Jesus, this is really getting to me.

Obbos are usually boring as hell, so you never turn down a chance of catching anything more... interesting in any other windows nearby. And this could definitely be classed as interesting.

Can't fault CI5 equipment...

... and speaking of equipment, that guy's hung like a horse. He's just standing there wanking, for all the world (or those with the right technology) to see. Almost as though he knows, or he's hoping, that there's somebody out there to admire the performance.

Have to admit that I know that feeling myself. Wouldn't ever admit as much, though.

Dammit, I've got a hard-on and a half - if that's possible - and in these jeans it's killing me.

A little touch wouldn't hurt, either.

No. Musn't. Not even with Bodie sleeping like the dead over there.

He's always going on about me jeans doing permanent damage to me family jewels because I wear 'em tight and at this moment damage is definitely becoming a possibility.

Yeah, I'll just undo the zip.

Much better.

Just a little touch. No.



I mean there's nothing wrong with a wank... And as for the job, what are the odds that after - what - 48 hours here, something's going to happen in the next ten minutes?

He's got a good body, whoever he is. Got to give him that. Not that I go for men's bodies. Never did - just a bit of a turn on, watching him enjoying himself like that.

Damn zip. Getting in the way a bit. Just slide me jeans down a bit.

You've got to hand it to him (oh, good one): he's making a right old meal of it.

Oh, even better. He's got a bird there. Wandering in, starkers, and standing there watching him. Daft sod... why the hell keep up the DIY when she's there?

Ah, good lad. That's right, let her do the hard work.

God. Toys as well. Oh, missus, you randy little cow you. And she really does like that inside her. Pretty realistic for a bit of plastic, too.

That's it, love, tease the tip of his cock. He'll like that.

Yeah... like... that.

Wonder how Maria would take to this sort of stuff? I mean she's adventurous enough. Wonder if she has a vibrator?

Would be quite good if they moved on a little now.

Oh, they are. Or rather she is. Kneeling in front of him, but they've turned around a bit. Most obliging. She's quite the artist too by the looks of it, teasing his balls like that as she sucks. Quite the pro.

My fingers are starting to get sticky. Not half as sticky as they'll be before long, at this rate...

Really must stop.

Particularly as Bodie's awake. I know he is. Don't know how, but I do.

Oh, sod it. He doesn't know I know.

Too far gone to stop now. He wouldn't dare call me on it anyway, right?

Oh nice. What they're doing and what I'm doing.

They're taking it all nice and slow, I must say.

Slower than me, in fact, or rather than my own hand.

Blimey. Oh, she likes that. Mind, what bird in her right mind doesn't enjoy a good hard finger fuck and she's certainly having a ball by the way she's wiggling her arse. He's doing a good job on the 'making sure she's happy' angle, must say. Paying plenty of attention to her clit. Never fails, that.

She's really into this by the way she's tossing her head around. Wish I could get the sound... effects... and I'm...

No. Can hold it a bit longer. Wish I'd got a towel. Yeah, I'll get one as they're taking a break, heading for the bed. Can't miss that part.

That was quick. And Bodie's still pretending he's fast asleep. Good.

So where have they got to?

The guy's lying on his back, and he's still rock hard. Not the only one, mate.

Tiny sounds behind me. If I'm not mistaken Bodie's getting into the spirit of things too. Ever so discreetly. Randy sod. Getting turned on watching me getting turned on.

Ah, right. Time for her on top. He's throwing his head back. She's got her hands on his balls. And she's rising and falling. Can see her sliding up and down his cock, all wet... and by the looks of it he's... about to...

And he's... not the... only one.



Always been handy, being able to pretend you're asleep when you're not. I dunno what Doyle's up to but he's fidgeting.

What the...

Ah. Don't think it's just a case of making room in his... oh no. Definitely not.

What are you looking at, my lad?

Well, if you want a wank, have a wank. Just make sure you tell me which room's the interesting one when it's my turn.

Some hope, considering I ended up with evenings as part of my off-watch hours. Damn.

No, I'm not going to watch. Either Doyle having a bit of fun with his right hand or getting up and sharing the binoculars. Much as, if I'm honest with myself, I rather like watching anything as good as this must be if it's getting him quite this hot and bothered.

