The Tooth Fairy


Part One

"Ray, sunshine of my heart," Bodie said in his most plastic tone of voice, "Wakie, wakie." Gently, he shook Doyle"s shoulders.

Doyle rolled out of Bodie's grasp. Moaning, he buried his face in his pillow.

Tenacious as always, Bodie pursued his victim across the bed. "Twenty minutes, sleeping beauty," Bodie chimed sweetly, touching Doyle"s exposed, bare ass.

"Sod off, Bodie!" Doyle muttered, moving again to elude his lover. He"d run out of bed however, and ended up on the floor in a naked, disgruntled heap.

Stifling his laughter with great difficulty, Bodie extended a hand to Doyle.

Without looking up, Doyle took the hand.

Bodie pulled Doyle back on the bed. "Want me to kiss it and make it better"? Bodie asked with a leer as he leaned over and kissed Doyle" s uninterested cock.

"Sod off, Bodie" Doyle said again, a hint of anger flashing in his green eyes as he surveyed his grinning partner.

"We"re a bit testy this morning, aren"t we"? Bodie enquired, still suppressing his hilarity, his finger delicately circling one of Doyle"s now firm nipples.

"I said, sod off, Bodie,." Goose bumps formed, caused by Bodie"s persistent explorations which had grown even bolder.

"Not to mention repetitious." Bodie"s errant finger was not tangled in the fine, golden hair on Doyle"s chest.

"Sod off, Bodie," Doyle repeated, the vehemence gone from his voice as Bodie"s lips kissed him.

"What"d you say"? Bodie whispered as his tongue invaded Doyle"s left ear.

"Sod off." Doyle let himself be eased back into a prone position. Bodie nuzzled the side of Doyle"s neck, pleased with the slight shiver that surged through Doyle.

Smiling mostly to himself, Bodie asked again "What"d you say"?

"Sod...o..ff.." Doyle"s voice trailed off as Bodie"s lips sucked a hard nipple.

Bodie"s hot mouth had just fastened itself around Doyle"s now erect cock when the door chime sounded.

"What the .." Doyle groused angrily as he reached for the intercom button. "What!" he demanded of the intruder.

"That you, Doyle"? a pleasant voice replied.

"No, it"s the fucking tooth fairy."

"Temper, temper. Open up Doyle," Murphy said, ignoring Doyle"s sarcasm.

"Yes, Doyle, open up," Bodie mimed from between Doyle"s thighs.

"Shut up, you .. oh .. Bodie" Doyle mumbled, forgetting about Murphy as Bodie"s lips and tongue teased his throbbing cock.

"Hurry up, Bodie," Murphy urged from downstairs, knowing full well what was going on. "It"s cold down here."

"Sod off, Murphy," Doyle managed somehow. He was now lost in the depths of Bodie"s incredibly deep throat.

Knowing Doyle"s condition, Bodie wickedly ceased his ministrations. "Yeah, sod off, Murph."


"Sorry sweets," Bodie said smirking, his lips guided back to their task by Doyle"s hands. "Miss me"? he asked the urgently pulsing cock.

"You crud ..."

"What"," Bodie looked up only to be silently ordered back to Doyle; cock by fiery green eyes.

"You .. crud."

"Me"? Murphy asked from below.

"Sod ..." In a rush, Doyle came in Bodie"s mouth. "Oh, Bodie," he cried out softly, conscious of Murphy"s big ears yet needing to acknowledge his lover"s skill.

Bodie lapped up the last few drops of semen and moved to collect his reward - a kiss. Automatically, his tongue darted between Doyle"s parted lips and flicked lightly over the white teeth.

Suddenly, Doyle screamed in agony, nearly biting Bodie"s offending tongue.

"Sorry mate," Bodie kept murmuring, sincerely apologetic, as he held Doyle till the pain subsided. "Didn"t know it was that sensitive." Concerned, Bodie scrutinized his partner. "You okay"?

