One Moment in Time


Bodie manoeuvered his sweat slicked body over Ray's, both men groaning in pleasure as certain parts of their anatomy touched. Leaning down for a long, passionate kiss, Bodie's hand gravitated towards the curly locks that he had loved for so long. Caressing them and feeling their springiness only added to the realisation he was finally finally - loving his partner.

Breaking off the kiss, Bodie paused for a couple of seconds to gaze down into the green pools that were staring up at him, desire and passion vying with another, yet unspoken emotion. He felt a hot arm come around his own body, trying to pull him closer, and a tremendous surge of affection and possessiveness powered through his body.

This was the moment when he, at long last, gave up his need for being alone and his look-after-number-one code. The moment when his own heart was ripped out of his body and handed to Ray on a platter for safekeeping. Whatever happened now was entirely up to Ray Doyle.

Something of the fear he was feeling must have showed in his face, because Ray's jade green eyes appeared to get bigger, softening as they continued to look into Bodie's own midnight blues. As Ray pulled him back into the tight embrace, Bodie heard him murmur, "Oh Bodie, you make me so hot."

Another softer, reassuring kiss followed before Ray pushed him back up, one hand still around Bodie's waist. Bodie felt Ray's other hand curl around his face, one of his thumb's sweeping across his suddenly dry lips.

A fiercely growled, "I love you, Bodie. You're mine, all mine," sent Bodie's heart spinning back down to earth, and with a smile that could have lit all London, Bodie gave himself, heart, body, and soul to the enigmatic, wanton sensual being that was his partner.

-- THE END --

November 2005

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