Once Upon a Slashy Christmas


Loads of thanks to Mel, who is completely wonderful, AND she gave me the title too!

The richly decorated lounge was festooned with all manner of things Christmassy. Tinsel hung from every light, lights twinkled in the window and best of all, in the corner, pride of place, stood a real Christmas tree. The scent off the tree filled the room with its wonderful pine smell

On its branches hung lots of ornaments of varying colours, shapes, sizes and age. Top of the tree was home to a delicate, gossamer-winged fairy. The only difference to every other fairy in every other home was that this fairy held a submachine gun under one arm and had a picture of a scowling, sandy-haired Scot instead of a sweet smiling happy girl-fairy.

In this home resided one William Andrew Phillip Bodie, known to all and sundry as just, Bodie. Staying over regularly and commandeering control of the television and video player, which was, in his own mind, his complete right was one Raymond Doyle.

It was Christmas Eve and for a change, the two CI5 agents had all Christmas off. It was a very rare treat indeed; normally the privilege was only given to married agents; however the two men had gleefully fled the confines of the Whitehall building that held their offices with the sole purpose of making sure they enjoyed their days off to the fullest.

And, as with all holidays, they were spending them together. At Bodie's flat, being as it was slightly larger than Doyle's, and had the luxury of 2 bedrooms.

And so it was that they were sat on the settee next to one another, Doyle with hold of the telly controls, Bodie content to sit and wait while Doyle had found something worth watching.

"Bloody nothing on. Typical. Christmas Eve and what do we find? The Wizard of Oz, The Great Escape and Star Trek." grumbled Doyle.

"What's wrong with Star Trek?" Bodie asked, raising his quirky eyebrow in query.

Doyle gaped at his friend, unable to believe his ears. "What's wrong with Star Trek? Well.it's crap for one thing!"

"You ever watched it, Ray?"

"Well.no.but I hate science fiction. How the hell can they know what's going to happen in the future?" Ray grimaced.

Sighing, Bodie explained. "Well, you see, it's what is commonly called, wait for it, 'imagination'!" Bodie couldn't have been more patronising, and Ray knew it.

"Don't you dare talk down to me, you moron. I have imagination." Ray was indignant now, "C'mon, lets see it. Put it on."

Bodie cheered silently and grabbed the control from his friend. Finding the correct station, they settled down to watch.

Ten minutes into the programme and Ray was enthralled. He couldn't take his eyes of the screen. Casting a swift look Bodie's way, he casually commented, "Hmm.they are soooo having it off."

Ray had waited for the optimal moment to make his comment and Bodie, who had just taken a sip of whisky, managed to snort it out of his nose, coughing and spluttering, tears rolling down his face.

Finally, he managed to gasp, "Wh.what? Whom are you talking about?"

Ray was still giggling over Bodie's coughing fit and couldn't speak for several seconds. Eventually, he managed "Kirk and Spock, of course!"

Bodie frowned and watched the screen again. He'd noticed the closeness between the two men, but.lovers? Glancing at Ray, he noticed the twinkle of humour in the big green eyes. Ray was having him on, he thought.

"No way, mate. You're having me on."

"Nope, sorry Bodie, but they are lovers. You can see them, looking at one another, touching. Specially Kirk. Bet he's the bottom man. Spock looks like he'd dominate the sex, don't you think?"

Bodie's jaw had dropped. He gawped at Ray in disbelief. Remembering the old adage that attack was better than defence, he muttered, "You seem to know a hell of a lot about it, Ray. Something to confess?"

Ray's eyes widened. He hadn't seen this coming, he wasn't ready for it, and he knew he was flushing at the perceptive comment thrown his way. "Um.er."

Bodie narrowed his stormy blue eyes suspiciously. "Now that tells me a lot, mate. Come on, 'fess up."

Lowering his head, Ray tried to come up with a feasible answer quickly to appease Bodie. One failed to spring to mind. He'd known that one day he would have to talk to Bodie about it. He'd just hoped it had been on their deathbed.

"Um. Bodie. You see, it's like this." he waited, hoping that Bodie would lose interest. Seeing Bodie hanging on to his every word, his heart sank. Only one way to do this, Ray old son, quickly and quietly. "I'm gay, Bodie. And I like reading.slash."