"Yeah," Doyle replied ruefully, rubbing his jaw. Pain still lingered in his eyes.

Bodie leaned over and with a gentleness only a few knew him capable of, kissed Doyle"s left cheek, swollen as it was over his impacted wisdom tooth. "Be over soon, sunshine."

Bodie smiled his most reassuring smile, fully aware of the fact that Doyle remained doubtful.

"Hey guys .." Murphy called out.

"Be down in a jiff," Bodie replied jumping out of bed. He switched off the intercom and drew Doyle up beside him.

Safe in Bodie"s strong embrace, Doyle dropped all pretense. "I"m scared, Bodie. Really scared." He looked up into the blue eyes, half expecting derision. Bodie pitied the weak.

"Don"t blame you. Be wide-eyed meself ..." Bodie pulled Doyle even closer.

"Easier staring down the bloody gun barrel ..." Doyle responded, placing his head against Bodie"s broad chest.

"Look at the bright side."

"What bright side"?

"I"ll be here to take care of you .. Nurse Bodie."

Doyle began to shake, his fear dissolving into laughter.

"Yeah," Bodie continued, "get me a white cap, a rectal thermometer ..."

"Got one of "em already, don"t you"? Doyle queried lewdly, reaching down to fondle Bodie"s heavy genitals.

"Yeah. Want"a see how it works"?

Just then, the buzzer sounded.

"Murph ..." they chorused in unison.

Ignoring the insistent buzz, Bodie tilted Doyle"s face up and kissed him deeply, this time carefully avoiding the painful tooth. Reluctantly then, he released his partner and began the slow, deliberate search for his pants.

"I think they"re on the floor by the sofa," Doyle called out from the bathroom.

"Oh, right," Bodie replied, recalling Doyle"s impatient frenzy from the night before.

He went downstairs, located his trousers, and, wrinkled as they were, pulled them on. Then, he ambled into the kitchen to put on the morning kettle.

Finally, breakfast underway, he let an irate Murphy into the flat. "Morning Murphy," Bodie said casually, oozing cheery charm.

"About time," Murphy grumbled as he flopped into a chair at the kitchen table.

"Temper, temper." After patting Murphy on the head, Bodie handed him a steaming cup of tea.

The patronization did nothing to assuage Murphy"s ire. "It"s me day off, Bodie!"

"I know. I know," Bodie replied as he went to the stairwell and yelled up, "Breakfast"s on, mate."

"Down in a ...oh ...oh...

The moan sent Bode flying up the steps, two at a time. "Medicine wear off"? he asked as he watched his partner steady himself against the oak dresser.

"Yeah." Doyle closed his eyes to prevent the room from spinning.

"Time to go then," Bodie contributed as he walked over to the closet. While Doyle remained rooted, Bodie located the proper attire for a visit to the dentist. One foot and arm at a time, he helped Doyle dress. "Used to taking these off, not putting them on," he grumbled, discouraging Doyle"s half-hearted attempts to button his own shirt.

"Why don"t you just shoot me"? Doyle groaned.



"Too messy."

"Outside then."

"Disturb the neighbours." Bodie finished tucking Doyle"s white and green plaid shirt into his pants. He couldn't resist fondling Doyle"s cock.

"Copping a feel at a time like this"?

"IT doesn"t hurt," Bodie said defensively.

"Booodie, you"ve got no couth."

"Couth no, class, yes." The dark haired man grinned lewdly.

Doyle began to shake his head in mock disgust but the motion sent his senses swimming.

Bodie caught his unsteady partner and half carried him to the bed. Once Doyle was safely prone, Bodie put a dirty pair of socks and tattered running shoes on Doyle"s feet.

"Don"t you dare tickle me," Doyle warned as Bodie tied the lace of the first shoe. Doyle looked down at his feet when Bodie moved to put the other shoe on

"You dumb crud."

"Now what"? Bodie queried, his patience fast running out.

