Doyle say those words so many times and for so long, but now, he didn't know what to do or quite what to make of the situation. "Since when Doyle? Don't play me on whim." He needed to understand what was going on.

"Tell me you don't want me and I'll stop." Doyle read the need clearly in Bodie's face and body and found the answer he'd suspected was there all along.

"Doyle, you really don't know what you're doing."

"Oh, I think I do." Doyle bent forward to kiss Bodie once more. Bodie ducked, confusion and growing anger made him stone cold sober. He turned, and caught off-guard easily put Doyle in a loose arm lock and shoved him away. Doyle looked at him sullenly, hurt written plainly across his face -- his eyes had always been expressive.

"Mate, I have no idea what's going on, but whatever it is you can explain in there." Bodie pointed towards Doyle's flat. "And I just hope it's good."

Doyle kept silent not trusting himself to speak, wondering how he could explain himself to Bodie who was seething with anger now.

Bodie strode over to the cabinet in Doyle's lounge, grabbing a bottle of Glenlivet he poured two large tumblers of whisky and pulled a mouthful of fiery comfort from one, handing the second to Doyle.

"Right, what's this all about, let's hear it." Bodie perched on the arm of the sofa not knowing what to expect, his features had drawn into a stern scowl and he watched Doyle nervously play with the tumbler between his hands. The scowl lent Bodie an edge of danger, but Doyle found it aroused him further -- the man was so damned handsome. His alcohol tinged mind knew he'd better give a good explanation.

"Look, how do I say this, where do I start?" Doyle paced a little with anxiety, running his free hand through his hair. "I know how you feel about me, have known for ages I s'pose, but gradually I've really begun to feel the same way about you too." Doyle's words tumbled out and he felt better that it was now out in the open.

"What the fuck are you talking about? Sounds like double-Dutch. So how exactly am I meant to feel about you then?" Bodie knew exactly how he felt but he wasn't ready to openly admit to his feelings. He felt on uncertain ground here and his nerves swirled around his insides.

"Yeah, I've seen the way you look at me, the way you touch me, that look on your face when we're alone."

"Right and what's that then mate?" Bodie tried to look amused as though Doyle was being ridiculous. He almost dreaded what he might say next, but another part of him wanted to hear what Doyle had to say and finally have all this out in the open.

"A look of longing. I think you fancy me."

Bodie snorted with derision still not ready to admit to his feeling. To admit you have homosexual feelings for your work partner didn't seem like a good idea. Was Doyle just playing with him? Finally twigging how he felt, trying to draw him out and then what? Would Doyle want to carry on and still want be a team, partnered to a gay, well bi-sexual man. It was too much of a risk and he had too much to lose by admitting to this.

"In fact," Doyle continued, "I reckon it's a lot more than that -- I think you'd like to fuck me." Doyle took a step closer. "But that's okay cos I fancy you too -- I want you too." Green eyes locked with blue.

Should he carry on with this pretence and deny it or should he take this chance? Bodie was scared. "Is this a wind up? Has someone put you up to this?"

"No, not at all. I haven't been so serious about anything in my life." Doyle moved closer once more and Bodie felt the heat from warm lips covering his, this time gentle and slow. He allowed himself to be kissed, Doyle moved closer and wrapped his arms around him, both men embraced each other and Bodie finally kissed back, savouring the taste and texture of Doyle's lips. The embrace developed into gentle exploring caresses, both stroking each other though hampered by clothes. Deeper, both men fell into each other's embrace, their kisses becoming more ardent, caresses becoming more eager.

"Bodie, I want you. I want you now," Doyle panted breathlessly, "tell me you want me too -- I need to hear you say it."

Bodie almost wept with relief, this was no wind-up, no play to draw him out -- he was experienced enough to discern real feelings from fake. He was just astounded to have Doyle in his arms saying those words to him. This was real, he couldn't let this opportunity pass by.

"I need you Doyle, you crazy bastard." He tried to keep his voice steady.

