Stupid Bastard


Drabble series written for the 2-Day Drabbles challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community

Part 1

Everybody's alive. McCabe won't see the outside of a hospital for a week, but everybody's alive. Bodie's alive. Grinning all over his face, the stupid bastard. Does he think I don't know why he bulldozed me out of the way? Does he think I don't care he took a crease himself? Stupid bloody bloody-minded bastard.

Clean-up's done. Sun's out. It's shining all over him and his hair's every which way and his eyes are bright and he's looking right at me and his smile's gonna have Cowley wondering why any minute now . think I'll take the stupid bastard home.

Part 2: Home

Stupid bastard won't stop grinning, won't stop clowning around, won't stop bleeding -- just a scratch, just a crease, on his fucking neck if you please and we're talking a fraction of an inch here and that could have been an artery -- and Doyle has had enough.

Slams the door behind them.

"You get your clothes off right now and get into that bloody shower and then I'm going to show you why you got to take as much care of your own skin as you do of mine."

Bodie stops his stupid-bastard grinning. And slowly, slowly he begins to smile.

Part 3

Water's hot. Bodie's eyes are shut, shampoo sluicing down his chest and belly and legs. He doesn't even open his eyes when Doyle steps in with him, right up against him, wraps his arms around him and shakes him gently in a pantomime of exasperation. "You idiot." Lays his head against Bodie's cheek, forehead resting on Bodie's shoulder. "You're not made of bloody Kevlar either, you know." He turns towards that beautiful mouth, grazes across bruise-darkened skin and just before their lips meet he stops -- just for a second -- to tell him in a whisper, "You stupid, stupid bastard."

-- THE END --

September 2007

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