"These," Doyle said petulantly, lifting his feet, "are me OLD shoes."

"They all look the same to me."

"What happens if we"re in an accident...and me with old shoes on. What would me Mum ..."

"You"re Mum would shoot me herself, if you were in an accident, Ray, babycakes."

"Speaking of shooting ...where you gonna do it"?

"Do what"? Bodie frowned as he tied the second lace. "Oh ... How about in the park" It"s a nice day, sunny, warmish ..." Bodie"s voice trailed off as he helped Doyle sit up.

Murphy, tired of being ignored, entered the bedroom, intent upon ascertaining precisely what was going on, or not going on, as the case may be.

"Be a dear Murph, and grab his other arm," Bodie commanded.

"Where to"? Murphy asked as he did as Bodie ordered.

"To the park," Doyle responded for his partner.

"On the count of one. One."

Once on his feet, Doyle swayed slightly even though supported by the two other men. He noted the intense look of concern on Bodie"s face. He smiled wanly at his worried lover. "To the park ..." he said then.

"The park" I though ..."

"No one pays you to think, Murph." Bodie pointed out.

"Together, Bodie and Doyle began to recite, "?Ours not to reason why, ours but to do and die."

"Oh .. oh .. ohh ..."

"Don"t mind him. He"s just crackers this early in the morning," Bodie said seriously, as if he hadn"t joined Doyle in singing the CI5 agent"s motto. "Got up on the wrong side ..." he added as he led the threesome down the stairs.

Once downstairs, Bodie left Doyle"s side briefly to disconnect the tea pot and take a huge bite out of his now cold toast.

"Here I am dying, suffering the worst pain a man can feel and all you can think of is YOUR stomach." Doyle groused as they went out the door.

"Just because you can"t have an y is no reason I should suffer. Have to keep me strength up ..."

"And your stomach fat," Doyle interjected.

Bodie sopped dead in the middle of the path leading to the car. "Are you saying I"m fat"?

"With a sweet tooth like yours, how can yo be anything but, " Doyle replied, his demeanor just as melodramatic as Bodie"s.

"At least me teeth don"t hurt," Bodie pointed out as they resumed their trek to Doyle"s car.

Don"t remind me," Doyle responded, grimacing.

Murphy began to laugh. It"d taken him some time to understand the intense joking relationship his friends shared.

"What"s HE laughing at"? Doyle asked in his best accusatory fashion.

"You, and the fact that you"ve got your shoes on the wrong feet."

"Booodie, you crud .. you deliberately put me shoes on the ..."

They reached the car park then and the effort of getting in the car made Doyle slightly nauseous." The joking stopped as Bodie carefully supervised the settling of Doyle in the front seat.

Once they were underway however the banter resumed. It continued past the park where Doyle made a half hearted attempt to jump out of the are, past he police station where Bodie finally handcuffed Doyle to a reluctant Murphy, past CI5 headquarters where Doyle held his manacled writs up to the window and began to shout for help, hoping passers-by would be of assistance, all the way to the CI5 medical clinic.

"Put him in number 1." the receptionist-nurse said when they entered. She seemed accustomed to seeing grown men in handcuffs being pushed into the clinic.

"Come on Ray," Bodie whispered in his partner"s ear. "It"ll be okay. I won"t let them hurt you."

Doyle couldn"t help but smile. He knew that Bodie meant what he said even if he couldn"t really do much to prevent the inevitable pain caused by the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth. But just having Bodie here made him feel, illogically, better. Taking a deep breath, Doyle walked into room number 1. "I"ll hold you to that, Bodie."

It was Bodie"s turn to smile. His expression did not hide the concern he felt, concern he rarely let even Doyle see.

The voice of the receptionist startled Bodie. "Lie down," she said, indicating that Doyle was to climb into the bed. "The doctor will be in soon."

Bodie helped his partner into the bed and sat down on it, beside Doyle.