Any remaining barriers between them fell away, their craving for each other too strong, months, years of waiting and wanting, culminating now. Finally being able to intimately hold the one person you've always longed for, but were unable to have made Bodie hard with desire coursing in waves through him. He slipped his hands under Doyle's t-shirt experiencing his flesh like he'd never before, he rubbed his fingertips over Doyle's erect nipples eliciting a gasp of pleasure. He pulled off the top and kissed down from behind his ear, down his neck and flicked his tongue around the deep pink aureoles on his chest. Doyle was a live wire of reaction, he groaned and writhed with enjoyment and he too began to undress his partner. Stroking Bodie's body was a strange delight, the man was solid muscle, despite the many raised scars his skin was so soft, somehow he'd expected him to feel rough. He unbuckled his trousers and pulled them lose then slipped his hand down to grasp Bodie's hot straining erection. They stroked, rubbed and explored each other freely, experiencing and savouring each touch and caress. Bodie shrugged off the last of their clothes and roughly pulled Doyle onto the carpeted floor, moonlight highlighting them as they writhed passionately together, the enjoyment was almost too much too bear. They built a steady rhythm and Doyle stroked his hand over Bodie's balls, his inner thighs and firmly rubbed his steel hard weeping cock. Bodie closed his eyes, this was pure bliss, but his desire was so powerful and the pleasure so intense he knew he was close to coming. Doyle shifted position and Bodie felt moist warmth envelope his shaft. Doyle sucked, licked and flicked his tongue over Bodie's glans, knowing how he himself like to be sucked he shared all his experience with Bodie.

Seeing and feeling Doyle sucking him off was just too extreme and Bodie cried out loudly and bucked as he came in fierce release. As he came, Doyle pumped hard at his own erection, feeling the urgency and needing release every bit as much as Bodie, but knowing that Bodie was locked in enjoyment too powerful to reciprocate at that moment. Both men collapsed together in boneless post-coital bliss, their breathing hard and ragged and covered in a light sheen of sweat. Bodie rolled on his side and pulled Doyle close.

"That was literally fucking amazing. I can't believe that just happened."

"Believe it sunshine cos that was just for starters, there's gonna be a lot more to come!" Doyle pledged.

"Is that a promise?"

"Yeah and I one I intend to keep."

"I'll remind you of that later -- when you're sober."

"Believe you me, after this I'm very sober. And this is something I'm unlikely to forget in a hurry!" Doyle quipped.

Bodie shifted position still a little uncertain of the situation, unclear as to what the next move should be, feeling a little awkward he got up intending to leave.

"Stay Bodie. I'd like you to stay, please."

"I can't quite get my head around all of this Doyle. I still can't believe this is happening."

"Then stay. When we wake you'll know it's for real cos I'll be next to you. I want to feel you close. I want to be with you. I want us to be together." Doyle grasped Bodie's hand and directed him towards the bedroom. Bodie trailed behind apprehensively still feeling hesitant. Doyle climbed into bed and pulled Bodie down towards him, kissing him gently and embracing him wrapping their bodies together. Bodie closed his eyes and breathing in Doyle's warm scent, fully aware of the presence next to him he began to drift off to sleep knowing that he was smiling.

Long habit woke Bodie early, the light from the breaking dawn gently filtering through the blind slats dappling them both with its beams. Climbing slowly back to consciousness he rolled over stretching a hand out to touch Doyle, to reassure himself that he was real and not part of another fantasy or dream. Doyle murmured incoherent words at the feather-light touch. Bodie smiled marvelling at his partner's sinewy, feline beauty and their remembered intimacy. They had stayed overnight plenty of times together on and off the job, but never like this, never naked sharing the same bed in each other's arms. A blackbird's shrill greeting to the breaking day rang out rousing Bodie to full wakefulness, he continued to drink in the glorious sight of Doyle sleeping -- he looked so innocent and guileless -- looks could obviously be deceiving! Thoughts however began to crowd his mind beginning to cast doubts over last night's events. Perhaps this was just a drunken experiment, or perhaps Doyle just wanted to play games as he would with many of his girlfriends -- he was legendary at pulling the strings in his relationships to get things all his own way -- he liked to be in control that much Bodie knew. He frowned, no matter how he felt about Doyle he wouldn't be happy just to be his squeeze. As in their working life he would only settle for an equal partnership -- all or nothing. He had spent three years suppressing his sexual feeling for Doyle -- could he carry on after this luscious taste? He didn't know, but he did know that with this taste he craved more. There was only one way to find out if Doyle was serious.

