A Rubber


Written for the April two-day drabble challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community

Entertain your American cousin, George Cowley told them.

After six weeks of close cooperation with Washington, Doyle was fast friends with agent Berkowitz, while Bodie only admitted grudging respect for his suit.

"What do you think, then?" Doyle asked over three pints of bitter. "A kickabout down the rec?"

Man from CIA took one sip before leaning away from Bodie and in to Doyle.

"If you like," he said, "I have a rubber."

Bodie managed to smile even as his pint went down the wrong way.

"No, you're alright," Doyle whispered kindly. "I'm not going to be making any mistakes."

-- THE END --

April 2008

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