"He"s a big boy," the nurse stated rather harshly.

"Yeah .." Bodie replied, absently gazing down at Doyle"s crotch.

Doyle burst into laughter, making Bodie realize what he had done. He blushed slightly, much to Doyle"s amazement. Nothing made Bodie blush.

Fortunately for Bodie, the nurse began to speak, preventing Doyle from commenting on the rare sight.

"It won"t kill you, you know," she added.

Relieved, Bodie joined her line of conversation. "I know that ..." He leaned over to read her name tag. "Bernice. But he doesn"t."

"His first time"? she asked as she began readying the anaesthetic shots.

"Yeah, lucky sod," Bodie answered for Doyle as he scrutinized her actions carefully.

Doyle, watching Bodie, was strangely comforted by Bodie"s attention to detail, even here in a CI5 clinic.

Bernice prepared a shot for Doyle and poured an amber fluid into a small paper cup.

Handing the cup to Bodie, she said "This is for you, and this," she continued, squirting a small amount of the clear liquid out of the needle, "is for you."

Expertly, she injected Doyle. "Try to relax. You really will wake up an the pan will soon go away." Her voice was maternal and Doyle found that comforting too.

"Yeah," Bodie contributed as he sniffed appreciatively at the whisky in the cup, "think about Nurse Bodie, waiting to make you well." He downed his drink in a gulp. Looking at Bernice to see if there were more to be had, Bodie inquired, " seen many team then, have you"? His blues eyes surveyed her closely, detecting the unspoken empathy.

"Yes," was her laconic reply as she moved to check Doyle"s eyes. She walked over to the intercom and depressing a button, said, "Dr Adams, Mr Doyle will be ready in 15 minutes."

"May I stay till he ..." Bodie asked.

"Yes, if you think it will help." Bernice flashed Bodie a sympathetic smile.

Bodie glanced over at the concealed whisky bottle.

"Help yourself," she said, answering his inquiring look. "I"ll be back in a few minutes."

Finally, more or less satisfied that Doyle was in competent hands, Bodie quickly consumed the entire contents of the small flask. "We both need a pain killer, mate," he whispered looking at Doyle who was apparently asleep.

Bernice came to prep Doyle further. Since she seemed satisfied that Doyle was under, Bodie was surprised when Doyle called out urgently.

"Bodie. Bodie ..."

"I"m here, Ray," Bodie replied quietly, taking Doyle"s hand. "Don"t fight the drug. It"ll be okay."

"" Doyle mumbled, finally yielding.

"Yeah, Nurse Bodie. Your own private tooth fairy ..."

Bodie held Doyle"s hand until the doctor walked in to check on his patient.

Feeling Bodie"s intense, dark scrutiny, the dentist began to explain the routine oral surgery, he too, was accustomed to dealing with CI5 teams.

"If anything happens to him," Bodie threatened when the dentist paused.

"I know. I know .. you"ll hold me responsible."

Bodie nodded and laughed a nervous laugh that never failed to let people know he meant what he said.

A bit taken aback by the malicious glint in the cold blue eyes, the doctor added, "he"ll be alright. I promise."

With that, Doyle was wheeled out toward the operating room. Bodie walked with the gurney to the door of the operating theater. There, a nurse stopped him and guided him back to the waiting room where Murphy sat, asleep in the corner of the sofa.

Slightly drunk, exhausted from the three previous sleepless nights he"d spent with Doyle, Bodie sank into the welcome embrace of a blue armchair.

Sometime later he awoke, his neck stiff and sore. Bernice was calling to him from a safe distance. "Doyle ..." he asked, a surge of fear sweeping through him.

"He"s okay, Mr Bodie," she replied smiling. "He"s in recovery now, mumbling something about needing his nurse, the one with hairy balls ..."