Erotic thoughts combined with his body's natural reaction to the start of the day gave rise to an impressive erection. He felt his heat rising once more and with a little anxiety for this new connection with Doyle, he gently kissed his shoulder, kissed his way over to the little dip at the base of his neck -- he chuckled at the tickle of chest hair on his nose. He pressed their bodies together enjoying the full contact of skin against skin. Doyle woke groggily, still half asleep and a little dry mouthed from the alcohol from the night before, he began to respond to his lovers caress. Bodie continued to nibble and caress gently and leisurely but Doyle's need was urgent and he started to enthusiastically kiss back pressing their bodies together, building the rhythm once more, grinding against one another and rubbing each other's splendid morning erections. Bodie came first groaning loudly with satisfaction and the thrill of knowing that this was Doyle with his hand wrapped around his cock. He gasped to get his breath back then bent over eager to taste and experience Doyle's straining phallus and reciprocate the pleasure he had been given the night before. He started off slowly licking up and down the rock hard shaft, sucking at his glans and tipping at his fraenum, all the whilst pumping with his hand and stroking along his balls and buttocks. Doyle panted with satisfaction, eyes closed lost to the sensation, hips thrusting back and forth writhing in time to Bodie's motion, plunging his cock further down Bodie's throat with each thrust. At first this motion almost gagged Bodie until he found the natural pace and then he took Doyle's cock as far down as he could manage. At that same moment, he wriggled a saliva wet finger into Doyle's anus, pushing gently, opening him up until he found a small raised bump which he rubbed in time with the sucking. Doyle cried out in ecstasy and thrust more powerfully, his fingers clenched pulling at Bodie's dark hair in fervent and abandoned passion. One final thrust and Bodie felt hot semen shoot down his throat. Doyle cried out as he held Bodie captured on his cock, enjoying every last moment of orgasm. Bodie swallowed savouring his first salty taste of Doyle, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and laughed enjoying their mutual pleasure and Doyle's utter uncontrolled hedonism.

"Now that's one hell of an early morning alarm call mate. Come here, I want to kiss you and thank you properly." Doyle chuckled affectionately pulling Bodie close. They kissed and Doyle savoured the taste of himself in Bodie's mouth, not ever having experienced this from a man's mouth before and finding that Bodie's stubbled chin scratched and grated upon his own. "I never knew you had such talents Bodie?" he knew he was grinning broadly and couldn't help himself.

"I thought you knew how I good I was with a loaded gun! I've got many other talents if you'd like to find out later." Bodie gave a cheeky wink hinting at what he had to offer.

"I'll look forward to it, but not quite yet -- I'm knackered and all out of ammo." Doyle rested his head upon Bodies shoulder and then draped an arm over his chest. Holding each other, feeling a sense of security rarely experienced, both men drifted off into a satisfied sleep.

Bodie woke to the aroma of coffee and toast, he rolled over to find the crumpled bed empty, but sounds of movement and clinking of china drifted through the open bedroom door locating his partner in the kitchen. Comforted that Doyle hadn't woken, come to his senses and run out on him, Bodie smiled feeling more content than he had in a very long time. His body tingled all over and he stretched langruously gently exercising tired muscles.

Doyle bustled in exclaiming, "I thought I'd heard sleeping beauty waking up, here get this down you." He thrust a tray loaded with toast, marmalade and coffee onto Bodie's lap. "And don't expect this sort of treatment every day." Doyle scolded derisively. Bodie took the tray and looked blearily at Doyle who looked tempting loosely wrapped in a silk robe, tanned muscular limbs exposed.

"Privileged I'm sure," replied Bodie grinning broadly up at his lover.

"Yeah, and you'd better believe it too." Doyle sat down on the edge of the bed and snatched a triangle of toast. They both munched in silence yet their eyes drank in the vision of each other, their faces smiling; emotions and thoughts were exchanged without the need for words. Doyle bent forward careful not to upset the tray and stole a sticky sweet kiss.

"You know, can't help the effect I have." Bodie replied dropping crumbs. "It's because I was born tall, dark and beautiful!" They both finished the end of the sentence in unison and laughed. Bodie looked away briefly gathering his thoughts, then turned back and whispered, "You don't know what this, what last night, what you mean to me."

