One and One Makes Three


Warning: An AU story, written for a challenge on a Pros list. Definitely not to be taken seriously.

Early March

Bodie was getting worried. This was the third day in a row Ray had been throwing up as soon as he was getting up in the morning. He had trouble keeping his food down, although he seemed to eat for two.

Over the past few weeks Ray had also suffered from terrible mood swings, one minute he was as high as a kite and the next he was grumbling and Bodie couldn't do anything right. He was also tired all the time and didn't want Bodie to touch him, no sex, not even a cuddle.

One morning they had a terrible row because Bodie had come home late from a night with the lads, while Ray was at home too tired to join them and when Bodie had given Ray a piece of his mind, Ray had started to cry.

"Okay, that's it." Bodie said. "You are going to Doc Fleming this afternoon, I've already made an appointment."

Ray opened his mouth in protest but Bodie cut him off. "No arguments Doyle, you have been acting strange for weeks now, you're always too tired for anything and I am not going to stand for it anymore."

Ray agreed meekly, which was quite out of character Bodie thought.

That afternoon Bodie sat patiently in the CI5 restroom, waiting for Ray to return from his appointment with Doc Fleming.

He looked up when somebody appeared in the doorway. It looked like Ray, but a deadly pale Ray. Bodie was shocked by his appearance and hurried to his partner.

"What's wrong Ray, what did he say, are you ill?" Bodie felt his stomach lurch, was Ray that ill, was he going to... He didn't even want to think about that.

Ray opened his mouth and then suddenly tears streamed down his face. "Oh Bodie it's...I don't know what to say. I'm sorry...I" his knees buckled and Bodie led him to a chair.

Bodie squatted next to him and took Ray's hand. "What is it Ray, you know you can tell me everything, I'm here for you."

"It is just that," Ray looked at their joined hands took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm three months pregnant."

Bodie was dumbstruck; he had expected anything but that. "Whawhat...what did you say?" he stammered.

"I am pregnant, Bodie, we are going to have a baby, you know what that is don't you?" Doyle's old temper seemed to flare up just for a minute.

"But how, I don't understand... Are you sure? Yes of course you are, Doc Fleming wouldn't have said so if he wasn't certain." Shaking his head Bodie stood up and started pacing up and down the restroom. Lucky for them none of their fellow agents were present.

Then with horror in his eyes Bodie looked up "We have to tell Cowley, oh Christ this is going to be bad. We better do it now before you start to show anything."

Suddenly determined he pulled Ray out of his chair and towards Cowley's office. There he told Cowley's new secretary that they needed to speak with the old man immediately.

After 20 minutes in which Bodie did a lot of pacing and Ray a lot of sobbing they were allowed inside.

George Cowley sat behind his desk buried under folders and reports and impatiently waved them in.

"What is it 3.7, 4.5, I don't have time for this, you know. Get on with it." he looked expectantly at them.

"It's like this, Sir." Bodie started, when Cowley interrupted "Doyle, have you been crying?"

"Well, uhm, yes Sir, but.." he started to cry again.

Bodie handed him his hanky and looked at Cowley "Sir, we, that is Ray, is pregnant, Sir, we are going to have a baby."

It was completely silent for two minutes, only Ray's quiet sobbing could be heard.

George Cowley took a deep breath. "Doyle is pregnant? Doc Fleming confirmed this?" at Bodie's nod he continued. "How could this happen, didn't you take any precautions? When is it expected?"

Doyle looked up and answered, "Doc Fleming says end of August or early September."

"Oh great!" Cowley exclaimed. "That's about the same time that Lucas is expecting his and McCabe's child. You lot really don't have any consideration for me at all, do you? Now I have to schedule your paternity leave in the same period, and we are going to be shorthanded as it is!"

Bodie looked worried at Doyle, he had started to cry even harder at Cowley's harsh words. He took Doyle's hand and whispered, "There, there pet, don't let him upset you, it's not good in your condition."

Then he looked at Cowley and said grimly "I expect you to treat Ray with more consideration Sir, he is very fragile at the moment."

Cowley was astonished, Bodie had never spoken to him like that before, then he looked at Doyle and noticed how pale and withdrawn he was.

"I'm sorry lad, it wasn't my intention to upset you, I suppose I should congratulate you both. I hope everything goes well for you."

They were dismissed with Cowley giving them the day off to come to terms with this unexpected surprise.

Early September

Bodie was worried. Ray could hardly move, his back ached, his breasts were very sensitive and he didn't want Bodie to touch him, other than a kiss and a cuddle. He sighed; life of a father to be wasn't easy.

