In the Middle of All This Greek Stuff


Missing scene from Killer with the Long Arm

Bodie and Doyle wandered into the rest room grumbling. It was very late and the building was almost empty, but Doyle's mind had not been able stop working on the case. He droned on until Bodie got irritated.

"But Ray.... It's me day off."

"Shut up Bodie. The answer is here somewhere. It just requires some work."

Doyle parked himself at the desk and began to shuffle through the papers piled on it. Bodie pulled off his jacket and hung it on a hangar behind the door. He flicked the lock on the door, then loosened his tie and flopped onto the couch. Eying the back of Doyle's head, he smiled and blew lightly into his partner's hair. Springy curls wobbled in the breeze. Doyle sighed and turned to face his friend. Green eyes narrowed in speculation.

"What are you doing?"

Bodie didn't bother to hide his interest. They had been back and forth for months and Bodie had decided enough was enough. His eyes slid over Doyle's crumpled teal shirt and followed the line of his exposed neck.

"Enjoying the view...."

Doyle smiled as well. He slid the chair out from behind the desk and leaned forward to face Bodie. The air between them grew warmer.

"Really? What view do you mean?"

Bodie snorted inelegantly. He let his gaze rake over Doyle from head to crotch.

"Come off it Ray. I wasn't totally out of it after we got Krivas. You were in my lap for Chrissakes."

Doyle's smile grew feral. The electricity sparked between them again, as it had been doing for some time.

"All this Greek talk got you going then?"

Bodie rolled his eyes. He reached out and ran his knuckles lightly over Doyle's arm.

"You seem to know a great deal about it, Sunshine."

Doyle moved closer.

"Yeah. I happen to have some good, practical experience with it."

Surprise, then anticipation lit Bodie's face.

"Amazing you are. Sometimes your depth of knowledge confounds me."

Doyle leaned across Bodie's sprawled form. He let his eyes roam over Bodie's face then rest pointedly on his partner's leering smile.

"Yeah, well, it's not too hard to confound you. Is it?"

Doyle's parted lips hung tantalisingly over his mouth. Bodie's fingers delicately stroked them. He slipped his arm around Doyle's neck and slowly drew him into a kiss. He held himself back, only lightly nipping Doyle's lips and using light flicks of his tongue. Doyle's fingers caressed his cheek. Suddenly Bodie's tie felt very constricting.

"Mmm, quite nice, Bodie my lad," Doyle moved back and licked his lips.

"Interested in more?" Bodie's eyes were smouldering.

Doyle undid Bodie's tie and slipped it free. He flicked open the top button of Bodie's collar and ran his fingers slowly up the smooth white neck.

"Yeah. I think so."

Doyle leaned back in and they kissed again. Bodie's fingers toyed with Doyle's buttons, opening the shirt a bit wider. He slipped his hand in, resting it on his partner's furry chest. The heat from Doyle's body warmed him. The flush ran up from his fingers to his ears.

"Mmmm. Like having my own heating unit."

"Wait till you get me going."

Doyle swarmed over Bodie, pushing him flat onto his back. They laughed and wrestled on the couch together, trying to get each other's clothes out of the way. Doyle's nimble fingers got Bodie's trousers undone first.

"Shift that big arse of yours, Bodie!"

Doyle managed to yank Bodie's trousers and pants down a bit and teasingly caressed the soft flesh of his belly. He rimmed Bodie's navel very lightly, then nipped his way down towards his goal. Bodie tried not to squeal, but the rippling of his stomach gave him away.

"Ohhh ticklish are we? You've been holding out."

Doyle's tongue flicked its way around Bodie's middle. Bodie held his breath, refusing to give in to the light brushes. His hands dug into the heavy vinyl of the couch, but he held steady.

"Holding your breath, Sunshine? You'll turn blue doing that."

"Already turned blue...watching you climb stairs for the last 2 years."

Doyle chuckled and slid up Bodie until their lips met. The friction of Doyle's clothes along his skin made him exhale in a long shuddering sigh. They kissed hard, until Doyle's bubbling laughter broke them apart.

"Knew you just wanted my arse...."

Bodie giggled as he kneaded Doyle's plush bottom. He had managed to get his partner's trousers undone and insinuate his hands between skin and cloth.

"Do you ever wear pants, Doyle?"

"Nah...ruins the line of my jeans."

Doyle's fingers dug into Bodie's shoulders as they rocked against each other for a few moments. The sounds of their combined gasping became harsher as their need grew.


"Yeah too."

Doyle shifted himself off Bodie, shoving his own trousers over his hips and freeing his eager cock. Bodie seized Doyle by the hips, pulling at him until they rubbed against one another, unimpeded by cloth. He buried his face in Doyle's neck, chewing and licking until a sharp flick on his ear made him cry out.


"Ease off Bodie! I don't wear roll necks."

"Miserable sod. Ruin a man's fun you do."

Doyle laughed and sat back. He brushed aside Bodie's shirt and took them both in hand. He slowly squeezed, then ran his thumb over the tips of their leaking cocks.

"This not fun then?"

Pleasure swam through Bodie's veins. He wrapped his hands around Doyle's, adding to the pressure.

"Be better when you get a move on."

Doyle's hand began to move in an easy rhythm, but Bodie was beyond that. Doyle's crooked grin was soon replaced by a look of bliss as Bodie forced an increase in speed. Their mutual lust drained itself all over Bodie's stomach. Neither moved for a moment, they just panted together.


Bodie's smile was stupid and satisfied. He absently rubbed his stomach, making Doyle laugh.

"And you call me a messy bugger."

Doyle picked up Bodie's hand and sucked in a slick finger. He chuckled wickedly, then used Bodie's shirt as a towel.

"You're all sticky now, mate...."

"Hey, that's not all me, is it?"

Doyle laughed. He rubbed his bottom teasingly against Bodie's thighs, then eased himself off the couch. He licked his lips again as he set himself to rights. Bodie's eyes drank in each movement. He snickered as Doyle reached out a hand to help him up.

"Can't get up...."

"I'll take that as a compliment."

Bodie snorted and thrust his hands under his own bottom.

"Nah mate. Me arse is stuck to the couch...."

He winced as skin separated from vinyl. He pouted his best pout as he stood and rubbed his bottom. Doyle laughed and enjoyed the view as he watched Bodie finish stripping out of his clothes and amble slowly towards the rest room shower. Bodie turned and grinned at Doyle's smirk. He threw his damp shirt at Doyle's head. Doyle made a face and held it up by two fingers.

"Use this to clean up, shall I?"

Bodie's reply was cut off by the sound of rushing water.

-- THE END --


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