"Hang on, what? Gay? You? Since when? We've been partnered 18 months and you never thought to tell me?" Bodie's face gave out none of his feelings and Ray wasn't sure whether he was disgusted or not.

Ray continued, "I've been gay since I was 21, well earlier really, but that was when I admitted it to myself."

"What about all the girls? The mnage we've had in the past? You didn't seem to be gay then."

"I can fuck girls without a problem. But I prefer men." Ray blushed further, as he gazed down at the carpet. "I'm sorry," he whispered in the ensuing silence.

"And what's this slash stuff?"

"Um. Basically it's gay porn. Love stories with a plot, really. But written between two non-gay male characters on a television show. Like Kirk SLASH Spock, hence the term slash. Slash writers just fill in the missing relationship that the screen writers miss out."

Bodie sat back, astonished at the revelations from Ray. He was far from disgusted - he'd had several gay friends when he was in the army - but he'd never realised Ray was gay. "Gay porn. Right. I can understand the mechanics of it, sticking your cock up someone's arse. " At this, Ray winced. Bodie noticed. "What's up?"

"There is a bit more to it than just sticking your cock up someone's arse, mate."

"Well, explain it to me, because I really want to understand why."

"Are you sure you want to hear, Bodie?" At the nod, Ray continued. "Penetration can be good fun, sure, but there is foreplay before all that. Kissing, touching, rubbing the nipples. If it's performed gently and slowly it can drive you out of your mind."

Bodie was listening intently; his mind working overtime with the images conjured up by Ray.

"If you are with someone who can give you a bloody good blow job, sometimes that's all you need. Blows your head off, almost." Ray smiled wistfully. "But anal sex.that's a different matter. A lot of tlc needs to be given first to the bottom."

Here Bodie stopped him to clarify something. "Bottom?"

"A bottom is someone who likes penetration, a top someone," "Someone who likes to give penetration, right?"

Ray smiled. "Correct." He waited, certain of the next question. It wasn't long in coming.

"What do you prefer?"

"Both. But some people perceive being a top as being in control, the powerful one, whereas a bottom loses that control. If you are in a loving relationship, it doesn't have to be that way."

By this time, Bodie had left the settee and was pacing around the room, pondering matters. Abruptly he turned to Ray, eyes carefully concealing his thoughts. "Ray?"


Bodie faltered, unsure how to take the next step. "Um.nothing." Turning away from his friend, he stared out of the window into the street below. There was nothing stirring, not even any traffic. A surreal night indeed, he thought.

He felt a heat at his back and turned to face Ray, who'd moved to within a foot of him. His eyes were glowing jade in the lowered light. Heart pounding, taking his courage into both hands, Bodie tried again. "Ray? Would you.would you.oh hell, if I said I was.curious.would you." he trailed off, uncertain as to how Ray would take it.

Huskily, Ray murmured "Want me to show you how good it can be, is that it Bodie?" Inwardly delighted, Ray managed to keep his face straight. At Bodie's nod, he reached for the awkward dark-haired man, slowly, teasingly running his hands up Bodie's arms, and cupping the dear face. Moving closer, he licked his lips before gently placing them on the pouting lips before him, feeling a shudder run through the other man.

Ray felt two arms move stealthily around his waist. Pulling Bodie into another kiss, this time he put more feeling and passion into it, licking at Bodie's pout, wanting entrance. Bodie's mouth opened in acceptance and Ray slipped his tongue across Bodie's, mapping out the areas of the sweet cavern. Bodie tasted of, well, just of Bodie. And faintly of the whiskey he'd choked on, not five minutes before.

Ending the kiss to inhale, he heard a moan of "Oh God, Ray," from his friend, sparking lightning bolts of pleasure straight to his groin. Hearing this hoarse whisper, Ray's cock immediately leapt to attention.

Pulling away from Bodie, ostensibly to drag him away from the less than secret window, he took hold of Bodie's hand and they moved into the bedroom.

Once there, Ray kissed a docile Bodie once more, his hands busy pulling the polo neck shirt from out of Bodie's cords. Slipping his hands underneath, he was thrilled to feel the muscles twitching as he felt the baby soft skin.

"Bodie? I know you said you were curious, but I have to know. How far do you want to go with this?"

Bodie shrugged. "I don't know, Ray. I.I." he stopped, uncertain of what he wanted.

