That Tiny Spectre of Green



Bodie whistled softly to himself as he fitted his key in the door. He felt sated and sore. The stitches were not happy with him, but other parts of his anatomy were. He was also pleased that he had thrown a spanner into Doyle's plans. It wasn't often he got to tweak his partner.

He opened the door to the lounge and was not surprised to see Doyle sprawled over his sofa, feet up and boots off. He was a vision in his dark cords and sage silk shirt, despite the fading black eye and the plasters. Bodie took a deep breath and smiled sweetly.

"How was the match then?" Bodie's eyes had a naughty glint.

Doyle sipped his drink nonchalantly, but his observation was intense. Bodie was wearing his double-breasted brown jacket and his obscenely tight cream trousers. He knew Doyle liked that on him, so he posed subtly and to great effect. He could almost feel Doyle's eyes raking over him.

"Good fun. What about yours?"

"Very nice indeed. She...ahhh...accepted my apologies in a most gracious manner," Bodie looked smug.

Doyle frowned slightly and licked the whisky from his lips. His eyes glittered. He stood, then slowly began to walk towards Bodie. Every line of his body radiated danger.

"What's up, Ray?"

Bodie felt his nerves prickle. He unconsciously backed away from his partner. Doyle came closer.

"I had plans," his voice was pitched low.

"I'll wager you did."

Bodie's mouth got suddenly dry. Doyle's eyes held him, like a mongoose holds a cobra. Warning bells sounded in his head.

"You fouled them up," Doyle purred.

"Did I then?"

Bodie found himself backed up against the wall by the lounge door. Doyle stood right up against him. Their lips almost touched. Long fingered hands slipped forward to undo Bodie's jacket buttons, then reached behind him and locked the door. Bodie's heart beat faster.

"Yeah, you did. And I think you'll make it up to me now."

A shark toothed grin spread over Doyle's face. He pulled Bodie's jacket open with barely restrained roughness. Bodie flushed. He tried to move, to put room between himself and his partner, but Doyle shifted with him and prevented any escape. He slipped his hands under Bodie's jacket and let them glide lightly over his captive's thick torso. There was a sharp intake of breath and Bodie's lips quivered slightly.

"S'wrong mate? She not do you proper?"

Bodie could only respond with a non-committal grunt. Doyle's hands were warm against him. His busy fingers pulled Bodie's shirt tails up and out of the way. He clucked when they encountered Bodie's undershirt. It was swiftly slipped up as well. Doyle's hot fingers drifted along Bodie's exposed skin. They skimmed around to feel for the newest scars on his back. Bodie twitched as Doyle stroked them.

"Still sore are yeh? How naughty of your nurse to make you work so hard."

He plastered himself against Bodie, rolling their hips together. Both men's breathing quickened. A small moan escaped before Bodie could stop it.

"Make you be on top did she? That's your least favourite place my son, innit?"

Doyle grabbed the back of Bodie's neck and pulled him into a searing kiss. Bodie melted against him. He suddenly realised that what he had earlier thought of as satisfaction, was nothing of the sort. It dawned on him that his dalliance with the nurse had neither the heat nor the excitement of an encounter with Doyle. His cock had leapt to life the moment Doyle had fixed him with his blazing green gaze. He wanted Doyle as if he hadn't had any in weeks, not merely hours.

"Ray...." Bodie's voice was a harsh whisper.

Doyle swiped his tongue over Bodie's lips. He pulled away quickly and slithered towards the bedroom. Bodie watched Doyle's tight bum sashay across the room and out of sight. He took a deep breath, then shrugged out of his coat and put it neatly over the sofa. He quickly undid his tie and laid it carefully on his coat. He slid out of his shoes, then started to undo his shirt. He stopped mid-button when Doyle reappeared in the doorway motioning to him.

"Uh Uh...Sunshine. Over here."

Doyle's voice was pitched to the command tone that Bodie knew he would instantly obey. He was startled when Doyle's hands covered his and pulled him over to the bed. He didn't even remember crossing the floor. Doyle impatiently extracted Bodie from his shirts, exposing pale, well-muscled flesh. His warm lips traced patterns over Bodie's stomach and chest. Doyle then sat on the edge of the bed, bringing Bodie closer. He trailed his tongue over his partner's exposed navel. His hands greedily roamed over Bodie's bum cheeks. Bodie sucked in ragged breaths. His fingers tangled tightly in Doyle's auburn curls.

"S'ok pet. A shame that. And Nursie didn't make it all better..." Doyle cooed.

There was a hungry gleam in Doyle's eyes as he slowly peeled Bodie out of his trousers and briefs. His hot hands leisurely stroked Bodie's eager cock. It grew steadily under his touch. His tongue snaked out and flicked lightly at the tip. His fingers possessively handled Bodie's balls.

"All hot and bothered still? I'll just have to do the job she didn't."

"Only you can, Sunshine," he whispered huskily.

Bodie's hips moved with every swipe of Doyle's tongue, his head lolled back and his eyes closed. Suddenly the teasing tongue was gone and Doyle's grip grew tighter.

"I own you, Bodie. Don't forget that."