Getting me quite... interested meself, although the exciting bit's imagining what he's seeing, not admiring his technique.

Seen plenty of lads bringing themselves off in the army, anyway: question of coming across a guy behind a tree or something, and I'd leave 'im to it and found my own bit of space to do likewise if it gave me ideas. Some of the guys liked to watch others do it, though. Or they'd even do it together.

Weird. Would never go for that. Really must stop watching Doyle. He'd probably be embarrassed if he knew. Wouldn't he?

Even found some little prat peering at me once when I was communing with my right hand. And hell yes, I was embarrassed. I grabbed him and gave him a kick in the arse.

Oh my, Raymond.

Seen him in the showers, of course. But not quite... like that. Pretty well hung, really.

Had a girlfriend once who swore that men's cocks were in proportion to his feet, and Doyle's got big feet. Mind, it doesn't always hold true. I've got smaller feet but I'm sure mine's just...

Mine's just fine. And stirring. Definitely requiring discreet attention now.

Biggest I ever saw, when I come to think of it, was on a guy in my regiment who didn't stop at the wanking. Caught 'im with his trousers down and his cock... up. As in 'up one of the other lads'. Must say it wasn't up my street.

Wanking is normal. Screwing another bloke... isn't. Simple as that.

I know what turns me on right enough. I might talk about warm, willing and under fifty but under thirty's even better. Big boobs, preferably. Long legs if at all possible. And as for willing... most definitely. Nothing I like more than that moment when you know they're panting for it...

Ah. Panting going on over there. Dammit, I wish I could see what he's seeing. Just have to lie back and imagine.

Yeah, when they're panting for it and they're all warm and wet in there. Hot. Tight. Mirrors are good for that, so you can see...

Good thing I'm in the sleeping bag, and it's fairly dark over here.

Suppose Doyle must be fairly good in bed, really. I know he's had plenty recently from all the 'I've been laid' grins - and I bet that fiery bitch he's going out with must be good. Wonder how he takes her? Wouldn't mind watching that at all.

Ooops. What's he...

Ah. Towel. Wish I'd got one but with a bit of luck me spare T-shirt... Yep. Managed to reach for that very discreetly. Doyle's got his attention on other things now anyway and if I'm not wrong he's about to...

Right again.

There you go, sunshine. Feel better for that? Me, I'm still busy with my own lewd thoughts. Mixture of images, really. More thoughts of Doyle and Maria. Making a night of it with... whatsername. The one with the mirror on the ceiling.

Ah, Doyle's packed the jewels away and I'm...

... nearly...


Also a happier man now.

Night, sunshine. And ta for the idea.


Second room to the left, he said. And grinned when he rolled over and went to sleep. Didn't admit just exactly how excited it made him last night, although he wouldn't. Randy little toad.

Keep wondering if he knew I'd been watching. Something in his eyes.

Surely not. Wouldn't be a bit of an exhibitionist, our Ray. Would he?

Nothing happening across the road. Damn.

Did check the names on the door during a break, ran a few names when I got a chance, and it's a hooker's place all right. Or rather call girl. Class.

Bored. Hungry.

Slightly randy as well, because I was really hoping...

Car arriving. Bloody bus goes past so all I see is the door closing. Typical. Well somebody's there at least. Let the show begin, folks.

Ah. Oh. Naked guy. So where's the blonde?

Jesus Chris. Another guy. Another fucking guy.

Surely not. And 'fucking guy' seems to be highly appropriate because...

Ugh. Fiddling around each other. I am not, definitely not going to stay and watch if they...

Somebody else. Woman. Ah, now Raymond, me boy, if it's a threesome you were watching, no wonder...

Two guys and a woman, though... bit unsatisfactory. One guy and two women, now, I can recommend most highly.

Well it's a relief that there's a woman at all. For a minute I was starting to think Doyle had... tendencies.

Now that's interesting. Nothing like cutting straight to the action here. Girl on her knees and Guy A straight inside her. Wham.

Getting things stirring here, that. Suitably equipped too, thanks to the towel. Be prepared, right?

Must say the one watching's a big lad in every sense of the word. And getting himself pretty worked up as he watches. Guy A is watching him over the girl's shoulder. Seems fascinated.