Part Two

Though out the ambulance ride to the clinic, Doyle sat silently reviewing the past few weeks, trying to figure out just when Bodie first developed his tooth ache. Cursing the man at his knees, Doyle sighed. When Bodie didn"t want something known, no one could make him talk, even he, Doyle. Doyle wondered if he" ever really get to know the complexities of the man he called lover, friend, partner, Bodie. A groan roused Doyle.

"?S ok, Bodie. Don"t try to talk now," Doyle added, placing a finger across Bodie"s lips. He was rewarded with a slight kiss that seemed to reach inside and touch his heart. He savored the feeling of love it brought and realized again that he stored such moments for the day when Bodie might be gone from his life. Even now, after two years of intimacy, Doyle was still uncertain, in his most melancholy moments, ones such as this, of the strength of Bodie"s commitment. Love was not an emotion Bodie felt often; past loyalties were no standard against which to judge where the mercurial Bodie was concerned.

"Sod off, Doyle," the curly haired agent mumbled to himself, aware that the ambulance was creating his morose mood. "Bodie won"t leave you, you know that."

Realizing that he"d spoken out loud, Doyle looked around to make sure no one was paying any attention to him.

Their arrival at the medical clinic prevented more introspection on Doyle"s part. As he helped them unload Bodie, he murmured, "you"ve gained, mate."

In reply, Bodie smiled that diabolical smile he used when he was about to pounce.

Bernice was waiting, holding the door open. "Hello," she said specifically to Doyle. Once Bodie was inside, she reached for him arm to check his pulse. "What drugs has he had"? she asked the paramedic. After he explained, she ordered them to take him to room two. Moving then to the intercom, she placed a call to Dr Adams, altering him to the need for emergency oral surgery.

Her tasks completed, Bernice turned to a rather lost looking Doyle.

"He"ll be fine."

"Yeah. Can I ..."

"After they take the x-rays," she replied, knowing how much Doyle wanted to join his partner. "How long has he had this problem"?

"Don"t know really. Bodie will complain for days about a hangnail, but if he"s in real pain, he clams up."

"That"s not very healthy."

"That"s Bodie. He usually crawls off to the doctor by himself."

"So why didn"t he this time" From the speed with which the infection spread, he must have been in this condition for several weeks," Bernice pointed out as she began walking them to Bodie"s room. Doyle followed, trying still to pinpoint when Bodie must have noticed the ache. But, the moment eluded him. They"d been so busy these last few weeks that they"d hardly seen one another alone, except, that was, for the quickie in the supply closet at HQ a week ago. Bodie hadn"t complained then, no seemed to be in pain.

By this time, they"d reached Bodie"s room. Bernice went in and checked Bodie"s vital signs again. Doyle stood by, watching her every move.

Bernice smile d to herself. The closeness of CI5 team members always touched her.

She handed Doyle a small cup.

"What" this"? He asked suspiciously.

"Good for you," Bodie mumbled from the bed. " "llo Bernice," he whispered.

"Hello, Mr Bodie," she responded, delighted that he remembered. "Don"t try to talk. It"ll be a bit before Dr Adams can get here."

"Playing golf, is he"? Bodie managed.

"Yes, with the PM Himself," she finished with mock seriousness. She looked over at Doyle, noting the faint smile of fondness on his lips. Pointing to a small, non-descript bottle, she said, "There"s more .. Help yourself. Dr Adams will be at least a half hour. Keep him from talking," she added, pointing to Bodie. With that, she departed.

Grateful, Doyle downed his whisky and went to pour himself another.

"Make me one too," Bodie said hoarsely.

"Shut up, Bodie. You"re not supposed to talk."

"Put something in me mouth, then."

The lewd gleam in Bodie"s eye told Doyle all he needed to know about Bodie"s comment.

"Pack it in, Bodie," Doyle replied sarcastically.

"Would, but you won"t co-operate," Bodie sounded as if he"d been mortally wounded.

After a few moments of silence, Doyle asked, "why didn"t you say something, you silly crud"? He"s moved to Bodie"s bedside and reached down to touch Bodie"s hand.

