The One-Born-Every-Minute Drabble



"Don't yelp, Doyle--goes through my head like a knife."

Doyle modulated his tone. "Amnesia? You and Cowley?"

"Partial last week never happened."

"Hope Cowley hasn't forgot our rise."

"Pull the other one, mate."

"You don't remember?" Doyle looked crestfallen. "And...Thursday night?"

"What about it?"

"Oh Bodie!" Sobbing, Doyle buried his face in his hands. "How could you forget making love with me?"

"Er...did I enjoy myself?"

"Ohhh," wailed Doyle. "S-said it was the most b-beautiful experience of your life."

"Then...I suppose...I want to do it again."

Doyle smiled slyly into his hands.

-- THE END --

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