Weird. Mind, Bodie, do remember you were watching Doyle at it last night.

Wonder what it would be like to share a bird with Ray?

Well, we could skip the 'fondling each other bit', for a start.

Yeah. Have to set ground rules if we ever did. Randy little sod that he is I'd put nothing past him. For all I know he could be into orgies or... just about anything.

Ahhhh... now that is definitely most watchable. She's sucking Guy B now. Girl sandwich.

That's right, ladies and gents. Take it to the bed... can still see over there pretty well.

Oh my. Oh my oh my. Towel time as this is definitely hot. She's on top of A and... enjoying herself and... B is....

Very kinky. Another sort of sandwich, that. Tried it with a woman myself, of course. Who was it that liked that so much? Candy? Sandy? Something that rhymed with randy anyway. Mandy, maybe?

Supposed at the time it must be the same if you're doing another man, although the idea of another man up my arse - no thanks.

These two definitely look like a couple of poofters. And if they're going to...

Dammit, they are. This time it's the girl who's watching and although the blokes are only snogging and rubbing against each other so far I have the feeling...

You're spoiling my fun, gents. Even starting to wilt a bit here. Must say that the guy about to get royally fucked, if I'm not mistaken, isn't complaining though.

No, let's face it. Not my scene, although they're definitely enjoying themselves.

Better. Much better. She's got a vibrator now and oh boy, does she know how to use it. What a view. Definitely.

She's enjoying a view of her own, mind.

Ah. Funny, never thought of two poofters doing it like that. Suppose I imagined it was doggy fashion or nothing but...

Must play hell with your knees. Not to mention the rest. Very fancy. Although I think Guy A is finding that a shade too athletic.

Now what are they...

Didn't think of one bloke on the other's lap either... but I'll ignore that and watch her bring the one on top off as she plays. Or rather the one on the bottom if you consider that he's sitting on that bloody great...

Good. Change coming up and it's not before time.

Blimey. Whole new angle to the sandwich stuff, that. All three of 'em on their hands and knees. We'll just block out the fact that the one on the right is male and screwing his mate's arse and concentrate on more conventional matters.

Oh yes, nicely aroused down there again now. Don't go and stop now, you three... Or at least the two that matter.

Can see him going in and out of her... now that's what I call worth watching. Definitely.

Here we go... nearly there.



That was... interesting, watching Bodie perform like that. He really, really gets off on watching.

Good thing I know how to look like I'm asleep.

I'm far better at it than he is. The pretending-to-sleep bit at least. Probably the wanking as well, although I wasn't in the mood for it again just then. Besides, he got the grandstand view so didn't need the added distraction of me doin' me stuff as well.

Wonder why he went off the boil a bit in the middle, though? Heaven forbid something was actually happening two doors down at the house we're keeping an eye on.

Nah, he'd have said. Think Cowley's given up on it anyway.

Maybe the guy's short and fat and hairy and can't get it up? Maybe the kinky stuff put him off, if she brought out the toys? Maybe that offends his macho image. Seem to think he once told me, when he was less than sober, that he likes his sex unadulterated and that there's enough variation without needing accessories.

Didn't exactly tell me he liked sex as a spectator sport though, did he? Mind, I didn't admit that although I'm as straight as he is, I might be a bit more open to the fancy stuff and showing off.

Wouldn't do gay sex, although I've let a couple of queers at art school watch me wank. Particularly since they paid me to do it, after a class I'd been modelling for. Strictly on a 'don't touch' basis, it was, but how could I refuse when they were so openly admiring of my equipment, eh? Certainly got 'em going, and by the time I'd... finished the show, they were definitely all set to screw each other through the posing couch.

Refused their offers to let me join in, though. Decided it really didn't turn me on, however open-minded I am.

Not that I'm against threesomes or even foursomes when there's birds involved, though. Definitely not.

Wonder what Bodie thinks about 'em? Maria was hinting a bit about it, telling me about this friend of hers who really wasn't getting any and likes the wild stuff.

Dunno if I should ask Bodie, although he never ceases to surprise me.

Tired now.

