Dance Floor


Bodie let the crowd move him around. The press of bodies was tight and the thundering music blocked out everything but sensation. His white linen shirt was soaked and transparent. His black trousers hugged each ample curve. He smiled as another hand slid over his plump bottom. He so adored being appreciated. He squinted from the strobing lights until he finally spotted Doyle in the morass.

"Oi Ray!"

His voice was lost in the thud of the bass. Bodie shouldered his way towards the gyrating figure of his partner. More hands slid across him as he moved. One brave soul actually dragged a palm across his crotch. He smiled broadly, as whoever it was had got a handful. He wondered if they had enjoyed it as much as he had. He lofted the bottles of beer over his head and waved one at Doyle. He gulped thirstily at his own, letting the cool fizz run down his throat. A large, slim fingered hand snatched the other bottle from his slick grip. Glowing green eyes sparkled at him as Doyle tipped his own bottle back. Bodie enjoyed the view as condensation and sweat trickled over his partner's chin and down his neck. Doyle wiped his face with his bottle.

"Hot innit?" they mouthed in unison.

Both men smiled and returned to jiggling with the beat. Bodie liked watching Doyle dance. Watching that wiry form undulate to whatever the club happened to be playing was a rarely indulged in pleasure. And a pleasure it was this time as well. A sweat soaked, sage coloured silk shirt clung to Doyle's broad shoulders. Only the bottom two buttons were still fastened, showing off his fuzzy chest and trim tum. His jeans were old, worn and well fitting. Bodie had occasionally managed to manoeuver a hand or two into one of those tight back pockets. He was thinking about doing just that when Doyle brushed a hip up against him. A wicked throbbing began in his groin. Bodie tried to ignore it. Moments later, Doyle's thigh rubbed against him in the press. It remained far longer than it should have. So, the randy old toad was at it again. Bodie chuckled and tossed back more of his beer. He snorted some of it as the crowd shifted and unceremoniously knocked him into Doyle. A steely arm locked around his waist. Bodie smiled. He liked the feel of Doyle's arm around him. He was pulled closer until they were mashed together into a single sweaty unit. Bodie's smile grew. He slipped his arms around Doyle's shoulders, wiggling against him. No one knew them here. No one cared what they did either, Ibiza being Ibiza. Bodie let himself relax into the embrace. They moved together for some time before Bodie felt Doyle's bottle of beer being slid up and down the crack of his arse. Like his trousers weren't wet and clammy enough already. He put his lips close to Doyle's ear and shouted into it.

"What're you doing Ray?"

A crooked grin was all the answer he received. Bodie shrugged and blew across Doyle's bare neck. Odd to see so much of it after so long, but Doyle had clipped his hair short in the last year and Bodie had found that his partner's neck was now very sensitive. He blew again. A little shiver rippled through Doyle's frame. His lips pulled at a greying, wet wave plastered near Doyle's ear. In response, Bodie felt a hand replacing the bottle. He pulled back slightly, but Doyle's grip was strong. He saw devilment flashing in Doyle's green eyes and an evil smile quirk across his lips. Bodie vainly tried to slide away.

"Ray.... C'mon don't," he shouted to no effect.

Doyle's gaze raked hungrily over Bodie. He sucked down the rest of his beer, his tongue lasciviously running around and into the top of the bottle. He winked and let the bottle slide to the floor. He manoeuvered Bodie back into his grip and held him tightly. They bounced together to the rhythm of the music, their bodies touching everywhere. Bodie could feel how aroused Doyle was. He was in a similar state himself.

Doyle began to stroke Bodie's arse. He tickled the underside of each cheek. Bodie giggled and squirmed. The pulse of the pounding rhythm grew faster, dragging them with it. Bodie resigned himself to his fate. Well, he had been thrown out of better places than this and for far worse. Doyle's hands gripped him like he was testing melons. Doyle's thick denim fly rubbed heavily against the thin cotton of his trousers. Bodie's cock twitched in appreciation. Doyle smiled at him and began to grind in earnest. In retaliation, Bodie drew the cool bottle across the back of Doyle's neck. It didn't quite have the effect he thought it would. Doyle's hips ground against him more forcefully. Bodie sighed and ground back. The crowd was so close that they were almost alone. Bodie could feel himself going flush with the heat of the room and of the feel of Doyle's body rubbing against him. The crowd kept them going to the increasing tempo. Bodie cried out when Doyle's teeth began to ravage his neck. No one heard or cared. The beer bottle slipped unnoticed from his fingers. As his head fell back, Doyle's teeth teased around to his throat. The roiling pleasure in his gut was amazing. God but only Ray ever got him going like this. And in public besides. Must really be getting old to let him get away with this. He was thankful that his trousers were dark and already wet. Bodie gasped and fell heavily against Doyle, when his knees gave out with the force of his orgasm. It took him a few beats to realise it was the crowd was holding him up, not Doyle. Bodie leaned back and looked at Doyle's face. His eyes were hooded and dark, an expression of deep pleasure in them. A satisfied smirk played over his full lips. His fingers stroked Bodie's throat.

"My turn now," Doyle mouthed.

Bodie smiled. He slipped his hands from Doyle's shoulders and gripped his partner's waist. They didn't go all the way around anymore, but to be truthful, Bodie liked it better that way. He teased his thumbs up and down Doyle's denim covered cock. Doyle's eyes closed and his hips moved with more urgency. It only took a small increase in pressure before Doyle collapsed against Bodie's still heaving chest. His hands stroked lazily up and down Bodie's broad back. The leisurely pace of the petting was at odds with the still thundering music. Bodie yelped as Doyle pinched him on the bum.

"Let's go," Doyle shouted, pointing towards the bar.

Bodie rolled his eyes and allowed the crowd to push them towards the edge of the dance floor. Several unfamiliar hands groped Bodie before they made it out of the morass. He was now getting very tired and he was sure his bottom was bruised. The noise had lessened enough for them to hear each other's harsh pants.

"C'mere Sunshine...."

Doyle pulled him into a fast kiss. They smiled mischievously at each other. Bodie felt the faint stirrings of interest in his gut again. He let out a startled yelp as Doyle got a good grip on his waistband and started dragging him towards the exit.



"Where are we goin?"

He prayed that the destination was not another club.

"Bath and bed, my dear."

Bodie masked his relief with a snide comment.

" gettin old Ray? Sleep...this soon?"

"Who said anything about sleep? I said bed."

Doyle's eyes flashed merrily. Bodie laughed as he was pulled into the sultry island night.

-- THE END --


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