A First Effort


Bodie sprawled bonelessly on Doyle's settee. He was currently shirtless and still quite blood stained. Doyle hovered over him, inspecting the wreckage.

"You've done yourself a mischief you have."

Doyle poked around Bodie's battered nose. It didn't look to be broken, just a bit mashed. He dropped a bag of ice over the worst of it.

"Get some nice licks in did yeh?"

"Shut up, Doyle."

Bodie hated the ice pack. It was too cold. He flopped his head around causing it to fall on the rug with a crunch. Doyle smiled indulgently and picked up the ice pack. He gently returned it to where it would do the most good.

"You are a mad fool, aren't yeh?" Doyle smirked.

"Easy on the fool part."

"Right well, at least you admit to the mad. Right amazing you were, standing there in front of Cowley all bloodied up. I thought he was going to have a stroke."

A gurgling snort issued from beneath the ice pack.

"I think he liked it."

"What, Cowley?"

"Yeah. Never know what people are into, do you?"

"True enough."

Bodie sighed and ran a hand over his chest. Gooseflesh pimpled up in its wake. He shivered slightly. Doyle's gaze lingered hotly.

"Get us a shirt, Sunshine? I'm going all frosty sitting here in the altogether."

"Not till you're clean, mate. I don't want your blood all over my gear."

"Not my blood, Sunshine. Didn't lay a hand on me."

"Oh yeah? Where'd this come from then?"

Doyle tapped a long finger against a blackening welt. Bodie let out a yelp.

"Mind where you poke. I'm delicate."

"Yeah yeah, like a fine piece of machinery. Heard that before. Let's have a look at your crank case, shall we?"

Doyle handled Bodie lavishly. He poked and prodded until he was satisfied there was nothing more serious than some heavy bruising. He noticed Bodie's breathing had got a bit more ragged.

"Sure you're alright?"

Doyle smiled as he looked into his partner's glittering eyes. He leisurely trailed one hand over Bodie's muscular thigh. The resulting twitch and sigh were enough to confirm his suspicions. Oh yes, this could indeed be a great deal of fun.

"Yeah, I'm sure, Doyle."

Bodie swallowed hard and tried to regain control of himself. He shifted his leg away from Doyle's hand.

"Well, I think you're all right too."

General mischief danced across Doyle's face. He straddled Bodie's lap and took his partner's face in both hands. Bodie stiffened in more places than one.

"But let's have a look at those eyes, my son. Chance of concussion and that, hmmm?"

Doyle moved the ice pack from Bodie's nose to balance on his naked chest. The sudden shock of cold on his now overly warm skin made him shiver, causing the ice pack to slide farther down. He inhaled harshly as the cool wetness turned his nipple into a small aching pebble.

"Too cold on your delicate parts, eh? Warm them up again shall I?"

Doyle tossed the ice pack out of the way. He breathed across Bodie's chest then began to massage him lightly. A strangled noise resembling "Oh Christ" escaped Bodie's lips. His hands clamped around Doyle's wrists and held him fast. They both did nothing but breathe heavily for a few moments.

"I thought you were checking for concussion," he finally managed aloud.

"Just getting your circulation going."

"Yeah, well, right, you done that."

Bodie sighed and flopped his head was back over the top of the settee. His eyes slipped shut again and his grip on Doyle's wrists loosened. His long expanse of white throat showed bruises and cuts. It was the same down over his shoulders and chest. Bodie's muscles sagged. Exhaustion was winning over sexual tension, but Doyle found he couldn't resist one last torment. He shifted in Bodie's lap, pressing them more closely together. He clearly felt the awakened interest pushing back. He patted Bodie on the cheek.

"You miserable teasing sod," Bodie ground out, too tired to retaliate further.

"Teasin' am I?"

"Aren't you?" Bodie's thoughts grew confused. He took refuge in the usual. "Oi, I thought you didn't want my blood all over your gear?"

"I don't. Right then, lets get you out of all this and into the bath."

Doyle scrambled up and disappeared into the bath. Bodie groaned and heaved himself up. He adjusted his semi-alert cock and addressed it severely.

"Enough out of you tonight."

"What?" Doyle's voice carried even over the bath filling.


Bodie made his way to Doyle's bath with great effort. Fighting Krivas had drained him emotionally and he didn't think he had had any of those left to drain. And now Doyle was acting out. Stupid teasing bastard. He must know then.

"That obvious is it?"

"Yes it is, you dumb crud."

Bodie jumped when he realized he had spoken aloud. Doyle herded him into the bathroom and threw towels at him.

"You're dead on your feet mate. Obvious enough for anyone. Now get in that bath before you fall in. And don't drown on me."

The door slammed shut. Bodie snapped to. Orders were good. He liked orders. So did his cock which twitched at him again. He sighed and stripped. It hurt to move. He must be getting soft. The water was hot and muscles he had forgotten about gratefully unclenched. He started awake to pounding on the door.

"Bodie! up and out. You'll shrivel."

"Yeah alright."

The water had gone a bit cool. Bodie washed quickly and got out. Covered in several towels and Doyle's robe, he pulled the plug and flung open the door. His partner was waiting there, draped in the doorway.

"C'mon my son. Off to bed."

Bodie made to grumble but Doyle was having none of it.

"Bed. Now!"

Old reflexes died hard. The towels were on the floor and Bodie in bed before his mind had processed the words. Doyle wandered over and smiled down on him with sweetness.

"Sleepy byes now Bodie. I'm off to interrogate your friends. Cowley says you're not to come."

"Good thing then. Too tired to come...." Bodie burbled at his own joke.

Doyle reached down and tucked him in. He ran a fingertip lightly over Bodie's mashed nose. His partner was already asleep.

"Yeah, looks like you were."

Doyle patted Bodie's cheek and quietly left for headquarters.

-- THE END --

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