Should sleep, but I keep thinking of that time with Kim and... the other one with really big boobs. Was nice, that. Certainly gave 'em a memorable time even if I do say it myself. Can remember Kim now, all round-eyed, watching me deal with her mate and playing with herself. Or her mate getting me to lick Kim while she sat on me.

Mmmm. Down, boy.

Even enjoyed watching them fuck each other senseless. Hands and dildos all over the place. Nothing tasteless about that, but then I'm a guy.

No kidding.

Maybe women get off on watching two men?

Dunno. Don't care. Must get some sleep. Just wanted to make sure Bodie was enjoying the show.

Yeah, better just turn over and leave him to it, then forget about it. Besides, it's not the sort of stuff I could talk to Bodie about.

Can just imagine it. Me casually, out of the blue, telling him I can get off on being watched. During sex, that is. No bloody way.

Not bloke-talk at all, that.

If I'm honest, though, knowing Bodie was soaking it up seeing me watch the other two was...

Exciting. Yeah. And I'm pretty sure he was doing a good job imagining what I was seeing rather than just getting turned on by me. Let's face it, he doesn't want to fuck me any more than I want to fuck him, unless I've been reading him wrong for the past couple of years.

Thing is, though, I do like the idea of him watching me perform. Properly. With a highly talented female partner rather than just a quick and dirty solo. Was thinking about that from the moment I realised he was only pretending to be asleep, if I'm honest.

Hmmm. Remember letting another guy from art school - not one of the queers - watch me fuck... whatever her name was. Don't know who was the most excited in the end, to be honest, although it was probably me. Getting off from her being good and him just lying there, watching. Stroking her. Licking her. All while I was inside her, in one position or another. Course, I let him have her as well, but even then I could see him watching me lying there playing with meself.

Wouldn't let him touch me, of course only her, but he didn't seem to mind. Closest he got was to slide a hand under my balls when I took her from behind and I was too far gone to stop him at the time. He apologised afterwards, mind, and I said it didn't matter. It didn't. Know where my tastes lie.

God, that was quite a night. Or was it a weekend? All I remember is that it was good.

Sleep. Must sleep. Last night here, thank god.


Weird sort of day. Doyle kept disappearing. Things are winding down anyway.

Wonder if Cowley found it weird that I said I'd pop back to this flat as I'd lost a cufflink? First thing that came to mind, but he didn't react, just told me to take the keys and to do it on my own time. Can't think he'd have noticed I wasn't wearing a shirt, anyway.

And as for the binoculars, just happened to leave 'em in the car boot.

So come on, love. Where are you?

Who's she got there tonight? Preferably not another couple of bloody fairies. And heaven forbid she'll damn well take a night off. That would be just my luck.

Doyle asked me, all nonchalant, if I'd seen any "fun" last night, as he put it. Dammit, he even reorganised our shifts to make sure I'd been there at the right time, without letting on why at first, and I didn't complain. That was the kind, sharing side of my beloved partner coming out - which it does once in a blue moon when he's not playing the fiery, temperamental little prat.

Stupid sod that I am, I made some throwaway comment about a threesome in there and left it at that.

What sort, he'd asked, trying not to seem too interested.

I told him, but without going into any detail. I can do nonchalant too. That just got me one of those lewd grins of his.

The light's on, at least.

Yes! She's there, by the window. Not exactly over-dressed either.

Car pulling up. Only one person in it, which is good so far.


He must be coming here for another grandstand view, the little sod. Although he hasn't got the keys.

No. He can't be...

Christ. He's going in there for some first-hand experience. With her. Jesus Christ Almighty.

God, should I be doing this? What if he ever found out?

Shit... he doesn't need to find out. He already knows. Me car's parked just down the road.

He knows. He knows because I said I'd be popping back for my... cufflink. And he'd winked. He'd known damn fine that I was coming here for a whole lot more than that, and when I'd be there.

Little sod. Randy, exhibitionist, sex-mad little sod.

Then a terrible thought hits me. All it needs is another bloke to turn up. Don't tell me he's into that.

No. Surely not.

The idea of watching him perform on a strictly one-to-one basis is one thing. A bloody exciting thing, if I'm honest, but if he's decided on a threesome...

Christ. Doyle and two girls, though...

Nah, he wouldn't pay double, would he? For a number three of either sex? No.