"Oh I think I do, and I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. This, last night isn't a whim -- it's been building for a long time. I needed to know how you felt for me, how I really felt about you, and if I'm honest, I wanted to make love to a man." Bodie raised a brow questioning the last statement. "No, that came out wrong. Not any man, I wanted to know how you would feel -- you've got to me, I don't want anyone else, not now. Just you. We're good together, friends, partners and now lovers. It feels right. Just cos you're a bloke doesn't matter to me -- I want to be with you."

The heartfelt speech was a lot for Bodie absorb -- he was still reeling from such rapid and unforeseen events. "Ray, I'm speechless. I dunno what to say. To be honest I have fancied you since we first met, but I couldn't to let on how I felt, in fact at first I wasn't even really sure how I felt. We make a fantastic team and there's no way I'd jeopardise that, even when I realised my feelings went deeper than just wanting to ravish you. Though ravishing you has always been high on my agenda." Bodie grinned boyishly and winked, forever the joker.

"Ta very much mate," Doyle replied, amused by the notion of being ravished by Bodie. "Maybe you should have gone ahead and just ravished me -- we could have saved a lot of time and bother."

"What and risk you punching my lights out. I know what a scrappy fighter you are. No fear!"

Doyle chuckled understanding the truth in what Bodie said. "Yeah, you're probably right. Until I came to the conclusion that I fancied you rotten too and made the first move, you're probably safest not having said anything outright to me. It hasn't been easy for me either you know. It's not every day you realise you've fallen for your best mate, lock, stock and barrel."

"Doyle, all those years of dating birds haven't been wasted, you're such a sweet talker. How about you use those lips for something other than talking?" Bodie waggled his brow again suggestively and they both laughed with abandon, finally their long suppressed and frustrated feeling for each other released. "So where do we go from here Angelfish?"

"Well for the time being off to the shower if you ask me. You, me and them sheets are pretty rank." Doyle pulled the duvet back eliciting a groan of complaint as the air chilled Bodie's skin causing gooseflesh. Doyle grabbed his hand before he could complain any further and directed him towards the bathroom lightly slapping his bare backside to chivvy him along.

Soap, hot water and two men newly in love discovering each other is an exhilarating combination and getting clean took far longer than usual. They both took time to explore and discover each other, confident and relaxed knowing that they both felt the same way about each other.

By mid-morning they finally managed to dress and feeling the need for fresh air and a moment to reflect upon recent events Bodie suggested they take a walk. They strolled down along by the Embankment, taking in the sights of London, the Thames and its bridges, landmarks, watching boats glide along the murky flow, both slowly adjusting to the change in their relationship, beginning to understand the difference it would make to their lives.

Bodie stopped, rested his arms on the Embankment wall and stared across the river. Doyle followed but rested sideways on, hip thrust out -- a pose so typically Doyle. Bodie turned his head to look back at his new lover.

"So sunshine, you and me, reckon this is for keeps then? How do you think it will affect our jobs and what'll Cowley say if he finds out?"

"Yeah it's for keeps and I don't care what anyone thinks. Don't suppose the job will be any different -- we've always been keyed into each other -- can't see how that would change -- might even improve our teamwork. And you've always made cow-eyes at me and never kept your hands to yourself, people have always in fun, thought one or other of us were queer, so I don't suppose that will change except now they'll be right."

"What that we're a couple of raving poofters?" Bodie exclaimed.

"Yeah, but I don't suppose anyone will be stupid enough to say it to our faces. I reckon we should take things slow, take each day as it comes and shag each other senseless! Make up for lost time."

"You've got a way with words Doyle! I never thought I would hear you say those words to me, you, me, us, it feels right, we can make this work - come here handsome." Bodie pulled his lover towards him affection glowing in his eyes. Doyle moulded his body against his partner, sensitive that open affection between two men even in London was taboo. Momentarily their eyes met and their bodies touched briefly, words again being said without being spoken, then they pulled away. To any passer-by they would only have seen two handsome men talking and not have noticed anything more extraordinary. They both knew this is how they would have to be seen in public from now on, but were overwhelmed knowing they would finally be able to intimately share their lives together in private.

"Yeah, day by day. With you by my side nothing can go wrong. I'm a lucky man." Bodie turned his gaze back across the river to once more look at the other side. A flock of pigeons took flight soaring above them -- both men followed their flight feeling their spirits soaring along with the doves. They knew they would be invincible together.

-- THE END --

July 2008

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