Slave to Your Love


Bodie stood quietly in the room. The only noise he could hear was the continuous background noise of vehicles passing his flat. A comforting sound really, he mused.

He couldn't see--the blindfold took care of that. His movement was limited, extremely limited--his wrists handcuffed behind his back, and his legs were shoulder width apart. He wasn't able to close them fully, not only because Ray had ordered him not to, but also because of the black leather that adorned his body.

His cock was encased in a snug fitting sheath of silver, from which a thin leather strap divided his balls into two. It then bisected his buttocks and attached to the body straps around his waist. The end of the sheath around his cock was weighted and this drew his cock towards the metal floor. Similarly, his nipples were clamped and weighted.

His buttocks were red from the beating he'd had earlier. His nipples were tender and swollen, and even breathing caused tiny shocks to tingle through his chest. The evidence of his explosive orgasm lay splattered about the floor, not yet having been wiped up.

That had been what felt like several hours ago, and he'd been left in this state since, awaiting his master. Suddenly Bodie heard the door swoosh open and one set of footsteps was heard. His heart picked up speed and a sheen of sweat appeared on his brow. A feather-like touch made him jump slightly. He trusted his lover. He knew his lover wouldn't do anything he wasn't able to handle. Relaxing once again, he leant towards the caress.

"Has my slave been a good boy?" came the husky voice. "Has he behaved himself during my absence? Or do I," the voice lowered, "need to punish him some more, hmm?"

"I've been a bad boy, Master. I confess." Bodie felt his cock fill once again, despite the already snug sheath.

"Oh you have, have you?" His lover traced Bodie's lips with his finger, then quickly slapped him across the face, leaving a red mark. "We shall have to do something about that, won't we?"

"Yes, Master." Bodie dutifully responded.

He felt the swish of air as his Master walked around him, standing stock still as he'd been told to. Even when his Master fondled his encased cock, he still didn't react. Unfortunately, he couldn't help the involuntary swelling the touch caused.

"Well, what have we here? I thought I told you no reaction?"

Bodie didn't dare move. "Yes, Master."

"I think I need you to see your punishment now." With that, Ray removed the blindfold, watching closely as Bodie blinked in the light.

Bodie could only nod as a naked, very aroused Ray Doyle leant against the wall in his usual rent-boy style and slowly ran his hand up and down his body, occasionally touching a nipple.

It took Bodie all his strength not to react, despite Ray's teasing performance. His cock, however, strained at the bit, twitching desperately as Ray finally took himself in hand and slowly masturbated in front of his lover.

Gritting his teeth, Bodie watched as Ray's cock hardened, it's rosy tip gleaming as Ray neared orgasm.

"Can you see this, Bodie? Don't you want to touch me? Don't you want to take this cock and swallow it--take it down deep and suck me off until I come down your throat?"

Again, Bodie could only nod, his mouth too dry to speak. Amazingly, it became even dryer as Ray turned his back to him, sucked two fingers into his mouth, and then slipped them into himself in preparation.

Hissing his frustration, Bodie opened his mouth the utter their safe word. He didn't get chance, as Ray turned round and glared at him. He shut his mouth.

Ray finished his preparations, and stalked over to where Bodie stood. Standing behind him, he untied the straps to his cock sheath, and removed it. Bodie's engorged cock immediately strained upwards. Moving in front of him once again, Ray carefully pushed Bodie down onto the bed, aware his arms were still cuffed behind him, and where the other leather straps were cutting into him. He may have been the Master, but he knew there was a limit to Bodie's endurance. Having watched Ray tease himself for penetration, he realised one false movement and it would be all over.

Straddling the powerful legs, he positioned himself and in one fell swoop, impaled himself on Bodie's impressive erection. The thrust took Bodie's breath away, and he arched his hips, urging his cock further into the slim, muscular body.

Merging almost into one, Ray rode Bodie until his last final gasped out "Ray", and a hot liquid blasted into him, his orgasm seeming to last for eternity. One last thrust downwards had Ray's offering exploding across Bodie's chest.

"Oh Bodie, Bodie. Fuck, I love you, love you. Damn!"

Several moments later, a grunt of pain caught Ray's ears.

"Oh shit, sorry Bodie." Carefully removing himself from Bodie, he grabbed the handcuff keys from the bedside cabinet, and, rolling the taller man onto his side, uncuffed him.

Rubbing his wrists together, Bodie grinned at his lover. "Wow. That gets better every time. You were inspired tonight."

Ray smiled back. "Are you sure it was okay? I didn't hurt you too much?" Even though they'd both agreed to this several months back, this was only their third time at this sort of thing and Ray still worried he was too heavy handed.

"Naa, was perfect. Ouch." Bodie winced as the blood flow returned to his nipples upon removal of the clamps.

"Are you sure you're fine?" Ray hovered as Bodie softly rubbed his hands over the sensitive nubs.

"Honestly, Ray. You're like a mother hen." He smiled to take the edge off his words. "I loved it, in case you couldn't tell. Came like an express train."

A smug smile crossed Ray's face. "D'you want to do it again tomorrow?"

Bodie shook his head. "No. Because if we do it too often, it'll take the edge off our normal lovemaking, and I love what we do normally too."

"True." Ray snuggled next to his lover, one arm slung across his waist. "I do love you, Bodie. You don't know how much."

Turning to face him, Bodie replied, "Oh yeah, I do. You love me only half as much as I love you. No, don't contradict. Just kiss me."

Ray smiled ruefully and did as Bodie asked. He wasn't going to argue--he knew it was the other way round, really.

-- THE END --

June 2005

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