Ah. She's out of sight. Must have gone to let him in. Nobody else there yet.

A thought strikes me. What the fuck are we going to say about it? Afterwards?

We're blokes. We don't need to say anything. Not even if there's another bloke involved, although it's looking less and less like there is.

Can't really leave now. Might put him off his stride if he's set this up for both of us.

And as for stride, I'm already getting into mine, judging by the state of my cock. Just the thought of this is...

No, mustn't go too fast.

Can't believe this. He never ceases to amaze me.

Right, so the door's locked, the binoculars are safely on the tripod... and my trousers and underpants are off. Might as well do it properly.

Can't believe I'm doing this. Well... my mind can't. Part of my anatomy certainly can.

That didn't take him long. He's wandering into the bedroom, naked as the day he was born. And there's no jeans that spoil the effect this time. That's one very aroused Ray Doyle indeed.

She's peeling off that nglige, or whatever it's called, and he's grinning. Can't blame him.

His head tips back as she walks up to him and slides her fingers down his chest. And further. Oh yes, he likes that. Then she bends over him.

He likes that a lot, and I can't say I'd be complaining either if my cock was inside her mouth.

Much more of this and I'll be over the edge before they're really got started.

Control. Need control.

What's she got there? Ah. Oh. And she's stroking his balls, raising her leg as he teases her with it. Dammit, he's even turning her towards the window slightly and I can see...

Oh, she's enjoying that. And he's kissing her tits, sliding the vibrator deeper. Oh yes... might not be a great fan of toys, usually, but this is fairly... nice. Still hope they'll cut to the action soon.

She's fondling him. Cupping his balls. Nibbling at his neck.

C'mon, Ray. Fuck her. Now.

You'd think he'd heard me. And oh God, he's worked that out as well. He's going to do her from behind. Both of them standing sideways so I can see him...

Whoa. Got to last...

He's bending her over a chair and...

Oh yes. Yes.

Can't wait, sunshine. Sorry.

Heart's still going like a bloody sledgehammer as I watch Doyle pull her closer. She's tensing... and then he slides out of her and goes out of the room.

What's on the menu now? She isn't getting dressed, just lying there on the bed, finger still stroking where Doyle's just been.

Getting my breath back a bit now. Wondering if I could manage a replay if they do.

The telephone nearly stops me heart beating altogether.

I'll ignore it. Has to be Cowley, and he'll use the R/T if I don't answer. Then he won't know I'm still here. I can just imagine it, telling him I'm leaning on the window frame recovering from a wank, thank you sir. Inspired by 4.5 and...

Shut up. Why doesn't it shut up?

Fine, it's a wrong number. I pick it up just for the sake of peace.

It's Doyle.

Can't find my voice.

Do I want...

No, says my head and my good sense.

Yes, says my voice. I'll be right over.


Well, he didn't refuse, and Gemma's all for it: she'd already said so but after that first climax of hers she seems even more enthusiastic. Mind, I did tell her she came highly recommended by two mates of mine, and she giggled. Asked if we - my own mate and I - were also lovers.

I said no. Well, obviously. Although I'm getting a bit nervous now. What if Bodie...

Nah. The whole idea is for him to watch, and have her if he likes. Could live with that, and the idea of watching Bodie fuck isn't completely unattractive either.

Besides, I've burned me boats now. Definitely. We'll just have to set a few ground rules.

I drape a towel round me hips when I let him in, and come out with the idea of do's and don'ts. Right off. So there's no doubt about the matter.

From looking a bit worried, he starts to grin. Looks hugely relieved. I push him in the general direction of the bedroom and suggests he get more comfortable.

I do know that Bodie's not a great one for stripping off, or at least he's not comfortable swanning around the locker room naked as some of us - myself included - are. Well, we'll see.

He comes out, predictably enough, with a towel around his waist. I do the introductions and slide mine off, rather pleased that I'm still at half-mast. Gemma offers him a drink and he takes it, and doesn't refuse when she beckons him over to the bed.

He's not talking much, but he is managing to keep an air of being in control of the situation... and she's loving it. Nice girl, this one. Not to mention talented. Did ask her about her preferences and she seems fairly open to say the least.

