The Decision


(sequel to Masquerade)

Cowley was leafing through some papers as Bodie and Doyle entered the office.

"Well done, you two. Very well done. That undercover job was a complete success and you now have that free two weeks I promised you. So off you go. Enjoy yourselves but come back here fresh and ready for work."

"Sir," they mumbled in unison and left the room.

"They're a bit quiet," thought Cowley. "Must be tired. Ah, well the holiday will do them good."

Bodie and Doyle walked silently to the car park outside and as they reached their cars, Bodie asked "Well, Ray, your place or mine?"

"What do you mean, Bodie. You trying to be funny?"

"Whether you like it or not, Ray, we have got some talking to do. Now will we be heading for your place or mine."

"Mine," said Doyle. 'At least, I'll be on familiar ground' he thought and turned towards his car.

When they arrived at the apartment, Bodie made straight for the bar and poured them both a large drink. "Well, Ray?" as he handed the drink over.

"Well, what?"

"Come on. You know what we have got to discuss, so stop evading the issue."

"Bodie, we were working undercover. We were under a strain. It's probably all there was to it."

We've worked undercover before and nothing like that has happened. Grow up!"

Doyle's drink was still untouched and he sat looking at it for some time.

"Bodie, I want to split the partnership. I can't work with you anymore."

"Now wait a minute, Ray, that isn't going to solve anything."

"Well, what do you suggest we do you're not in the jungle now, Bodie. I'm not one of your mercenaries. I've never done anything like that before."

"Look, Ray, there's nothing wrong in what we did. It's happened to hundreds of guys."

"But, never to me, Bodie. Never to me!" shouted Doyle. He moved over to the window.

"O.K. Ray, so it's happened to me before. We were out in the bush. Danger never far away we accepted companionship when and where we could."

"This isn't the bush, Bodie."

"No, it isn't, but we do face danger pretty often and we just don't have time for courtship."

"Bodie, don't be flippant, not now."

"O.K. O.K. We do not have time to analyse every feeling, every emotion. Ray, if we feel comfortable in each other's company where's the harm?"

"Bodie, I need time to adjust."

"Adjust to what, Ray. Look, we're friends, right. We have been for a few years now. We protect each other when we can whether from harm or from Cowley, right. So what's wrong with letting our friendship develop a bit further, eh."

"I'm no Ray Duncan and never will be," Doyle protested.

"I know that and I don't want you to be."

"Just what do you want, Bodie. What the hell do you want."

"Look," Bodie moved over to the window alongside Doyle. "It's not what I want it's what WE want. Can't you understand that."

Doyle turned and looked at him. Searching for a hint of laughter in his eyes. Any excuse so he could lash out at Bodie and not to have to make any decisions. But he just couldn't define the look in Bodie's eyes.

"Ray, as you said. I've had guys in the past when I've had to but there was never any..."

"Watch it, Bodie" warned Doyle.

"But" he continued as if he hadn't heard "there was never any what you would call affairs or anything. Nothing that was lasting. O.K. so I teased you to start with, when you couldn't fight back. You know I've got a warped sense of humour. And I was as surprised as you when it did happen probably more so but..."

"Yeh, BUT!" Doyle interrupted.

"Let me finish, will you. But I'm not sorry about anything I'm glad. GLAD it did happen."

Doyle sat down on the edge of the settee. Bodie followed and handed Doyle his still untouched drink.

"Look relax. Unwind. I'm not going to rape you every single night or anything like that. I'm just asking you to allow your emotions to surface. Never mind conventions throw away the so called rule book and just follow your instincts."

They drank and talked well into the night. Doyle unsure, questioning. Bodie confident and answering seriously, although now and again his weird sense of humour almost ruined everything he had gained. Conversation eventually ebbed and silence once more reigned. This time, though, the silence was not an uncomfortable one. Each had his own thoughts and feelings to analyse.

Bodie made the first move. He leant over and kissed Doyle almost formally. Doyle responded hesitantly.

Bodie indicated the bedroom door.

"You go ahead. I'll undress out here. I'll be in in a minute," Doyle promised.

Bodie went through and undressed casually, easily, and dropped on to the bed, lay and watched the ceiling.

Eventually Doyle approached the bedroom door. He abruptly stopped fighting, flung his qualms, postponements and indecisions aside and hurried in.

Bodie heard the door open. Saw Doyle plunge through the door naked and stand in the middle of the room. Bodie got up and moved towards him. Stopped about half a pace away, eyes full of power. Doyle calm and waiting. Bodie ran his fingers down Doyle's back, up and down again, finally resting on his waist. He stopped, trying to remain still.

Doyle smiled. "My turn" and not moving his body, only hands, he caressed Bodie for a few moments.

They kissed fiercely, staggered backwards and at the last moment, collapsed on the bed.

Bodie vowed he was not going to rush Doyle. He was not going to spoil things by rushing but he did not reckon on his partner's participation.

Doyle lay wrapped in Bodie's arms and had his chin on Bodie's shoulder. He lifted his head Bodie's lips were there. Doyle's right hand hooked on Bodie's neck and pulled him down. Doyle kissed, his tongue like a puppy lapping spilt milk. It was like turning the switch of an electric motor.

They made love.

Eventually they fell asleep and dozed until dawn.

Doyle's eyes half opened, saw daylight, felt too comfortable to get up and snuggled back to sleep alongside Bodie.

The movement wakened Bodie and he looked down at his partner.

"You awake?"


"How about breakfast?"

"The name's Doyle not Duncan."

"I know but it is your flat and I am your invited guest remember."

"Mmm. Alright but you get up too. I'm not doing all the work."

"I'll tidy the bedroom while you have a shower," promised Bodie.

"O.K." said Doyle and headed for the bathroom.

"Fool," thought Bodie and settled back down to sleep.

When Doyle emerged from the bathroom, Bodie was exactly where he expected him to be and he headed straight for the fridge for some ice cubes.

After insertion of the ice cubes down his back, Bodie pinned Doyle to the bed and described certain niceties he was going to inflict on his partner later that night.

"Not here, you're not," promised Doyle.

"What do you mean?" demanded Bodie. All hilarity faded.

"Well," smiled Doyle. "We're certainly not going to spend the next two weeks in my apartment. We're supposed to be on holiday, remember."

For once Bodie was lost for words.

"Where do you suggest we go, Bodie?"

"How about the Continent?"

"You're joking. On our wages?"

"O.K. wise guy. Where do you suggest?"

"How about camping. Taking in some fishing, mountain climbing. Loads of fresh air."

"Separate sleeping bags?" questioned Bodie and held his breath to see if his partner had at last accepted their relationship.

"Yeh, separate sleeping bags. Why?"

Bodie sat up and turned his back on Doyle shoulders hunched in defeat.

"Could be fun in a single sleeping bag. Night about" Doyle laughed at the expression on Bodie's face and had to duck to avoid a flying pillow.

"Why you %&#$@/#!" and chased after Doyle.

Sometime later the bags were packed and ready to load into the car.

"What about when we get back," Bodie asked.

"Stop worrying, Bodie, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

-- THE END --

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