Keep Cool


Companion piece to Hailstorm Fury. Inspired by a comment from FJBryan.

Bloody Bodie, always thinking he's so bloody cool. No cracks in the façade permitted. No sign of weakness allowed.

Not the whole story, though, as Doyle is far too aware.

Doyle's seen Bodie panic, seen him lose his rag. Not often. Only when Doyle's in danger, when he's been beaten or stabbed or shot.

He's seen Bodie lose his cool in other ways as well. Skin flushed, head tipped back, chest heaving with effort. And those blue eyes, begging Doyle to take him, to break his control.

Difficult to live with, Doyle's found, being the chink in someone else's armour.

-- THE END --

November 2006

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