Right. Time to get things moving. I climb onto the bed, my whisky still in one hand, and grin. Gemma removes the wisp of silk that's covering next to nothing, and pulls my hand to her crotch.

Bodie can't help it. Lets out the tiniest of moans.

I've already seen how much she enjoys being fingered, so I start there, casually stroking myself as I do it. Apparently she rather likes watching men who are open enough to wank in front of her, and I'm hoping it'll stir Bodie into action. The towel isn't disguising much anyway.

She licks her lips, looking over at him, and pulls him a bit closer. This bed is a huge thing, anyway, and he slides over a bit, allowing himself to slide a tentative hand over her thigh.

Yes, she likes that. Bodie lets his fingers creep up, over her hips, towards her tits and she smiles. I realise his eyes are solidly fixed on my fingers... and on my cock.

She asks him to take the towel off, aware of the hold she has over him, and Bodie simply reaches down and pulls it off. He's extremely hard. And if I'm not wrong, desperate to do something about it.

In the end, she simply takes his other hand and settles it gently over his balls. He doesn't protest, and moans again as she closes his fingers around them, kneading gently.

What would he like, she asks gently? To watch or to play first?

Watch. Bodie's mouth forms the word, and I'm immensely grateful.

How I avoided coming when I was inside her earlier I really don't know, and I'll have to be damn careful now. I turn around and settle over her, swirling a tongue over her clit, keeping beyond her own grasp at least for now. Oh, she loves that. I've still got two fingers up inside her, moving them in and out slowly, making tiny clicking sounds.

Bodie has given in now. He's grasping his cock and is absolutely transfixed. Gemma shudders and climaxes, her muscles spasming around me. I slide up beside her and bring her down gently, stroking her breasts.

She's nicely relaxed, smiling over at Bodie who looks a bit cheated, but I whisper that there's more to come. Gemma nods, and once again takes his spare hand, bringing it to where my lips have just been. Bodie strokes the wetness almost reverently and shudders slightly as she slides a hand under his balls again.

When she asks him to kneel and face her, he reacts swiftly - I think he knows what's coming. And I have to say I'm not complaining at the sight of her tongue twirling around his slit. Particularly when she suggests that I might like to...

I kneel behind her and catch Bodie's eyes, wild with lust as he grips her hair, biting his lip. She takes him deeper as I thrust into her, and his hips buck. Neither of us is going to last long, I know that, although I try to take it slowly, moving in time with her lips gliding up and down her shaft.

Then Bodie mutters something incoherent about wanting to see me in her, and the raw need in his voice stops me in my tracks. We shift around, my cock slick with her and Bodie's equally so with her saliva, and I take up the rhythm again, not afraid to look sideways and see Bodie pumping himself hard.

I flood into her, yelling, and see Bodie, tight-lipped in concentration. He's on the brink, I think...

I slump back onto the pillows, drained, wondering if Gemma's going to finish him off with her mouth or...

... no. She's letting him pull her onto his lap, sinking down onto him, rising and falling until his face screws up and he yells. Louder than me.

Minutes later, we're all lying there in a sticky heap. Bodie's running his fingers through her hair.

And looking at me. Calling me a randy little toad, although there's no edge to his voice. He looks as deliciously sated as I feel.


Bodie's looking extremely surprised and pleased and not at all embarrassed, until he catches my eyes.

Bloody hell, he says.

Exactly, I nod.

Gemma chuckles, and asks if we'd like to use the shower. Separately or together.

I say together as Bodie says separately. Then we look at each other, grin, and I say separately as Bodie says together.

In the end, we go in there together acting more nonchalantly than we feel. We even take 'nonchalant' to a fine art, and Bodie calmly says he'll soap my back. He does, I return the favour, and that's that.

In fact, that's exactly what Bodie says as we start to get dressed. That's that. And he's hungry.

Funnily enough, so am I. Could eat a horse, I tell him.

So we leave. Give Gemma a kiss on the way out. Bodie whistles as he heads for his car and suggests we meet at the local.

I call him back, wondering for a second or two if I should say anything.

As he so often does, Bodie reads my mind. He just grins and winks and says he'll pay for the first round.

I tell him he'll pay for the second and third one and the meal as well, and then climb into my own car.

-- THE END --

April 2003

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