"Hate dentists."

"Booodie, you cretin. So do I, but I went, didn"t I"?

"Yeah, but that was because you had Nurse Bodie to take care of you."

Doyle laughed, memories flooded his mind. He"d decided back then that he"d go to the dentist every week if Bodie would take care of him the way he had after his wisdom tooth had been pulled.

Bodie, drugged as he was, knew what Doyle was thinking about. It"s been fun, for a week, to totally pamper Doyle; it was a change of pace that allowed them to explore what their feeling for each other really meant.

Doyle glanced around to make sure that no one could see them. He leaned over then and kissed Bodie on the forehead. "I"m not the bloody tooth fairy, you know," he whispered. "I"ll be here when you wake up."

"Damn well better be," Bodie drawled, his speech slurring slightly.

"All of this wouldn"t have happened if you didn"t have such a sweet tooth," Doyle mumbled, not sure if Bodie could hear him.

Bodie flashed Doyle a wan smile before he closed his eyes. As he drifted off into a drug induced haze, Bodie found himself reliving the last time anyone had worked on his teeth. In pain, he cried out, biting his lip in an effort to stifle further outbursts.

Doyle who had gone for a refill ran back to the bed.

"It"s okay, Bodie. Calm down." He tried to sooth the man now writhing in the bed.

"No, no, no ..." was all Bodie would say. His now open eyes were glazed, the fog of the obviously painful memory shrouding them.

Bernice came running into the room. "What"s the matter"?

"Don"t know. He went to sleep and woke up screaming," Doyle replied as he took Bodie"s shoulders. Leaning down, close to Bodie"s ear, he said quietly, "It"s me, Bodie. It"s me. I won"t let anyone hurt you again."

Bernice knew better than to interfere, so she stood waiting patiently for Doyle to ease Bodie"s anxiety.

Bodie finally subsided when Doyle pulled him into a firm embrace.

"The x-rays show that two of his molars were extracted .. rather crudely," Bernice offered.

"What"? Doyle asked, having only half listened, his concern for Bodie uppermost in his mind.

"Someone pulled two of his molars .. for the sake of amusement," Bernice repeated.

"Bastards," Doyle muttered, grimacing, understanding now what Bodie"s nightmare was about. "No wonder he didn"t tell me," Doyle said aloud, glad to get to the root of the problem. His own pun made him laugh nervously.

"You should continue reassuring him that no one will hurt him," Bernice suggested.

"Okay." Shaking Bodie gently, Doyle whispered, "Can you hear me, Bodie" Booodie..."

Bodie opened his eyes again. He looked at Doyle for a brief moment and then began to survey his surroundings.

"You"re at the CI5 medical clinic," Bernice stated when his gaze fell on her. She went to the bed and took his hand before continuing. "No one wants to hurt you, Mr Bodie. We"re just here to help." She spoke soothingly to Bodie till he appeared to fall asleep. Noting that he still clutched Doyle"s hand quite tightly, she asked, "Do you think he understood"?

"Don"t know Bernice. Bodie"s a hard man to persuade. He ..." His comment was interrupted by Dr Adams" arrival.

"Hmmm. Let"s see. William Andrew Phillip Bodie ..." he said rather absently until he recognized Bodie.

"Wouldn"t call him that when he"s away Doctor," Doyle provided. "Doesn"t take to being called Bill."

The doctor looked at Bodie, remembering the man"s cold blue stare. Suddenly those eyes opened and closed. Sure that he"d imagined it, he swallowed and began questioning Bernice about Bodie"s condition.

Just then, George Cowley burst into the room.

"How"s Bodie"? he demanded of everyone.

"Ready for duty," Bodie mumbled, surprising them all.

"He"s supposed to be out," Adams groused, concerned that the drug hadn"t adequately sedated Bodie.

"You shouldn"t fight it, Bodie," Doyle said as he watched Bodie try to sit up. "No one will hurt you, Bodie. I won"t let them." He eased his partner back against the pillow.