He looked at his lover who was sitting in an easy chair, his legs braced by a footstool, he was leafing through a book.

"What are you reading, pet?" Bodie asked, not really interested.

"It's book with names and their explanations Bodie, it can't be long now and we still haven't agreed on a name." Ray looked annoyed at Bodie.

"And you can forget Georgina! You are Cowley's blue eyed boy, my daughter is not going to be named after him."

"How d'you know it's gonna be a girl?" Bodie asked intrigued.

"Says in all those books I've read over the past months, if your tummy grows forward it's a girls, if it grows sideways it's a boy! It wouldn't have done you any harm to read those books, Bodie." Ray grumbled.

Bodie had to agree with Ray, he hadn't done any reading and found it very endearing how Ray was determined to give their child the benefit of all book knowledge thrown together, by buying and reading every single baby book he could find.

"Would you like some fruit juice, pet? And then you really should take your nap." Bodie poured his lover some juice and took it into the bedroom, where Ray was trying to get his oversized body comfortable.

While Ray was napping, Bodie did some quick cleaning, Ray had never been very tidy, but these last few weeks bending over was very difficult, so everything that fell on the floor stayed there until Bodie removed it.

"Bodie!" he suddenly heard Ray calling from the bedroom and from the sound of his voice, he had been calling for a while. Hurriedly he went into the bedroom.

"Bodie, call the doctor my waters broke!" Ray looked with fearful eyes up at him, and Bodie took a deep breath, he needed to stay calm for Ray now.

He phoned Doc Fleming, who would arrive as soon as possible. Bodie went back to the bedroom. "Doc Fleming will be here in no time, pet. Just do what you learned at paternity classes."

While Ray was huffing and puffing at every contraction, Bodie was making sure everything was within reach for Doc Fleming, towels, boiled water, a Scotch and baby clothes.

"Bodie we still haven't decided on the name. What are we going to do now?" Ray was getting agitated and this should have been solved weeks ago. "I wanted to use my second name Jeremy if it's going to be a boy, but I can't decide on a girl...Bodieeeh!" another painful contraction interrupted him.

Bodie crawled on the bed and sat behind Ray to support his back, rubbing it to soothe the pain. "Don't worry about it now pet, your delicate body has to work very hard now. We'll wait until it's born and then we'll decide on a name." stroking Ray's hair he managed to reassure his partner.

He wasn't so cool himself, Ray was in pain, every contraction worked havoc on the slender body of his smaller partner and Bodie hated to see Ray in pain, even if it was to give birth to their child.

Doc Fleming arrived and did a quick examination on Ray and said, "It all looks fine, the baby will be coming very soon."

Another yell from Ray and Bodie knew the contractions were getting more and more painful, Ray looked exhausted.

"Doc, I think it's coming, I feel a need to...." Ray closed his eyes, while Doc Fleming took another look and then instructed, "Just sigh Ray and then push gently." Ray did as he was told, while Bodie held his hand and wiped the perspiration from his forehead.

"Just a little more, Ray." Doc Fleming reached forward and suddenly he held a little wet, pink bundle. The bundle started to cry and Doc Fleming wrapped it in a towel and handed it to Ray. "Your daughter." he smiled.

Tears were rolling down Ray's face while he held the little girl in his arms, one little hand grabbing his finger in a surprisingly strong grip.

Bodie sniffed, he kissed Ray's cheek and stroked the tiny feet, peeping out from under the towel.

"She's beautiful, just like her daddy." he whispered in Ray's ear.

"I agree, she's gorgeous, just like you." Ray smiled up at Bodie. "She has your beautiful black hair, look it even has tiny curls."

"Yes and have you seen her eyes, they're green." Bodie bend over and kissed the tip of the tiny nose.

"We still need to name her, Bodie and I want it done now. I don't want to call her Little One for days until we decide." Ray was very determined about it.

"Yes, I know and I know exactly the right name. What d'you think of Bodiannah?" he asked seriously.

"I thought Jemima." Ray mused.

"I think it should be Georgette." a voice with a Scottish accent said from the door. George Cowley, stood there with a large plush rabbit in his hands.

Ray and Bodie looked up at George Cowley and then at each other, nodding in agreement.

"Sweetheart, " Bodie cooed at his daughter. "Your fathers have decided on your names, it will be Bodiannah Jemimah Georgette Doyle!"

Little Bodiannah gurgled while her fathers sealed the naming with a kiss.

-- THE END --

June 2005

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