Tamper, Ineffable, Hairdryer, Hunger


Four separate drabbles written for the 2-Day Drabbles challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community


They sneak out of the do early, the girls giggling. Bodie wants to throttle both of them, especially when Christie shoots him a gloating look over Ray's shoulder. A thrown gauntlet, and Bodie's never backed down from a fight yet.

By the time the girls get back from ten minutes in the loo, Bodie's finished. Ray's tie is gone, his collar's open exposing a length of neck marked with faint bruises, his lips are swollen bee-stung pink and his pupils are blown wide, turning his eyes into limpid shadowed wells.

Christie glares. Bodie smiles beatifically back.

Game, set and match.

NB: Tamper - to interfere inappropriately with someone


Accommodations have given up trying to move him. He can't leave. He just gets builders in to fix the worst of the damage after things get a bit too much. Like finding a well-foxed paperback stuffed down the back of the couch. Or when he dreams, so vivid that he wakes surrounded by familiar scent with the ghost of a hand against his cheek.

It's six months before he stops pausing, confused, between Dobson and Flatley on the shift roster, wondering who's made the mistake.

And if anyone asks how he is?

He smiles, and answers resolutely, "I'm fine, thanks."


He told himself that he wouldn't really do it. That this was Bodie's bag, not his. But that's kind of the point. He's doing this for Bodie, to find Bodie, and in this situation, is there anything he wouldn't actually do?

"Where is he?" he asks again.

Cahill's gaze flicks between Doyle's face and the hairdryer poised less than an inch above the water. Sweat sheens on his top lip, from fear or heat from the bath, Doyle doesn't know which, or care. He just wants to know. And he knows that he will do anything - anything - to find out.


Doyle's always considered the rumours about Bodie's appetites an exaggeration; the optimistic chatter of sex starved secretaries. But right now, here in Bodie's bed, watching Bodie take him into his mouth for the first time, Doyle knows it is all true. And when his hips jerk, thrusting him deep enough to feel the rub of a nose against his pubes and then Bodie swallows, Doyle groans an obscenity, closes his eyes, and converts to the creed of 'Insatiable Bodie'. Bugger the ability to eat three portions of toad-in-the-hole in the CI5 canteen, it's Bodie's capacity for a dick that's infinite.

-- THE END --

September 2007

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