Volcanic Burst


Written for the November 5 Discovered in a Skyrocket challenge on the discoveredinalj livejournal community. Thanks to Bistokidsfan.

"Bloody hell, Bodie, it's enormous," Ray said, his eyes almost bulging out of his head. "In fact, I'd go as much to say I've never seen one as big."

"Told you so, didnít I? Wasnít lying, was I? Now," Bodie winked, "what are you going to do about it, hmm?"

"Go lie on the bed." Ray shoved him in the right direction. "I'll just go and get a towel. Donít wanna leave any horrible mess around afterwards, do we?" he grinned cheekily.

Rolling his eyes and resigned to his fate, Bodie suffered Ray's shoving as stoically as he could, and did as he was told. Several minutes passed and there was still no sign of his partner. "What the hell are you doing in there, Ray?" he yelled loudly.

"'avin a piss, is that okay? I," Ray appeared in the doorway, "had to find some stuff too. Ease the way and all that. Took some time. What the fuck are you doing with bloody Oil of Olay in your cabinet?"

Bodie blushed, "It isnít mine, I can assure you. Was," he thought for a second or two, "Pam's. I think."

Doyle leaned closer and gazed intensely at Bodie until he squirmed under the gaze. "Nope, can't see your nose growing...yet."

"Should think not. Whenever did I tell you a lie?" An altogether too-innocent-to-be-true expression crossed Bodie's face.

"Frequently. And, budge over. Come on; want this to be over quickly, donít you?" Ray poked his partner in the ribs and was delighted to hear an almost muffled squeak. He grinned wickedly. "Ticklish, hmm?" He poked again, harder this time, and followed a rapidly moving Bodie across the bed. "Oi, stay still mate. Come here."

"Not bloody likely, not with your wandering hands. Like a bloody octopus, you are." He giggled as Ray's delving fingers unerringly hit the spot. It was as if Ray had X-Ray vision, the way he found all his sensitive areas. Squealing again, he reached out and clutched at Ray's arms, bringing him down onto his chest. Before Ray could wriggle away, Bodie reared up and rolled over so the two men were chest-to-chest, face-to-face, with Bodie gaining the upper hand, so to speak.

"Gotcha now, I have. Get out of that!" Bodie poked his tongue out cheekily.

"Ooh darlin'! Now I have you where I want you, why would I want to get out of it, sweet'eart?" Ray camped, whilst trying to squirm out of the hold Bodie had on him.

"So why're you still trying to get away then? On second thought," Bodie released Ray quickly, as if he had been scalded, and turned away. "Why donít we just get on with it?" he asked, his voice subdued.

Puzzled Ray just looked at the tense back of his partner. "Bodie? What's wrong? Was just having a bit of fun, you know."

"I know. Come on, just do it, Ray."

Shrugging, Ray leaned over, one hand on Bodie's shoulder. "Wouldnít worry about it, mate. I think it burst in all the excitement." He touched one finger gently on the place where Bodie's spot had been. "Does it hurt?"

Bodie tried to look over his shoulder at the area. He winced, "Ow, shouldnít do that. Hurt me neck now."

He looked so miserable Ray couldnít resist. He settled down at the side of him and put his arms around him, feeling Bodie's body tense up yet again. "Oh Bodie, you daft sod. You didnít even feel it bursting, and it's got to be feeling better."

Silence fell between them, and Ray couldnít understand what had got into his suddenly recalcitrant partner. Still hugging Bodie, he swept his arms upwards, feeling the strength beneath the soft skin. Not fat, Ray thought fondly, just muscle. I shouldnít tease him so much, really.

He lowered his arms from Bodie's chest down towards the softly padded abdomen. Not much hair, not like me. Lost in his musings, Ray never heard Bodie's sharp intake of breath, or if he did he didn't take much notice of it. Until he encountered something entirely different. His world tilted sharply on its axis.

Holding his breath, just like Bodie; unsure as to what his partner's reaction would be, he carefully, slowly, touched Bodie's erection. Hearing the small gasp of pleasure, Ray curled his hand around it, feeling the hotness, the softness, the difference. Mapping out the distinctions between Bodie's and his own cock, he used a fingertip around the tip, smearing the sticky fluid.

A moan emanated from deep inside Bodie's chest, sending a thrill of...something, Ray wasnít sure what, through him. Confidence growing, his touch became firmer, surer. The whimpers and growls of lust from Bodie were having no small effect on Ray and his erection grew and fitted perfectly between Bodie's firm arse cheeks.

A moan escaped him as he realised that Bodie could feel the changes and shoved his arse back, rubbing back and forward on Ray's own cock. Ray lowered his head to kiss Bodie's shoulder.

Before he could do much else, Bodie twisted in Ray's arms, his mouth reaching blindly for Ray's own. Kissing deeply, Ray rolled onto his back, pulling Bodie with him, the kiss unending. The two men shoved and thrust against one another. Ray felt Bodie's hands in his hair; he had his own hands on Bodie's perfectly formed bum, trying to get him closer; so much closer and...

Did it really matter? Because this was all that mattered, and then they were both there, sparks of electricity shooting through them, hot splats of liquid melting between them, and still the kiss had yet to end. He was taking Bodie's groans of completion into himself, all the time Bodie was swallowing his own whimpers.

Calm after the storm, the sensation of new-found understanding, whatever it was, was perfect and so damn good between them. Sated and thoroughly content, Ray ended the kiss and gave Bodie a sleepy smile. The sweetness of Bodie's own smile gave Ray confidence in their future.

"Wow, you get any more spots, you come to me mate," he said, "I'll squeeze them anytime, darlin'."

Bodie stole another kiss from him before replying. "I get loads. Might take you a while to find them all. And some of them keep on returning."

Shrugging, Ray said, "I am the best spot squeezer in town. The only spot squeezer, if you like."

Bodie's face lit up like a firework. "Only spot squeezer. But, um, it still might take you..."

"A while. Yes, I know. Some people get spots all their life, donít they?" He wondered whether there was a mite too much hopefulness in that remark.

"That'd be me, then. All my life."

Ray didnít think he'd ever seen Bodie quite as happy. "A lifetime of spot squeezing. From this day, forward?"

Bodie responded physically, which was to Ray's complete and utter satisfaction.

-- THE END --

November 2006

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