Playing By the Rules


(Written for the Drabble Day "line" challenge on the_safehouse livejournal community: use the line "A real partner wouldn't have to ask that would he?" (Farrell, S.W.A.T.))

"Damn it, Bodie why won't you tell me?" Doyle was getting frustrated as hell. He'd been with CI5 for a couple of days now and was partnered with an arrogant sod called Bodie.

The best in everything - or so he said - bragging about his excellent record with rifles and handguns.

The past few days he had been learning everything about CI5's rules and regulations and everything else an agent needed to know, and just this one little bit of information he'd forgotten.

"Come on, Bodie, help me out here, you know I can't get everything right the first week." A bit of grovelling would surely help.

"Well, sunshine," Bodie drawled. "A real partner wouldn't have to ask that, would he? But since you admit your defeat, mine is white, with extra sugar."

-- THE END --

June 2005

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