Nuts and Bolts


Written for the Halloween challenge for "Discovered in the Fallen Leaves" on the discoveredinalj livejournal community to the prompt "Frankenstein."

"Oh yeah?" I said, incredulously. "And just who do you think you are supposed to be?"

I could only watch and feel guilty as his face dropped and the glint of amusement died in his eyes. He's incredibly easy to hurt and sometimes -- often -- I forget. I tried to make amends.

"I'm sorry Bodie. I didn't mean it. Honest." Even though I still wasn't sure who he was supposed to be, there was no way on Earth I would have admitted it now.

He shrugged off his hurt, plastering his patented 'I-don't-give-a-shit' look on his gorgeous face. "'s okay. I'm supposed to be Frankenstein. Thought the bolts stuck onto the side of my neck would have given it away."

As stupid as I undoubtedly was, he didn't have any bolts stuck to his neck. "What bolts?" I asked.

"Thes... Oh." As his hand touched his neck, he obviously realised his mistake. He lowered his head, making me feel even more gauche. I could have kicked myself and then some.

Bodie had been looking forward to Halloween for at least a month. He's like a big kid when it comes to holidays, parties and the like. And all I could do -- every single time - was to destroy his happiness.

I sighed. "Oh Bodie. Just ignore me, sunshine. Dunno why you even put up with me."

He looked up at me then with those beautiful expressive eyes of his. Those beautiful laughing eyes of his. What the...?


He chuckled. "You daft sod. I wasn't upset Ray. I was just looking for the bolts off of my neck. I know I stuck them on so they must have dropped off somewhere."

A thrill of relief ran through me and I stepped close and kissed him.

"Well, if you can't find the bolts from your neck," I whispered, my hands already seeking out and finding, "I'm sure I can find some nuts... somewhere."

"Ray?" he said, pulling me tightly to him.


"I think I prefer your nuts. You wanna stay in tonight? All those ghosts and ghoulies..."

"I know some other goolies I prefer," I interrupted.

It was one of the best Halloween's we'd ever had.

-- THE END --

October 2007

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