The Making of a Man




"Sugar pie?"

"No. Go away."


"I'm going to ignore you in a minute."

"Coochy coo?"




"No, that's certainly true. Especially in the morning. Sourpuss?"

"Not likely. Don't say anything."

"Okay. Sexy arse?"

"Slightly better"

"But that one is true."

"I know it is."

"Arrogant git."

"Definitely not. Just know me best assets, I do."

"Know that, don't I, angelfish?"


"You like that one?"

"'S better than the rest of them you wanted to use."

"Okay then, angelfish it is."

"Fine. Are you happy now, Bodie?"

"Sure am. C'mon, let's go, sunshine."


-- THE END --

December 2005

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