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"We're just too different, Ray. It wouldn't work, not us," Bodie protested loudly, his mind still trying to inwardly digest the suggestion Ray had just propelled firmly into his brain. "It wouldn't work, mate, honestly," he repeated, forcing himself to say the words.

Raymond Doyle, he of curly hair and green eyes, merely leant against the wall and folded his arms. He watched his partner closely as, calculatingly he canted his hips and pushed his gently swollen nether regions out. He observed the swift glance downwards and even swifter closing of the dark blue eyes. He noted how Bodie swallowed a couple of times before the eyelids opened. What Bodie inadvertently revealed--along with thinly disguised passion--was misery and fear. Fear? Of him, Raymond Doyle? But why? mused Ray, before unfurling his arms and slowly walking over to the dark haired man.

Ray spoke slowly and firmly. "Look at me Bodie." Waiting until Bodie had lifted his head to look into Ray's eyes, Ray continued, "What makes you think this wouldn't work? You trying to tell me we should never have been partnered then? No, shut up for a minute." Ray stopped Bodie from interrupting. "Of course you wouldn't. We're the best Cowley has got. You know it, and I know it. It's not false modesty. So, if we can partner one another, kill for each other, be prepared to die for each other, why not this? We already spend most of our time together anyway. And no one sees me as you do, ever. You're my best mate. It would only be taking our relationship one tiny step further. What?" Ray paused as Bodie this time managed to get a word in.

"Because one of us would be hurt, Ray. That's why." The misery in Bodie's voice was quite evident, his stance backed up his voice, and Ray could feel Bodie's defensive shields beginning to clamp down.

"So you're saying it's not worth the risk? I'm not worth the risk? I'm not good enough for you, right?" Ray felt his anger rise and was about to continue when Bodie grabbed hold of his arms and kissed him.

Ray felt the tingle of electricity sparking from the tip of his toes right up to his already curly hair--the power and passion elicited by his partner took him completely by surprise. However, it wasn't this that stunned him so. The shock came from finally understanding Bodie's reticence. Only a person deeply in love with another would kiss with this much reverence, this much desire, this much longing.

As Bodie ended the kiss and turned away from his astonished partner, Ray touched his fingers to his still trembling lips, in awe of the breathtaking kiss he'd just been subjected to. Bodie loved him? Bodie loved him? Bodie loved him?

His friend had just started to move towards the door and Ray knew for an absolute certainty if he allowed Bodie to leave, that would be it - the end of their friendship and the end of their partnership, for Bodie wouldn't hang around to watch Ray fuck any female he could. Bodie had shown Ray exactly why one of them would be hurt, and Ray had to do something right now.

"Please stop, Bodie," he said quietly, "I have something I need to say to you." Ray exhaled with relief as Bodie did as he asked, but he still had his back to Ray. "Turn around. I need to see you, sunshine."

As Bodie turned around, eyes lowered, Ray took the opportunity to gaze at him, silently appraising his attributes--his soft dark hair, his long eyelashes, his firmly muscled thighs--not to mention his over protectiveness which he didn't, he thought ruefully, always appreciate, and his soft, child-like side he brought out on occasion.

Bodie's shuffling feet brought him back to the present. Well, Ray old son, it's now or never. He moved consciously into Bodie's personal space--so close he could smell that indefinable Bodie smell and feel the heat radiating out from him. Reaching up for his dear, handsome face, Ray smiled gently at him before touching his lips to Bodie's, all the while plastering his body against his mate's. He felt Bodie's body react instantly and shimmied more, allowing his own arousal to press against its opposite number. Swallowing Bodie's moan of need, Ray pulled away before they became too deeply involved.

Tender fingers caressed Bodie's flushed face before whispering huskily, "I love you too, Bodie. This will work because I think we're compatible."

With a turn of speed that made Ray quite dizzy, he was soon to found out exactly how compatible they were.

-- THE END --

November 2005

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