Doyle's voice was a growl. The threat aroused Bodie even further. He gasped softly.

"I didn't hear an answer, Bodie."

Doyle teased his tongue back over Bodie's cock.


"What was that, Pet?"

Doyle's tongue returned and flicked faster.

"Yes! All right, you bloody own me," Bodie panted. "She was nothing, Ray. It was just to apologise. I said rotten things that she didn't deserve to hear."

"Yeah...well, what you gonna do to apologise to me then?"

Doyle's mouth engulfed him. The pleasure was so intense Bodie could barely speak. He moaned loudly when Doyle let him slip free.

"Anything...I'll do anything you want."

"I just wanted to be sure."

The tension in Bodie's nerves relaxed. Doyle seemed to have made his point and, for the moment, the storm seemed to be over.

"All right then."

Doyle looked up at Bodie and smiled. He grabbed Bodie's hips and tipped him onto the bed. They kissed lightly at first, then more deeply. Doyle's assault was methodic. His lips moved slowly down Bodie's throat, leaving small rosy marks in their wake. He laved Bodie's chest and stomach, his tongue making distracted patterns along white skin. When Bodie's hands moved to stroke his hair, Doyle growled his annoyance and grabbed Bodie's wrists. He held them down on the bed and continued his way across Bodie's muscular thigh. His tongue swiped up his partner's straining cock. They both moaned. Doyle's mouth teased and tormented. Bodie was trapped by the rough silk of Doyle's shirt on his thighs and by Doyle's tongue playing over his cock. He couldn't move, so he simply lay back and let Doyle do whatever he wanted. He felt the wicked tip of Doyle's tongue flick over him again. It tickled and trailed under the sensitive head of his cock until he begged for mercy.

"Ray...please. You're killing me."

Doyle chuckled, sending a buzz throughout Bodie's body. He was sucked and savoured until he thought he couldn't take anymore. His orgasm raced down to his toes and zinged up his nerves until he was sure it made his hair stand on end. He swore he had screamed. Doyle sat back and licked his lips clean.

"Yeah. I think I'm sure now."

"Sure?" Bodie breathed, slightly confused.

"You're mine all right. I can do whatever the hell I like with you."

He ran his hand possessively up Bodie's thigh.

"Knew that already, didn't you?"

Bodie smiled absently down at the marks Doyle had left all over him. He brushed at them with his fingers.

"You didn't need to mark me, Ray. Everyone knows I belong to you."

The crease between Doyle's brows smoothed.

"That bloody nurse didn't."

Bodie grinned at the petulant look on his partner's face.

"Wouldn't bet on that. She noticed you being there all the time. Asked me about you. When I said we worked together, she smiled. Asked if all's we did together was work."

Doyle chuckled, "She never. And what do you mean 'everyone knows'?"

"You can't fool me, Ray, I know what's going on in that curly noggin of yours. You think too much, that's your problem. Everyone knows that we come as a set. Even our girls catch on to it sooner or later. Cowley calls me looking for you, and he calls you looking for me. The lads give us stick about being old marrieds, and half of them mean it. What we have is different from other people, Ray. You come before everyone else. I thought you knew that."

Bodie's hands moved to cup his partner's face. Doyle tried to shy away but Bodie held him fast. He leaned in and took possession of Doyle's mouth. Doyle grabbed Bodie's shoulders and wrested away control of the kiss. Bodie let him. Doyle ravaged his mouth, until they both were gasping. Bodie sniggered and stuck his tongue in Doyle's ear.

"Was hoping you were gonna fuck me," he whispered.

Doyle smiled, pulling Bodie into a full body embrace. He seemed unable to stop touching the smooth, hot flesh.

"I will."

Bodie's face grew smug again. Anticipation glowed in his eyes. He let his fingers trail along Doyle's trouser leg. He then tried to sneak a pull at his belt buckle. Doyle intercepted his hands. He lightly stroked Bodie's mussed hair.

"Not just yet."

Bodie groaned and flopped back. Doyle flashed a bright grin before patting him on the knee and disentangling himself.

"Get some rest. I want those stitches better before I nail you to the mattress. And no lying. I'll know."

Bodie saluted and crawled under the sheets. He realised how drained he was as his eyes started to drift shut.

"And you'd better be good for more than two a night, Sunshine," Doyle laughed.

"Yeah, well, didn't tell you how many times I made it with the nurse, did I?"

"Remember, Bodie, I know when you're lying...."

"Yeah. I know. Look, why don't you stay?"

Bodie saw the indecision in Doyle's stance. He turned on the charm. He sprawled artfully, scratching at an imaginary itch on his stomach. He stretched languidly, making sure the sheet slipped down a bit further. Doyle's eyes followed the movement. Bodie smiled as Doyle sat back down.

"Ray. C'mon. It'll help the stitches heal faster. Please."

Bodie's eyes went all soft. Only part of it was an act. He did his best pleading face until Doyle relented.

"Yeah, well."

Bodie beamed as Doyle stripped off. Doyle shook his head and slipped in beside his partner.

"Turn off the lights, you. And go to sleep."

Bodie chortled, wrapped himself around Doyle and obeyed.

-- THE END --

June 2003

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