Ray smiled softly. "It's okay, Bodie, I understand. How about, if you don't want me to do something, you say, all right? I promise you, I'll stop straight away."

Bodie nodded in agreement. And, for the first time that night, reached for Ray. Shakily, Bodie attempted to undo the buttons on Ray's shirt. Frustration with not being adept at it set in and the bigger man frowned in disappointment. Ray's hands squeezed Bodie's and he helped to get the shirt off.

Bodie's polo shirt soon followed and soon the men were standing chest to chest. Fur on smooth. Silk on satin. A probing finger touched Ray's nipple and he shuddered. The finger stiffened and moved away before being grabbed again and put back on the nipple. "Bodie," whispered Ray, "don't stop. I love my nipples being touched. They're very sensitive."

Tentatively the finger caressed the areola, feeling as the nipple became erect. Ray's breathing hitched as the sensations flowed through his body. Bodie was stunned at the reaction to this one simple act, that his fingers could cause such a response in his friend.

Ray had reached out to touch Bodie's nipple and smiled as an answering shudder ran down Bodie. He lowered his head and took one of Bodie's nipples in his mouth, caressing, teasing, and loving the feel of it.

Bodie's hands flexed involuntarily on the narrow shoulders before him as the sensation hit his groin. All his blood rushed south and he felt as if he would fall. The pleasures coursing through his body were like nothing he'd ever felt before. None of his girlfriends had ever made him feel this way, and he could feel himself soaring like a bird on high.

Ray left Bodie's nipples, but continued mapping his way down the body, committing to memory all the sensitive areas as he nibbled and suckled his way down, falling to his knees in front of a deliciously full groin.

Sparkling emerald eyes glanced up towards a just about still standing Bodie; a Bodie lost in a maelstrom of bliss. A fatuous grin on his face, Bodie caught his friend's eyes and was shocked to see the matching adoration on Ray's face. As Ray reached for the button and zip on his trousers, Bodie's heart quickened, realising what his friend was about to do.

Opening the trousers, Ray quickly pushed them apart and down, sighing in pleasure as he saw the very amply filled black briefs, stretched to almost breaking point with an aroused erection. He softly placed his mouth over the end and mouthed it, feeling it jerk and spilling forth some of the precious Bodie liquid onto the cotton material.

Desperate hands were clutching at Ray's head, pulling softly on his hair. "Ray? Ray! If you don't stop right this minute."

Ray pulled away, aware of how close Bodie was to orgasm. And he wanted to make this so good for him, so very good. So good that Bodie would never want to give up the enjoyment that was gay sex. And, hopefully, thereby never leaving me.

Bodie was shaking with the effort of trying to bring himself back from the brink. As he eventually brought his wayward body under control, he managed to make his way to the bed. He lay on the cover, trembling with desire and need. His blue eyes shimmered as he gazed at Ray, still on his knees.

A huskily whispered "Ray?" soon had the named man off his knees and onto the bed, pressing his eager body against Bodie's. Wanting to continue where he'd left off, Ray slivered down the warm, hair free body. He palmed the erection, hearing Bodie hiss as he did so.

Ray gently pulled the briefs out and over the erection, careful not to catch it with the stretchy material. Bodie's cock was thick, uncut with a rosy glistening tip. Ray reached out a fingertip to capture some of the creamy fluid and brought it to his mouth. "Hmm Bodie, you taste delicious. Want to try?" And he scooped some more of the liquid up and moved back up the smooth body to place his fingertip in the pouting mouth of his friend.

Bodie watched Ray taste his pre-cum, groaning at the sensual overload the sight brought him. As Ray brought a fingertip to his own lips, Bodie sucked the finger inside, tasting himself. So entranced was he by this, he didn't notice that Ray had removed his finger and was now snuggled back in-between his legs.

He shivered with longing as Ray tentatively licked his cock, then ran his tongue down the shaft, swirling it around the pulsing muscle. As Ray took the gleaming cock into his mouth, Bodie almost passed out with the delight of it. Ray certainly knew what he was doing as he nibbled, suckled, teased and deep throated his throbbing dick. Groaning loudly, Bodie's head thrashed about on the pillow as he drew nearer and nearer to his completion, one arm clutching at the sheets, the other caressing Ray's thick and bouncy and eminently touchable curls.