Bodie looked up at Doyle, searching his face very carefully.

Smiling a smile he reserved for Bodie alone, Doyle added, "Now would the tooth fairy lie to you"?

Catching sight of the jagged edge of Doyle"s front incisor, Bodie smiled back. "Guess not."

"Then go to sleep Bodie."

"That"s an order," Cowley contributed from the other side of the gathered throng.

Bernice gave Bodie still another shot. "He"s amazingly resistant."

"SAS," Doyle and Cowley said simultaneously.

"But that was several years ago," Adams pointed out. "He should have lost that by now."

Doyle began to laugh.

"What"s so funny Doyle"? Cowley snapped.

"I think it"s just Bodie. He doesn"t want to miss anythin"."

Cowley smiled faintly. "That"d be just like Bodie," he agreed, recalling Bodie"s fondness for gossip of any sort. Bodie was a walking fund of information about the trivial, personal goings on at CI5 HQ, and no one used that knowledge more effectively than Bodie.

Finally though, the drug took effect and they wheeled Bodie into the operating room.

Alone in the waiting room with Cowley, Doyle began to pace.

"What happened"? Cowley asked.

"We were working out, trading punches, wrestling. He had me pinned and I slammed out, going for his eyes. He twisted. I hit him on the jaw. A few minutes later, he collapsed ..." Doyle reported automatically.


"Bernice said that the infection from his broken tooth had affected his entire jaw bone on that side. My hit must have ruptured something, releasing the infection into his bloodstream .. How the hell should I know. I"m not a bloody nurse," Doyle finished angrily, irrationally blaming himself, irritated with Cowley for asking.

"Easy Doyle," Cowley replied calmly, accustomed to Doyle"s temper. "Don"t blame yourself. It"s Bodie"s fault for not going to the dentist right away."

"Who could blame him," Doyle responded, still very upset.

"What do you mean"? Cowley prodded.

"They pulled some of his teeth for fun," Doyle spat out, wanting to put his fist through something, to hit the man who"d done this to Bodie.

"By they, I suppose you mean his mercenary acquaintances," Cowley continued, his demeanor provoking Doyle further.

"How should I know. He never tells me ..." his voice trailed off in a pained whisper.

"There are some things better left in the past, Doyle." Cowley pointed out, understanding both Bodie"s need to bury the memories, to keep his silence and Doyle"s need to know. He sat down to wait.

Keeping his back to Cowley, Doyle went over to the window. He was fully aware that his feelings for Bodie were too near to the surface. He still wasn"t sure how or why Cowley justified turning a blind eye to the relationship he"d developed with Bodie. But he did know that losing control now would make matters more difficult. He remained there till he"d calmed down. Then, he went to sit opposite Cowley.

An hour later, Bernice appeared, still dressed in her scrub outfit. "He"s fine," she said to both men.

Cowley jumped up, his mind already elsewhere. "Good. Two days Doyle, " he yelled as he raced out of the room.

Doyle smiled; there were times when he was actually fond of Cowley. Turning to Bernice, who was waiting for his full attention, Doyle waited expectantly for her to finish.

"He"s in the recovery room now, Mr Doyle."

"Can I ..."

"Yes. He really is amazing."

"Tell me about it," Doyle said grinning even more.

"It was all we could do to keep him under," Bernice replied as she held the door open for Doyle and pointed out the way to the recovery room.

"All I can do to keep him under meself," Doyle muttered, not really wanting Bernice to hear.

She smiled her understanding. "He"s in room 3. He insisted we put the damaged tooth under his pillow. Said the tooth fairy was coming."

Doyle laughed, turned and kissed Bernice on the cheek. "Thanks," he mumbled as he headed off for Bodie"s room, mulling over the duties of a good tooth fairy. "Two whole days," he whispered in delight as he opened the door. "Two days ..."

-- THE END --

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