Ray knew Bodie wasn't far off orgasm and decided to try another manoeuvre on his friend. Continuing his ministrations to Bodie's cock, Ray gently moved his finger underneath and found the puckered opening. Pushing softly, he felt the muscles clench. Before he could take his hand away, the muscles opened for him. He managed to insert one finger, and, finding the prostate, rubbed it. Cries of "Oh, God. Ray.Ray!" filled the room, and Bodie's orgasm hit with all the force of a hurricane.

The salty fluid filled Ray's mouth and he swallowed and swallowed, as it seemed Bodie would never stop. Finally, Bodie's orgasm abated, and with one final lick to the softening cock, Ray let the organ slip out of his mouth, and he moved back up Bodie's body. Slipping to the side, he plastered himself up against Bodie and kissed him.

When he could speak, Bodie mumbled "Wow. Never knew it could be like that. Never had a," he blushed, much to Ray's delight, "a.blow job like that before."

Disbelief upon his face, Ray asked "Never? What about your girlfriends? Surely they've done that before?"

Bodie's face was now in the throes of a fully-fledged blush, and his suddenly shy partner intrigued Ray. "They've never.um.er.you know.with their finger." he trailed off, moving his head away to hide his embarrassment.

Ray smiled lovingly. "If you think that's good, just wait."

Bodie glanced back at Ray, unsure of what to say. He wanted to continue with their love making, but didn't know how to ask. Luckily, his emotions were open on his handsome face and Ray was pretty certain he knew what his gorgeous sexy lover wanted.

"Bodie? Do you have something we can use?"

A sweet confused look appeared on Bodie's face. "Um.something we can.use?"

Ray grinned inwardly; it wasn't everyday Bodie appeared insecure. Normally a confident, outgoing person, Ray was falling deeper in love with this new, shy diffident person Bodie was appearing as now. Understanding that Bodie would more than likely bolt had he laughed or smiled at this stage, he carefully kept them undercover as he explained what they would need.

"Yeah, lube or gel or some sort of oil."

Not for the first time that evening, Bodie flushed once more. "Oh. Um. In that top drawer."

Opening the drawer, Ray found the required lube. Turning back to his partner, he drew him down for another breath-stealing kiss. "Bodie, are you sure you want to do this? We can leave it for another day, you know?"

Bodie didn't hesitate. "No Ray. I loved.what you just did. And I want to," he stumbled over the words, nervous as he was, "um.make love with you."

Ray embraced Bodie in his arms, kissing whatever flesh he could reach. "Fine, but we go slow okay? Last thing I want to do ever is hurt you."

"You couldn't hurt me, Ray. Not now, not here. I.I'm glad I'm curious." Timidly, Bodie looked at Ray through his dark long eyelashes, giving him a flirtatious look.

"So am I, darling." The endearment slipped out as Ray once again laid siege to the body before him. The depth of trust Bodie had shown, first by his curiosity then by giving him the most secret part of him, touched and empowered Ray.

Taking his slow time, Ray once again teased and worshipped Bodie's body using his tongue, mouth and hands. As Bodie's legs opened, he slipped in between them, kneeling.

"Bodie, just turn over for me, will you?"

As Bodie did as he asked, he used his hands to stroke down the muscular back, enjoying the smoothness. As he reached the curved buttocks, he tenderly kissed them. Then, before Bodie could say or do anything, he parted the two globes and kissed the opening.

Small desire-filled tremors ran through Bodie's body and he gasped, breathless in anticipation. As Ray's tongue probed and touched, he moaned. This was one touch he hadn't ever expected or even knew existed. "Jeez, Ray.Ray.oh.fuck."

Leaving the tempting opening, Ray reached for the lube. Squeezing some onto his palm, he gently warmed the lube before slicking up one finger, and rubbing more onto Bodie's entrance. Softly, he pushed his finger through the tight muscle, feeling Bodie trying to relax. "How does that feel?"

"Ahh.it's.unbelievable. Don't stop, please." Bodie begged.

Smiling, Ray carefully inserted a second finger then, as the passage loosened up, a third. Thrilled, he realised that Bodie was moving back trying to impale himself further on Ray's fingers.

"Turn onto your back, Bodie.please." Ray urged.

Bodie did as he was told, but with a puzzled look on his face. "Can you.can you do it like this?"

"This is the best way, love, honestly. That way I get to see your face as I make love with you. Can see you as you come.and can kiss you."

Bashfully Bodie grinned. "Okay, what do I need to do?"

Ray grabbed one of the pillows. "If you can just lift your legs for me, yeah, like that." He positioned the pillow carefully underneath Bodie's hips. "Right, now I'm going to push in, just try and relax for me, okay?"

As Ray spoke these words, he positioned his erection above Bodie's entrance and gently but firmly pushed in. A gasp of breath escaped from Bodie, and his hands clutched at Ray's shoulders.

"You okay, Bodie?" Ray asked, stopping - with difficulty - his progress.

"Yeah.yes, I think so. Don't stop, Ray. Please?" Huge gentian eyes pleaded with Ray, and urged him on.

Ray moved again, loving the feel of Bodie, loving being in Bodie. And as Bodie moved his legs around Ray's waist, a feeling of rightness and contentment flooded his body.

"Oh god, Bodie, Bodie, love.this is.unbelievable. I."

He leant down and kissed Bodie, trying to stop the truthful words from escaping, unsure as to how they would be received.

"Fuck, Ray!" Bodie whispered, as Ray changed his angle of entry and hit his prostate. "Oh.jeez Ray.fuck."

Leisurely, Ray quickened his strokes, moving in and out in the age old rhythm of love, building a slow ascend to their orgasms, desire vying with yearning, love overriding lust.

Hot, sweaty bodies writhed together and as Ray reached down for Bodie's erection and gently caressed it, their orgasms hit simultaneously. Hot fluid flew into Bodie's body, creamy seed spurting out onto Bodie's abdomen and Ray's fingers.

Words erupted from both men, unaware they were sealing their fate.

"Oh god, Bodie, Bodie, I love you.love you."

"Love you Ray, love.arrgh.love you. Want you.be mine."

Ray collapsed onto Bodie, his arms around his new lover's shoulders, as Bodie's arms were holding onto Ray as if never to let go. Each revelling in the sticky post-orgasmic haze.

As Ray slid out of Bodie, he moved off the man underneath him, yet unwilling to relinquish his hold. Ray felt Bodie turn onto his side, his arms still around Ray's waist.

Iridescent blue eyes almost lit the room with their light, and Bodie's smile was huge. "So then.how long have you loved me?" Bodie asked slyly.

Ray started. "Uh, what? Who said anything about lo." he spluttered to an undignified halt as he recalled his ecstatic outburst upon climax. Feeling his face flush he muttered something under his breath.

Bodie tightened his arms around his new lover. "Sorry, Ray. Didn't quite catch that. How long has it been?"

"Bloody hell, Bodie, you're like a dog with a fucking bone aren't you? You want from thread to needle? Okay, so I've loved you a while. For.years. Happy now? Suppose you'll be going now." Miserable, Ray lowered his gaze and idle fingers traced a pattern in the semen cooling on his abdomen.

A soft smile lit Bodie's face and he softly curved a hand under the lowered chin and raised it so he could see into the sad green eyes of Ray.

"Why would I be going now? You daft sod. Why do you think I asked you to show me how good this could be? Just for a laugh? I couldn't believe my ears when you started on about Kirk and Spock. Only reason I hesitated was because I've never been with a man before."

At Ray's incredulous stare, he shrugged. "It's true, love. I know you think merc's are all into rape and pillaging, but that wasn't me. A quick wank in a bush, on my own, was the most I ever did. Not saying it never occurred, but I never participated."

"Why now, then? Why me?"

Bodie contemplated the question seriously. "I think we've been building up to this for a while. Think about it. Who do we go out with? Who do we go on holiday with? There's only you for me, you're my family, Ray. Don't have anyone else."

His words were crushed out of him as Ray hugged the life out of Bodie. "Oh god Bodie.I do love you!"

"And I love you, Ray. I know for absolute certain I will never get a Christmas present as brilliant this one."

"Christmas present? It's not Christmas yet, Bodie."

"Look at the clock. 12.01am. Christmas Day."

"Oh. Well then, only one thing left to say isn't there?"

"What's that, lover?"

"Merry Christmas!"

-- THE END --

December 2004

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